JSP Web Page to have Database-controlled auto-refresh timer added

The web site: [url removed, login to view] (user guest / pass guest) presents a user with the location of assets on a map. The alternative login using the link that follows must also function correctly after the change: [url removed, login to view] I would like the web site to auto-refresh the page automatically if the user is set up (in the database) to auto-refresh. I would also like a Radio-Box on the main page a user can check to switch auto-refresh ON should they with to (or switch it off if they don't want it to auto-refresh). There are a number of sub-screens that the user can open and it is important that the auto-refresh continues to operate even when one of the sub-screens is open. I suggest the auto-refresh closes the sub-screen if it is open and then auto-refreshes - but I am happy for the programmer to suggest the operation when a sub-screen (form) is open. The site is available for live testing and all work must be done on my server using Remote Desktop.

## Deliverables

When the user enters their Login Details, and selects 'Login', there are 3 calls to the SQL Database Call 1: Confirm the Login is valid Call to SQL: EXEC iWeb.dbo.rSP_LoginValidation 'guest','guest','2261x1424',-120 SQL Returns: Response=Success, LoginKey=-1, LoginName=Guest, DisplayName=Guest Demo Account, GUID=75E2E458-AE4B-4179-838D-5AF8EB30CA4F, RefreshTimer=60 Call 2: EXEC iWeb.dbo.rSP_GE_LatestData '75E2E458-AE4B-4179-838D-5AF8EB30CA4F',NULL,NULL,NULL,'2261x1424',-120 Call 3: EXEC iWeb.dbo.rSP_GE_Tree '75E2E458-AE4B-4179-838D-5AF8EB30CA4F',NULL,NULL,NULL,'N','2261x1424',-120 It is the first call (rSP_LoginValidation) that is relevent to this project. The Return Value (RefreshTimer) is an integer between 0 and 64k, and this value represents the number of seconds to pass AFTER The last mouse Click when the page must initialise an auto-refresh. There is an existing ‘Refresh’ link on the main page that displays after Login. This is the link on which this task is based. On the current site the user can Click the 'Refresh' link and a refresh of the data on the page is initialised. A Refresh action results in 2 Database calls; Call 2 and Call 3 from above. Project Requirement: 1. Read the value - which represents seconds - provided by the Database in RefreshTimer when Login occurs 2. Once the post-login page has loaded (it is important to wait for the page to fully load), check the value of RefreshTimer 2.1 if Zero then the Refresh link is manual (as it is at present) 2.2 if not Zero then start a count-down timer, begining at the value provided by RefreshTimer and counting down to 1 3. When the CountDown reaches 1 (I recommend using less than 2 as the trigger, and not equals 1), trigger a 'Refresh' action Animation: The current 'Refresh' image must be converted into an animated gif or activity bar. This must be animated when Auto-Refresh is Enabled, and static when the Refresh is on Manual. User Interaction (updating the timer and switching from Manual to Auto): Two Radio-Buttons must be added near the Refresh image, and the text associated with these should read Auto and Manual. When operation is on Auto, then the Auto Radio-Button should be marked, and when on Manual then the Manual Radio-Button should be marked. If the user is currently operating on Auto Refresh, and selects the Manual Radio-Button, then Auto-Refresh should be suspended If the user is currently operating on Manual Refresh, and selects the Auto Radio-Button then the user must be presented with a bar containing 4 radio buttons; Refresh Once / 15 Seconds / 60 seconds / 5 minutes (with Refresh Once selected by default), and a command button titled [Refresh]. Pressing the [Enter] key, or clicking the [Refresh] command button will set the refresh to the value represented by the radio button. The bar containing the Auto-Refresh timer options should be removed, the page should refresh, and operation should continue. If the user clicks on anything (performs any user input to the page) then the count-down automatically stops (and is reset to the full value after 5 seconds of no user input) Important to cater for is if the user uses the Right-Click and opens a sub-form, this sub-form must still be subject to the action dictated by the refresh; in other words if I open a sub-form and walk away from my computer, the form should close when the refresh triggers. If the code to be added needs to be repeated on multiple pages - then the code must be placed in a single include file that is referenced on each page. The existing Time-out that controls the automatic logging out of the user after a period of inactivity must be disabled when Auto-Refresh is active, but it must remain enabled if Manual Rfresh is selected.

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