FatFreeCRM / Wordpress Ruby on Rails & Wordpress Customization

We are looking to have our wordpress website integrate with Fat Free CRM. We would also like to have integration with a calendar system and PayFlow Pro as a billing system.

The perfect developer would be someone who has experience with:

- WordPress

- MySQL (DB's for both)

- Ruby on Rails

- PayFlow Pro

- Calendaring system (preferably GCal, but can be any really)

We are looking for a long term relationship so once we make money we can work with this person for years to come.

My preference (given the option) would be having someone who is in the DC / MD / VA area, but at a minimum understands what we are doing and what would best meet our business goals.

## Deliverables

**Fat Free CRM changes**

**Search - 2hrs


* Should search all fields of the area it is in (e.g. search in opportunities for "sarah" will find all opportunities linked to a person named "sarah")

* Global search - will search all fields for information entered

**Billing - ability to charge & refund an account, ties into 15hrs


* ***Take a look @: [url removed, login to view]***

<!-- -->

* View

* See all previous charges (opportunities)

* Charge

* Change an amount

* Refund an amount

* Setup a recurring payment

* Frequency

* Start Date

* End Date

* Should get failure code/msg from PayFlow

* Create opportunity when creating a charge

* Create a task to call customer for feedback 2 days after appointment.

**Calendar (Google Cal) 10hrs


* Need to store calendar ID for individual customer in the account information somewhere

* Need to store the event ID for the gcal event in the opportunity

* this can be hidden as we don't need to see it in the interface. Might create a new table that stores the OpportunityID and the gcalEventId to relate them. then this can be used in the logic when we want to update a specific event

* Embed calendar into customer login

* can then manipulate appointments.

* default view: agenda (with edit links), customer can change the view.

* Editing an appointment should update the associated opportunity to the correct date.

GCal Sync / Update Upcoming Dates

[url removed, login to view]

Embed Cal

Default view to Agenda

**Customer Login in Wordpress (really Fat Free CRM Account login)


* Need to add a table with username (email), password (hashed) which links to accountID.

* system will check authentication here and then allow entry to view/edit thing associated ONLY with the accountID.

<!-- -->

* Functionality:

* Previous appointments (completed). includes any links for invoices when one is available

* Customers can login to see/edit appointments (via gcal)


* Edit account information (address, phone, credit card, expiration, etc)

* * Send messages to City Centric with issues or other information

* Customer Login View should look like:

* Will fit in the lower section of [url removed, login to view] site.

* Green toolbar should have a "Login" option which takes you to the login page

* upon successful login this menu changes into a "My Account" menu with options: view/edit upcoming appointments, and Update Profile, send message

* Calendar option will display their google calendar embedded into the screen

* Profile will display user information like name, address, phone, email, password, etc in a form. User can edit these items and submit.

* this data is pulled from the account information in FFCRM.

* Send message takes user to a simple form with Subject, Message form. When submitting it will create a note in the account, and create a task to follow-up with the customer with user's name

**Supplier Login (suppliers have a FF user account?)


* Can see all upcoming events (embedded calendar? allows ability to edit times here also)

* Screen with Completed Services (and unchecked appointments). Check boxes for each customer, supplier can check off each. Update Status Button at the bottom of the page which updates all new information.

* Text box to add an invoice number (Not Required to be filled out) or other identifying number the supplier is using for this appointment or customer

* Can edit the total (or enter a final total, total can be any number, higher or lower)

* System should charge the difference if there is any between original total and new total(change in total)

* Can leave notes (get added to the account?)

* Can upload invoices (also admins need to be able to upload invoices)

* Should have a link from opportunity to "<[url removed, login to view]>.pdf" which will be in a sub folder

* should use an up loader to ensure good format (pdf, jpeg, gif, png, ...) then links that opportunity to that invoice

* Supplier report - filtered to that supplier only

**Reporting -


* ***General Rule: All headings should be click able. On Click should sort that column A-Z or Z-A (if clicked again)*


<!-- -->

* Billing Reports - Filters (similar to upper Left box in tasks tab [url removed, login to view])

* Data: see overview of billing state during date range

* should show all "opportunity" for "accounts" that match

* Suppliers (check box for each supplier user account)

* Start date(drop down has choices: this/last week, this/last month, this year, specific date)

* End date(visible only when a specific date is chosen from start date)

* Pending, completed, transactions

* Charges, credits, authorizations?

