Ebay Website options upgraded to my site clone 1/2 cut of the site cut out

I have an auction site, it's User: ll Pass: 1q2w3e4r, I'm not sure if it's worth upgrading this or just having anther one built. I was hoping to have someone look at the files first then make a bid. If it to much cost I’ll have to do it in 4 steps so please tell me both costs. The cost foe each step or all together. This freeware auction website can be downloaded for free at It’s the free version. So i'm looking for someone to look at it and to answer If it's worth upgrading it. I'm looking for someone who can get rid off 70% of the site. I don't want a community and a bunch of other things listed below. I'm also looking for someone that has a paypal account for payments. I think it was written in php mysql dreamweaver. phpmyadmin phpbb It has a bunch of code that has been written into it that I don't know what it is and I don't think it is needed. The guy said and it on his site that it was ok to change the coad and do what I wanted to it so long as I leave thr copywrite alone. He said it wasn’t written in dreamweaver but I see dreamweaver files?

1. First I’m looking for answers to the questions. If it's worth upgrading if so what it written in? Or would it be cheaper to start from scratch?

+=Add -=Remove

[url removed, login to view] User: ll Pass: 1q2w3e4r

[url removed, login to view]

admin Ddfg34gf

*Step 1 Removal (“Cost to remove/change&Timeframe”)

-Remove all background colors & tables in every page and in the coad on the site, including my admin.

-Get rid of the following from site and ALL Links in the Coad/Myadmin

- On the front page Under Auction Categories The Catagories /My Store/Featured items. Classified Adds/Home/Hot items/Gallery/Site Statistics/both the/footer&header,banners “Get rid of it all!!!!”

-Remove all sellers “listing fees” from coad but one. This will be a free auction for my church for books tapes and Christian things. I’ll be asking for donations for my Christian site when someone lists something. The only fees I’ll ask for is a flat rate or percent during buyer check out. Currently in myadmin its geared to the seller. I want it to be free to list then charge the seller a flat fee or percent when it sales during buyers checkout.

-If a link template has wording on it replace with “a text link” only

*Put each option in the site on a single blank page or at least in Hidden templets. And give me the code so I can just cut and paste the coad you give into my own html/ tables latter. I plan on creating simple html static pages. Since I have no knowledge of php my sql flash ect…. (The end result would look just like googles front page. For instance. You would create a single table then put my auction site search option in it and that would be it! The rest of the page would be blank and so on for everything on each page ...

*Step 2 Create/Remove (“Cost /Timeframe”)

*Go to listing page /Sell a item page in both ebay and my site….

+1.”Add” in the, Sell item area, Make sure it only allows standard I don’t want html or link to be allowed

+2. A button so Buyers can chose to pick item up or not from you

+3. Change the military time to standard only

+4. Add item location and change item location.

+5. Add to the Advanced Search Options, current items bid on.

-6. Remove the featured item options from this page and coad

-7. Remove the calendar from page and coad

+1. In advanced search options “add” price highest first option.

+1. End Auction Early option in items I’m selling

-1. Remove in Account Details. Add Funds to Account, Acc Balance.

+ 2. Under, “My Account”, Account Status, View Invoice link that amount balance/calculation, as the amount a item sold for, balance total for the year, I want this to be saved in this account status area for two years for a tax print out option for the buyer and seller nothing more.

+10. The Site Allows you to revise in the but not after it started. Add that.

Step 3 Create (Cost&Timeframe)

+1. One way feed back only like ebay

+1. Internal Messaging System just like ebays the way the emails can aonly be answered once, one way thing. I don’t need notes and all that only email sent recycle bin ect.

Step 4 Upgrade All Coad /Remove Old (Cost to Cost/Timeframe)

*The cost to remove bidware from everyline in the coad but leave the copywrite notice. Or the cost to build a site like the one I’ve described abouve if its easier.

Habilidades: Perl, PHP, Instalação de Script, Administrador do Sistema, Design de Sites

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