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Not sure if this makes sense to build from the ground up or to customize an open source CRM application? at the end of the day, I want the fastest, cheapest way to develop this application, given my limited resources. if you have ideas about improvements, changes or downgrades, I want to hear them. the user interface can be very simple and clean.

i have sample screenshots that i will send upon request via pmb. please let me know whether you have any ideas for the customer sections/fields.

Along with your quote, give me a ballpark of time to develop.

In a nutshell, the application would be for customer service representatives to gather information from a consumer and then generate a report that includes the gathered information along with a few other documents, in a simple format. The customer report is for the purpose of being submitted to the borrower’s mortgage holder. Borrower reports should be generated in pdf or some other printable alternative, using something like FreePDF (I don’t want to buy adobe)

I will rely on your expertise but think that the backend of the system will include:


login to grant permissions.

reset passwords

create new user accounts, no password control

3 levels of permissions:

admin/super user – full software control, password control, account create/delete, master user with absolute access

manager – a manager that can view productivity and account status across all Users, create accounts, assign/reassign accounts, no deletion from database (only deactivate). view activity of any user.

user – people who are interfacing directly with the customers and their profiles.

can only add records, no deletion of records or borrower profile ID fields, can inactivate an account

would like to have a permission setting for this user category that will grant or deny their ability to alter any data in a customer's file, once the profile has been completed.

Need a simple, auto installation process.

the application should have a built-in email script that will send emails from the customer's profile and also receive emails, attaching them directly to the user profile (not mandatory)

browser based access for monitoring and editing their own profile (not mandatory)

Preferably, this will be a hosted/ASP product that runs on linux. at your recommendation, i am willing to consider alternate options.

Integrated Inbound/outbound fax capability. i would like to be able to fax documents directly from the client profile. (not mandatory)

Storage of inbound faxes attached to each borrower file (borrowers will fax to the company documents that will need to be attached to a customer's profile)

Task scheduler with integrated calendar.

The application has to be scalable and fast enough to easily manage 10000 customer profiles and multiple simultaneous users.

Should have a clean user interface with a nice icon set, very similar to icons used in Joomla.

I must be able to import or export csv or xml data sets easily. It has to be a dummy proof process that anyone can do.

It needs to be VERY, VERY secure, due to the sensitivity of the data. And the data needs to be encrypted when transmitted across the internet.

Must maintain a history for each customer account of all changes/edits to any given profile.

I want to know all activity/actions/edits relative to a borrower that takes place in a given time-frame.

I have some images that can share with you to give you a sense of what i am looking for. Send a PM and I will send the images.

I am sure that there are missing details, but this is details the major feature set.

Please forward your recommendations to me, along with your bids.

The customer application i have is in excel format. it would be great if the user who gathers the needed information from the consumer simply walked through a series of questions with the consumer, in an automated fashion.

i have a minimal budget for this, so please tell me what to expect with your bid. unless stated otherwise, you bid is to include everything above.

Habilidades: Cold Fusion, Excel, JavaScript, Perl, PHP

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