<!-- -->

* Customer Account summary

* Data in report: see overview info for a specific customer

* Customer name

* Total amount customer has spent, how that breaks down into each service

* Can limit by date range (same as start/end date above) (that is how much they have spent within date range, not customers acquired in date range)

* Can limit by service type

* Can filter by supplier

* Can see all transactions (charges, credits, authorizations)

* <strike>New customers</strike>

* <strike>Data in report: see who is new for followup calls, emails, awareness, etc


* <strike>customer name</strike>

* <strike>customer phone</strike>

* <strike>customer email</strike>

* <strike>This is a customer account summary report filtered to new customers only</strike>

* <strike>Services Report</strike>

* <strike>Data:


* <strike>for each service total number of transactions</strike>

* <strike>under each service break down by supplier</strike>

* <strike>Select start/end date (see above for format)</strike>

* Supplier Account Summary

* Data: shows invoice like report so we know where we stand with a specific supplier

* date of service

* amount of service

* title of service

* customer name

* Select supplier from left sidebar (from FF users of type Supplier)

* Latent Customer Report

* Headings: Customer Name / Customer Email / Customer Phone 1 / Customer Phone 2 / Newest Account Opportunity

**General Issues


* Account contact information should match the primary contacts contact information. (when account is created it should get the info from the contact that is created at the same time)

* Use Department field in contact.... mark "Primary Contact" during creation. Additional contacts will be created from within FFCRM and not have a department.

* Address fields on account and primary contact will be synced. when user logs in to change info, it will be saved to both places.

* Tasks: admin users should be able to see ALL tasks not just those they assigned or were assigned to them.

* <strike>Key tracking --> where is a customer's key, with CC or with Home cleaner (can assign the key to a FF user)?</strike> * <strike>each key is an opportunity. assign it to the user who has it (city centric or the supplier)</strike> DONE.

* Keys (physical in our possession) must be added as an opportunity. Need to assign keys to the supplier who has them.

* Need to be able to add invoices (pdf file) to an opportunity, upload to a invoice folder

* Opportunity needs an upload invoice button. saves the path. once an invoice is uploaded it becomes a view invoice button. (replace invoice button?)

* *If multiple suppliers of a service type, **where do we assign them to a specific supplier***

* *probably do a screen with CityCentric user that displays all unhandled opportunities*

* *CC user will assign it to a specific provider. Provider will be the same each opportunity for a certain service type. Should be changeable from the Account screen. (e.g. Mary is assigned to Maid Easy for cleaning. Now in Mary's account it shows Maid Easy as the service provider. It will remain Maid Easy because of Keys and other issues until there is a problem (and we switch to another provider) or until she no longer uses that service.)*

* *Need to store data associating an account with a suppliers*


* Accounts

* need additional data

* for each service type --> supplier assigned

* credit card number

* creditcard exp date

* billing zip

* username

* password

* primary contact ID (give the primary contact a "Primary" badge in front of their name under contacts below)

* Workflow

* User checks out at WP site

* During checkout, do authorization for cart amount on PayFlowPro

* Create account and contact if not an existing user

* Create opportunities for each cart item

* Stage set to authorized

* Create task to followup on account and set supplier (for a new service or new customer)

* *calendar entries cannot be created until this point*

* CC employee goes to account, sets supplier for each applicable service

* System... 2 days before appointment determine if card is authorized

* if stage is "unauthorized" and appt is <48 hours from now, then authorized card in PayFLowPro

* if failure -> create task for follow up with customer, assign to matt

* if successful -> stage = authorized

* Day of appointment: supplier login gives them all opportunities that are not completed or cancelled that have a due date of today or a previous day. If appointment is rescheduled, supplier will do that on calendar screen, and it will no longer appear in the list of uncompleted appointments because the date will be out of range

* Waiting on supplier to mark as completed

* Supplier marks completed or cancelled

* Cancelled -> stage = "cancelled", notes field indicates reasons for cancellation (supplier, customer, other)

* Completed -> stage = "completed", supplier sets final total amount, can add any notes here

* When checked as completed card will be charged the total amount listed here (Delayed Capture is the PayFlow Pro terminology)

* Notes get added as notes on the account. Supplier can see previous notes only those created by supplier.

* Edit Dashboard view

* Should show a number of sections (similar to google analytics)

* Recent activity (what is in dashboard screen now)

* Unassigned opportunities

* Tasks

* New customers (sorted in recent order)

* Opportunities

* Default probability on opportunities to 100%

* Opportunities sharing should be set to all city centric users plus the appropriate supplier user

* Stages:

* Unauthorized - needs to be assigned to a supplier

* Authorized - assigned to a supplier

* Completed - service was performed, customer was charged

* Cancelled - service was cancelled or not performed

* Change "FatFreeCRM" in upperleft corner to say "City Centric Admin"

* Extend user types

* Need Supplier

* Need CityCentric employee

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