Easy PHP MYSQL SugarCRM multiple Authentications

2 STAGES project

Indicate full bid and breakdown for each stage


bid=20$; stage1=9$ stage2=11$

Stage 1 MUST be under 10$. You can compensate on other stages.

It's to see if you really can do what you say you can do.

At beginning of job, escrow is filled with stage 1 amount.

when stage 1 is successfuly tested, escrow is increased of stage 2 amount.

If one step is not successfully delivered, project is stopped. So you need to be SURE you can acomplish all steps you bid for.

When all steps are successful, full payment for all steps is gracefully done :-) That's the only fair way I found, for you to be sure to be paid and for me that ALL the job is done.


write a hourly cron job: php function file to retrieve info from /etc/[url removed, login to view] and write it to SugarCRM users table (with password encrypted).

retrieve code:

parse_CONFCONFconf("etc/CONFCONF.conf", $funfunconf, $section);

return $funfunconf;

// function -----------------------------------

function parse_CONFCONFconf($filename, &$funfunconf, &$section) {

if (is_null($funfunconf)) {

$funfunconf = array();


if (is_null($section)) {

$section = "general";


if (file_exists($filename)) {

$fd = fopen($filename, "r");

while ($line = fgets($fd, 1024)) {

if (preg_match("/^s*(d+)s*=>s*(d+),(.*),(.*),(.*),(.*)s*([;#].*)?/",$line,$matches)) {

// "mmm=>password,name,email,pppp,options"

// this is a CONFCONF line

$funfunconf[$section][ $matches[1] ] = array("mmm"=>$matches[1],






// parse options

foreach (explode("|",$matches[6]) as $opt) {

$temp = explode("=",$opt);

if (isset($temp[1])) {

list($key,$value) = $temp;

$funfunconf[$section][ $matches[1] ]["options"][$key] = $value;



} else if (preg_match("/^s*(d+)s*=>s*dup,(.*)s*([;#].*)?/",$line,$matches)) {

// "mmm=>dup,name"

// duplace name line

$funfunconf[$section][ $matches[1] ]["dups"][] = $matches[2];

} else if (preg_match("/^s*#includes+(.*)s*([;#].*)?/",$line,$matches)) {

// include another file

if ($matches[1][0] == "/") {

// absolute path

$filename = $matches[1];

} else {

// relative path

$filename = dirname($filename)."/".$matches[1];


parse_CONFCONFconf($filename, $funfunconf, $section);

} else if (preg_match("/^s*[(.+)]/",$line,$matches)) {

// section name

$section = strtolower($matches[1]);

} else if (preg_match("/^s*([a-zA-Z0-9-_]+)s*=s*(.*?)s*([;#].*)?$/",$line,$matches)) {

// name = value

// option line

$funfunconf[$section][ $matches[1] ] = $matches[2];






write .htaccess authentication from sugarCRM "users" table (based on apache2 mysql authentication module).

have .htaccess write sugarcm session cookie + another login cookie, based on login information from sugarcrm "users" table (username/password).

At the end of project the test will be:

change of password in [url removed, login to view]

login via .htaccess and being logged-in as sugarcrm user and another web portal with same username/password.

The other engine will be explained in details after bidding,

could be a well known web portal ;-) nothing hard.


Have your Apache2, Mysql5, PHP5, SugarCRM installed to test.

Make sure that you are FULLY reachable via googletalk.

This project must be completed no more than 3 days after your acceptance of this project.

Payment will only be given once all the project stages are 100% completed, working and scripts are given and tested (as explained above). No initial down payment.

If you have another idea to do EXACTLY the same result, feel free to share, ask questions and comments.

Happy bidding!

for apache2 mod_auth, look for rpm and see :

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