Help with 4 short Oracle Procedures and ITextSharp Reports

Deliverables: 4 reports: VMA Weekly VMS Weekly Report Weekly Breakfast Report Ranking Report Each of these should have following: 1 stored procedure, 1 VB.NET Code Behind 1 PDF template The PDF Files will be the PDF versions of the 3 excel files and the 1 html file EMERGENCY: This is a holiday weekend for me and with family in town, I am not able to finish this work, most of which should be done by Monday 10:00 a.m. 70% has been done(but in some cases not tested) and/or can be copy pasted from other files included in zip. 1) Breakfast report stored procedure, vb code to perform calculations and the ItextSharp code to create PDF has been done but needs to be PDF template instead of creating the whole report dynamically to assure formatting closely matches that of the Excel report. The stored procedure also needs rollup logic so that the code behind does not have to do summing and grouping. 1) The Select statements for the stored procedures are included. These will need ROLLUP logic as well. 2) The Code Behind perform 2 functions: --- to perform percents The included Code behind which is included in zip only as a model for report, has example of calculations. --- Create PDF Reports. The Breakfast Report works by creating a PDFP table and writes to a PDF file. (however, users did not like my plain format; did not look enough like excel report) 3) Ranking report. VB Code to produce it is included along with the HTML version of the report. PDF has not been done. The PDF can be procedure from the HTML version via ItextSharp. 4) The VMA and VMS weekly reports are the same data but filtered by VMA and VMS. *** NOTE: LEt me know if you do not think that TEmplate is necessary since these reports are only 1 page.

## Deliverables

When you place your bid, please tell me how much experience you have had with the specifics of my requirements. BACKGROUND: These reports are custom reports generated by VB6 programs that pull data from Oracle. That data is populated via a vendor package which has its own data input screens used by the managers in the stores. The programs have embedded SQL (code is provided for example) and are extremely ineffificient, in fact makes a database call for every column in every row. There are weely reports, daily reports and a few other misc reports for the 4 companies of our franchise. They all contain the same exact database structure. one of the two Weekly stored procedure is one I have already done and only included for you to model how some data might be gathered. My goal is to convert the entire custom reporting piece to ASP/VB.NET and output the data to PDF format instead of Excel which is currently used. The attached is screenshots not the contents of the folder described below. CONTENTS OF FOLDER: GEt...DORData gives you idea of how the corresponding Daily Report procedures are structured. You are using the same code but instead of pulling by day, you are pulling summed date for the week. Get...DORBFData is the Daily Breakfast report Get...Data is my the version of the weekly but was one of the first ones I wrote and depends on the client for doing most of work. This should be changed to include ROLLUP in stored procedure. MakeReport is the procedure that does all the work. [url removed, login to view] is a Visio diagram of how the Inventory And Food Item Categories are related. IgoreMe file which i thought would not be important, contains Select statements you can use in stored procedures Consolidated_WEekly. IT is an example of the report created from the Get...CWSR stored procedure which pulls weekly data. The Pivot Routine for some of the food items may be necessary. Can pretty much copy and paste the Inventory code from this CWSR stored procedure The corresponding ,[url removed, login to view] file has the code to produce the PDF from a template. food items and category descriptions will be different. [url removed, login to view] DDL and DML to create and populate datatable.

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