To Do list - with community function

An interactive To-Do list enabling people to list projects and tasks and communicate (Show/Invite) with others. Other features include reminders in forms of e-mail and possibly SMS. Each user can also create a personal profile page with uploading of pictures and inbox-function for receiving messages.?

Stage 2 would include Iphone-application.

## Deliverables

Pages and funktionality:

1)? ? ? **Start page**? ??" Showing a front where people can log in and create a simple account. Users register with e-mail and password then you get a a profile. the possibility of getting a lost password sent to your email is included. After logging in you will be directed to MyProfile.

2)? ? ? **My Profile**??" Here you can upload a photo, write your name, write a Motto, write where you live and a small "about me" text. This is also the central page where you will find the To-do list where the users Action Points are listed. The form will be almost like an Excel sheet, functionality is listed below.*

3)? ? ? **Friends**? ??" On page three you can see your friends and click on their profiles to get to their profile.?

4)? ? ? **Inbox**? ??" On Page 4 you will have an Inbox with mail funktion from friends. You can choose to mail to many friends at the same time and send and receive "group-messages)

5)? ? ? **People & Groups**? - On page 5 you will have groups and people who whish to show their interests. On this page you can choose to join a group (if its open for others) and send messages to people and groups who have similar interests as yours. Groups and people can be private/open to friends/open to all. People and groups can be searched by different people depending on their degree of privacy. Ex. if a few people are interested in SKY-diving they can form a skydiving group where others can join.? (Om ens AP är öppen kan man motta mail till ens inbox från alla registrerade medlemmar)

6)? ? ? **Activities**? ??" On page 6 you can find activities for inspiration Companies can advertise their sports/adventures etc with links to their websites + a small text. A function for easy upload of companies activities should be enabled.


**Action Point (AP) Scheme (on My Profile page)***

This should be built like an Excel sheet where you fill in the APs and all text directly in to the sheet.

**No**? ??" Numbering the Action Point (automatic)

**Action Point**? ??" Allows the user to fill in the text Naming the Action Point.

**Category? **??" Here is a scrolldown funktion with a number of ready categories: Adventure, Sports, Personal Development, Art, Business, Other.

**Description**? ??" Alows for small description of the Action point

**Status? **??" Allows for describing the Progress/status of the AP

**Invitations**-**? This is the important part. Here you can invite people to your action Point by e-mailing them (hotmail, yahoo, gmail etc) The m**ail funktionen shall lie like a scroll down function.

After you send and invitation the name/e-mail adress adds in to the "Invitations-box" and the text is coloured in blue as it is a pending request.

The person receiving the invitation can choose to accept or decline. Declining means the text that was blue will be coloured red.?

Accepting means that that person gets a New Action Point with the same name as yours and your name/email in green in its Invitationsbox. Acceptance also means that the name that was blue now turns green for the sender.

If the person receiving the request does not have an account, accepting the invitation will immediately provide one, after filling in a password. A first AP is then provided/filled in automatically.

**Open to**- Here is a Scroll down function deciding the level of privacy per each Action Point. Levels are : All, Friends, Private.

All means all members can see your Action point, Friends mean only friends can see it, Private only you can see it (or if you have invited someone).

**Remind me-? Here is a small calender where you fill in the date you want to be reminded to complete your AP. You can choose to be reminded by e-mail and possibly SMS (if it can be arranged so that the person pays for it him/herself or via some other Iphone/smartphone app etc.)**

**Due Date ??"? **Ha calender where you put in the date when the AP is due.

**Date Closed/Completion -? ? When completing an AP you click here and your whole AP turns faded/grey indicating that you are now finished with that point.)? **

**Status-? If you are overdue (passing your due date) this "box" will be red coloured. When completing it will be coloured green. When you have 15 days left it will be colured yellow. This box also keeps continual track of how many days you have left to completion.**

Remove??" Allows you to remove the whole AP

Other Funktions:

Under each AP you should be able to ad a? Sub-actionpoint.? This will be a smaller AP just under the first (with the same functionality) allowing you to divide an AP into smaller ones if whished for. This can also be usefull for dividing a project onto e.g. different people, inviting (in the invitation funktion/box) different people to complete different parts of a project. If person X invites Y to order tickets to a travel and Z to buy a car for the same travel they will complete these APs and these "boxes" will turn green on your AP-list (as well as on theirs). When all boxes are green the Major AP turns green!.

APs are sorted according to Time left to Completion.

All completed tasks hence wind up last

(unable to attach files but scetches will be provided upon interest)

Habilidades: PHP

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