Talented Coders wanted to join our team

Our company is looking at testing a couple of coders for full time jobs. We have TONS of stuff to do and are currently working on projects with a total budget of more than 10.000$. We are not a big company but nor a small one.

We need 2-3 coders to join our team and work for us full time. This doesn't necessarily mean 8hrs of work each day, but it means that you must be online daily. This is is the biggest thing that you need to do. If you can't be online each day and you are not free to work for us, then please DO NOT send us a bid. We have seen people that are online but working on other projects.. If you have other projects to do, then please DO NOT bid.

If you can be online and work for us, those are the terms of the testing period : we will give you small tasks to do each day and we expect to have those done in that day. When i assigned something to you, in the next 5 minutes you should be woring on that task. You may have just 2-3 things to do and be done with the work for that day in 3-4 hrs, but you must be there in the morning and you must do the tasks immediately. If you can not do that, then please DO NOT bid.

When you make those tasks, we will evaluate them based on 2 things: the code you did and the time it took you to make it. We are coders here and pretty good ones. When we need something we know how much it will take us to do it and we know how to do it. So if you do bad code and it takes you 4hrs to make it while it only takes us 30 mins to do it, probably you won't make it through the testing period.

## Deliverables

During this testing phase, all coders are paid at a standard 5$ per hour. At the end of each day you tell us how much it took you to do the tasks we assigned and we will bonus that money via RAC. If the time is reasonable and we see results then on day #2 we will give you more tasks to do and at the end of that day we will send another bonus.. And so on... If you worked8 hrs for something that should have taken 2 hrs or if you worked 4hrs on an issue and you didn't solve it, then we will pay you (you get paid either way) but on day 2 we won't give you anything else to do... This will go on for a few weeks, time for us to see what the coder can do and how serious he is (if he really is online each day or not).

If everything goes well, after a few weeks we will consider getting you a full time position and the wage for that starts from 1000$. So if you barely made it to that and we were not 100% happy with your work but still think that you can improve and we see that you are serious, we will pay 1000$. If we see that you are very serious, very hard working, do the things we need to, you code well and you make the things good, you might get 2000 per month and this can go up based on your performance. Money will be paid as bonuses via RAC on a weekly basis...

As a closing statement, i'd like to tell you that we have been working with lots of people in the past months and we find it that most people are not serious about their commitments. So if you are thinking along the lines of "I have 2 projects right now that are almost done and i think that i can work for this guy 4-6 hrs daily and do his stuff", "i can work on this from my full time job because i'mprety free" or like "i have a team of 10 coders and i have 2 free coders at this time, but i am not sure in the future if those will be free anymore" then please DO NOT BID. We need people that are very serious about this and that can really be here for us. Online and helping on the things we need to do.

Best of luck !

Cornel Baloleanu


Web Studio Company

Mobile : +40788791416

Email : cornel at [url removed, login to view]

Web Studio Company

[[url removed, login to view]][1]

## Platform


Habilidades: PHP

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