**REDUCED to 12 REQUIREMENTS** Modify and Enhance a working PHP/AJAX/JS Poker website / script

Modify and Enhance a working PHP/AJAX/JS Poker website. Recreate/Modify the index page (using php & css) so that it displays correctly in both a standard browser and in an iphone. And Add new functionality to the poker game.

Some simply php modifications can be done by me here, if you point me in the right direction. I have 20 years of software experience but unfortunately, none with php.

## Deliverables

Development is in 2 phases

Phase 1

1) Recreate or modify the Index page using php & css so that it shows correctly in standard browser and in iphones.

1) a) Modify Lobby to show correctly in Standard Browser as well as iphone, using the images located in General [url removed, login to view] and iphone [url removed, login to view] as your guide.

2) Modify admin.php.

a. Allow admin to Edit the Game Table Tables in the Admin Section.

b. Add Time Field for Tournament Tables only, don't show for Sitn Go tables?. Already in the database.

c. Allow admin to Edit the Players Tables in the Admin Section.

3) When showing the table information on the lobby pages?.for tournament tables. Instead of showing "New Games" show "2:00pm start" or what ever time it starts.

4) Modify League code to use the Players table and not the Promax_Players table?League code currently uses the Promax_Players table.

5) Add code to "Export Results" button on page league\pokeradmin\[url removed, login to view]

a. Have code save the html file in directory league\results?..same file that gets created when you click on the "Print / View results" button.

b. Send exported file up to Website using the FTP information that was retrieved in [url removed, login to view] file

6) Create new [url removed, login to view] page following the pseudo code provided.

----Phase 2 Modification

7) Consolidate Tables in a tournament as Players get reduced. Ask for more info before we start this phase.

8) Script to move 1 player from table x to table y?Might already be included.

9) Add chip animation to push chips to the center, after each round of betting.

10) Animation to push chips to winner at end of round.

11) Redo [url removed, login to view] so that screen accommodates standard webpage aswell as iphones 320X480?Possibly thru CSS,

12) "Start Game" button on Tournament tables should turn on or SHOW at tournament start time and stop showing after either 10 minutes or someone pushes it

-------FINAL Stuff-------

Have a look at the BMP Maps included?.they have information included in them too.

What does the ZIP have in it.

[url removed, login to view] sql script for the site. DB is poker, usernmame is root?no password

Htdocs2 folder, containing all the poker code, except for 2 files that the coder will receive to complete phase 2

General [url removed, login to view] that gives you an idea about what I want for the general files.

Admin layout that will show you wants needed for the admin sections

Iphone layout that gives you an idea about what I want for the iphone files.

Iphone sim show an iphone simulator

*** Status1,2,3,4 and ini file is located in htdocs2\gen

Ftpclass, which is a php ftp class.

Pseduo code for [url removed, login to view] page

Set VallidUser=2, TablesAllowed=0, OnlineFailed = (config file)

Check to see if the internet is up.

If so,

Call webpage with username, it will pass back ValidUser, Tables Allowed, FTP address, userId,

password, and Dir

Set ValidUser, TablesAllowed, FTPHost, FTPUser, FTPPass, & FTPDir

If Internet is Down

Increment Config File: OnlineFailed Value by 1

If ValidUser = 1 then

Set TablesAllowed in Config file.

Set OnlineFailed = 0

Logon to FTP and see if [url removed, login to view] and [url removed, login to view] are newer

Logon and see if there is a new folder inside images

If so, download them and remove them from server.

Display [url removed, login to view] file


Display [url removed, login to view]

redirect to [url removed, login to view]

Habilidades: Javascript, JSP, PHP

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