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****** READ THIS BEFORE CONTINUING*********** This information is confidential and the property of the company placing this project .It should not be be used, borrowed for any purpose. You Agree to these terms by reading this document. Copyright 1995-2001 (Confidential) We will retain all rights to all code and product as result of this project. ***************************** Most of this you have already done, probably. thats why I thought it would be good to package it together. Most of it should be simple. ----------------------------------- Guestbook/maillist.....simple form to subscribe, username, e-mail address, the ability to handle unsubscribe using a form,using flat file db,the ability to send a simple email to all subscribers via a webform, html or not ------------------------------ Counter/stats....... Graphical/text count of visitors to web site, nonssi,logs the time of the visit, the visitor, where they came from and the browser they were using. ----------------------------- Search: Simple form search for small site. I thought it could be setup with a config file that could use options such as search meta tags, titles, or complete page. results would be setup in [url removed, login to view] config files would also allow you to setup paths to search, directories to search, urls to search, and types of file to include/exclude. --------------------- formmailer: Form Handler - PHP How difficult would it be to create a form with the same features as Matt Wright script formmail located at [url removed, login to view] with the features that allows you to automatically process emailed form output into a database and generate a personalized auto-response based on the form input of the sender. The ability to attach documents up to 5 items(binary/ascii) Form Configuration Necessary Form Fields Required field emailto Optional Form Fields subject email realname redirect required title print_config print_blank_fields return_link_url return_link_title missing_fields_redirect --------------------------- Pic/gallery: Allow users to upload images via their browser, then classify those images and make them available over the web. The idea was to let family members who did not understand FTP, HTML, etc. to upload images. Config file would set max size, and how many thumbnails would display on each page,setup categories. ----------------------------------- .htaccess/.htpassword script: This script is used to manage usernames/passwords for .htaccess/.htpasswd directory protection. Can be used to handle multiple password protected directories, e-mail notify new users, add name, e-mail, comments for each user and more. Cookie based so you can set the expiration of the username/password/ webpage based admin utility.. -------------------------------------- These scripts have to be easy to setup hopefully one config file and easy to use, easy for an idiot like my self.

Habilidades: Vale Tudo, Perl, PHP

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