script-solution for on-the-fly-content-scraping/site-building


i need a script-solution for on-the-fly-content-scraping/site-building.

it should work like this:

i activate catchall-subdomains on my server, so each possible subdomain-entry of a user will be redirected to one page.

now, if i type in [url removed, login to view], the script redirects me to the main-page and then it generates a page with content about cars on the fly on that main page. this content-generation will be done with the following technique: the script searches for rss-feeds and search engine-results (yahoo api) about cars just like the free script: rssgm ([url removed, login to view]) does. and then it takes a random number of that found sentences, randomizes this content by markov chain (so it will be unique) and then put it on the page. between the sentences the script should spread a random number of random chosen outgoing links (for example between 2 and 6) at random places. it gets the links by searching in search engines for the specific keyword (in this case: cars) also the page should have a link to itself on it and maybe some other things.

it is important that each virtual page has always the same content on it with some updates after some days.

solution: today the virtual subdomain [url removed, login to view] was called by a user.

the script now sets a flag that this virtual subdomain is in use. after some time many more subdomains will be in use and will get the flag too. in a cron-job-section of the script i can predefine something like this:

each day select one of the virtual domains which are in use (flagged) and add between 5-10 sentences more to it when it will be called. (scraped with the page-main-keyword) possible solution for the problem with the same content: each auto-generated virtual page should get a random-seed identifier by the script so that each time a specific subdomain is called, the same kind of randomization will be used and the script can reproduce the same site.


the thing is: i want to automate as much as possible of the whole process to build an adsense- (or affiliate)-site network. maybe you have additional ideas for that?

here are some more detailed things the script should have in it:

- easy to use template-system, so i can use or change adsense or other affiliate-system on each page easy

- an automatic keyword-digger (with keyword-filter), which diggs a predefined number of steps deep in the overture-keyword-tool, google-kw-tool and adwords-tool (for synonyms and so on) and then write these keywords as subdomains in a txt-file:

[url removed, login to view]

[url removed, login to view] and so on

but better it would be (because of fast indexing in se), if every found alternatives of a keyword will be added as sub-subdomain.

example for the keyword "car": the script finds: "fast cars", "cool cars", "big cars"

then it adds the keywords to the textfile as:

[url removed, login to view]

[url removed, login to view]

[url removed, login to view]

[url removed, login to view]

important: each subdomain from a group of keyword-alternatives should have some links to the other subdomains of the group in it. (interlinking each theme)

now i can copy these virtual subdomains from the textfile and get backlinks for them.

do you think, that the on-the-fly system is good for many visitors on a server? could i install it on a webspace-account? would the script eat much of the server-performance? do you think it would be much better to write each first-called page as static html-page? (but then i must use much more webspace)

if you would program the script for me, what would be if the script has some bugs after creation? do i have bugsupport from you? (sorry for my bad english)

what would be, if i decide to add some more little things to the script in the future? could you program it for me cheap? (with discount)

could we include an installation on one server and a little help-support, if i have problems to get the script to work on some servers in the future?

please write to me, if you could program such a script inexpensive under this conditions and if you have some more good ideas for it.

after creation, before i pay you, i want to see a demo please.

ATTENTION: please contact me on the message board to clearify things. i couldn't accept bids without message-board-contacting.

best regards


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I can't do it, but I can help you figure out ways it might be done. The person who eventually does this for you will charge significantly more than $300 - it isn't simple.

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