some visual design, graphics, html, css

Existing web site. Visually poor. Need home page redone. Needs an icon for a header template. Also a footer. And make a home page that is visually and functional useful. Alas, by the time you make the home page keep the existing functionality, there will be multiple pages. The client needs to own the ip.

I will do the install.

I need someone with *really* good requirements interviewing skills. I expect that will be the determining factor. Success herein would I think imply future work. If you were to maximize that, I think python, postgresql, linux cli and admin, mta stuff, django would all be interesting. But this current project is very limited in the skill sets it needs. Really.

I need this done toward the end of February 2011.

## Deliverables

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Hey, Thanks for the bid and all the comments. I want you all to see the existing web site, particularly the home page. [url removed, login to view] The way things are, that does give you access to the client pretty easily, but I would rather you not play that way yet. max

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Hi, So the client once pushed the following web site on me. [url removed, login to view] Now lets ignore almost everything about it, especially the menuing. Just looking at the headers and footers, the content is a place to start. What we have is an icon and the header is resizeable because it is pretty much all html. On the header I would have a login widget and a search widget and a put in your email for spamming widget. (Joke: we use a fine email vendor service.) Note that it is not necessary for you to attach anything to the widgets in the way of executables. On the footer, give me a template with the same items as in the example. It is not that I am love with all the items and I can be rather flexible, but hey, here is an actual spec! Now if you play SCRUM development model, you can feel ambiguous as to whether I am a pig or a chicken. :-) This means my relationship to the client is deeper than that of a vendor. But the part I will play "chicken" on is the part between the header and the footer. One reason this is time and materials is that I sort of expect this project to fail because of stuff on our end. So I am not trying to set you up for financial abuse and if things go wrong, I am not going to easily figure you should get a bad rating. Got to run. More later.

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So, some would like more information about the requirements and specs. I have talked a bit about the header and footer templates previously. For what is in between, from a visual point of view, life is going to be hard. That is why the wish for a good requirement interviewer and we are time and materials here. When we get to the visuals, things are going to be hard. Here is what I hear: A nice big button for registration link. Some twitter and facebook icons will be requested by the client, but this is to be ignored, except put a nice little slot for them to go in later. I want rather minimal text on the home page, certainly as opposed to the wall of text we have now. Oh, on the icon, unless the client does some new clean specs, the icon is essentially the little hands together icon on the current banner. Now, having done that, hey, some real progress, but put the other content currently on the home page on some linked pages. You do those pages also. Now with respect to menuing, we have a menuing system, dhtml thingy, that we will be keeping for the moment. You might be able to get away with a little mini-menu javascript thing on the home page to make it easy to get to the new pages, whose content used to be on the home page. Or something even simpler. Actually, the menuing system is milonic, which has been around a while. I suppose you could do a second menuing system with that, but I do not really favor it. Here is the part I am interested in: project steps 1) header 2) footer 3) colors 4) icon for header 5) conceptual breakdown of the current massive home page into parts 6) wire frame and then html, graphics, css, js? cycles for each derived page 7) some sort of sign off (which by then should be a formality) 8) delivery 9) money! For tools I would favor photoshop and dreamweaver. Open source tools are an acceptable alternative, provided they run under ms windows, linux, and openbsd. Reviewing the above, I think the flaky part is the ambiguity regarding the subsidary pages (orignally in the home page), You can have some freedom in sort of dropping the extraneous stuff. In practice, you will need to stick the extraneous stuff into a miscellaneous page. Now, will we manage all the steps in 10 hours? If we do churn, obviously not. But the project steps are structured in an order that will give me a sense of progress, if we pull the plug after 10 hours, half done.

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In response to a private inquiry: I am not going to give out my skype until we have an agreement, because as best I can tell, this would be against the TOS. Now we are not going to accept a joomia solution. I am anticipating a simple flat html solution. It is true the site is extremely database intensive, but not in the way of a framework. Now I am interested in django or even django-dms, but this has never been thought of by me as having anything to do with the present project or the present site, but something I am looking at as part of a complete rewrite. In general I am leery of a CMS solution. Let me specify that I consider a CMS to be something built with a framework. Further, I am not very interested in any stack except those involving python or ruby. But let us avoid worry about all these fun techie things while we concentrate on doing a little bit of simple html and graphics. On schedule, the bidding will close on the 4th. If my client is unable to actively participate on that timescale, I pretty much guarantee a vendor selection on the 7th if not before Aside from odd timezone driven stuff, we can go for an agreement during the next 24 hours. A paypal payment immeadiately. So you start work Wednesday and be done by the 16th. If the client is participating, we will do really short cycles on look and feel and see what we can get done. Otherwise, a startup interview, communication as you feel you need, a final review, payment approval, deliverables, payment release. We are only dealing with a ten hour effort here and if I am the only "client" participant, all my visual taste is in my left toe (This is a joke.)

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No "flash". As in Adobe.

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chrome just hit 10% usage so add chrome to the support requirements

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Regarding schedule for selecting a bidder: Client DOES want to play in the selection process. What this means for you is that the it will be late Monday PST before this shakes out. I will be quite unhappy if it gets pushed by us to Tuesday. On deliverables, people want to talk *now* in order to nail down requirements so they can price. I am not going to play quite like that on this project. I am not playing here a Maximum Client Obligation ==> fixed fee scam. For up to ten hours of effort on your part, I do expect to get some deliverables from you. I hope to get all the deliverables. BUT I do not expect to get deliverables that make my client fully happy. I do not expect to get client approved meaniful requirements easily no matter what. Thus we have "pay for hours" scheme selection. This keeps coming up. I guess I will go talk to a facilitator and see where I am not understanding.

Habilidades: Javascript, PHP

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