Modify PHPProLance 2.0.3

I have purchased and installed PHPProLance 2.0.3 (Freelancer Marketplace Software, available at [url removed, login to view]) and need your help customizing it to my site's needs. I'm hoping to launch my site as soon as possible, so I would like to get this project rolling quickly.

If there is a particular requirement that adds a disproportionate amount of time/cost, please let me know and I could consider dropping it from the final site. If we were to do this, I have a couple of conditions: I'd like you to agree to do this exclusively for my site, and I'd like daily progress updates so I can stay abreast of any potential problems or delays, and provide input where needed. Would you kindly quote me an estimate on how much it would cost and how long it would take for you to add the following:

- Manage development of logo and banner. You would arrange for one or several graphic designers to develop a logo and banner for the site, subject to my approval. Check out this link for a basis of the logo I'm thinking of: [url removed, login to view] - except with a crisper-looking sorcerer and he's levitating Earth with a cople of shiny orbits.

- Develop Custom Site Theme: I'm looking for a clean, professional, simple-to-use site design. I'd like some bold, attractive colors with a magical/sorcery theme with aspect of cartography/maps/globes. Perhaps dark blues/blacks/reds would work? I would need to be involved closely with this, and I would need to approve its final form.

- Remove paid ad banner from all pages

- Footer retains powered by and copyright PHPProLance, but with addition of "Produced by Atlas Enterprises, LLC" below them

- Allow a different registration process depending on whether a user signs up as a 'freelancer' 'client' or 'both.' Clients should be able to join without delay. Freelancers should be able to select from the project categories which they are most qualified to do, and I'd like to be able to add a couple of free-response 'please describe your experience' questions and expected hourly rate.

- I'd like freelancers to be able to modify the list of categories of their expertise (same as project categories) at any time.

- Add feature that each user has a main page. For new users, this should show 'What is [url removed, login to view]' and 'How does it work?' For freelancers, this should show most recent projects created under the categories that they have identified as under their expertise, recent messages from other users, and tips on how to be a better freelancer. For clients, I'd like it to include tips on how to make the most of my service, suggestions on projects, recently posted projects, and recent messages.

- Add functionality that clicking on banner in upper left takes user to their main page

- I'd like to understand the conditions underlying all emails that are sent out to users, and be able to define/change the text of them.

- Add functionality regarding project categories. Allow significantly longer field length (e.g. 200 chars). Allow meta-categories with subcategories, ex. "Work Assistance" as main category with subcategory "Excel Spreadsheet Development".

- Add billing functionality. Ability clients to create a project billed by hour OR by project. Ability for freelancers to respond to posted project with an hourly rate or with a total project fee, regardless of which the client created. Ability for clients to set their own budget ranges. Ability for freelancers to respond with bids that are outside the budget range specified by the client. Ability for users to view the TOTAL project cost of bids (after site fees), rather than just the bid amount.

- Feature for clients to be automatically taken to their payment methods screen when a project is initiated, to encourage use of the Escrow feature.

- When clients 'release' money held the Escrow account, make the amount they initially committed to paying the 'subtotal,' followed by the line 'amount in Escrow", the line 'tip (optional)', with subtotal - escrow + tip = balance due, then user is taken to their payment option.

- Include 'total tips received' on provider profile.

- Allow multiple dimensions to the feedback/reputation system. I'd like the admin to be able to add/delete/modify these field names so freelancers are rated on their 'reliability,' 'communication/English skills,' 'delivery to expectations,' and 'sensitivity to confidential info (optional),' which their clients can choose to rate any or all. Meanwhile, I'd like freelancers to rate clients their 'clarity of expectations,' and 'timeliness of payment.'

- I'd like the admin center to be able to list all freelancers sorted by particular dimensions that would enable me to identify bad freelancers. For example, I'd like the ability to sort them by each element of their reputation. I'd also like to keep track the % of their clients who post at least one additional project on the site after completing work with them.

- I'd also like the the ability to set an amount of bonus to give to freelancers when their client posts his/her first project after completing work with them.

- I'd like users to be automatically emailed xx days after they have not posted another project (with xx set in the admin panel), and given a set of 'exit interview' questions. I'd like it to be possible to write this email through the admin panel. I'd like to keep track of the answers of all users who left during the previous week, to be compared with those who left on other weeks. I'd like to keep track of the exit interview answers given by each freelancer's previous clients, and keep this info viewable by site administrators in the freelancer view described above. For example, one of the questions should be 'did you take your transaction with a freelancer out of the site?' so I can keep track of freelancers who may be poaching.

- Provide advice about any existing security weaknesses and how to improve the site's overall security, especially related to billing, as well as information about how to get certified by some credible source that info stored on the site is safe.

Thanks! I look forward to hearing the cost/time necessary for you to take on this project!

Habilidades: Design de banner, Design Gráfico, PHP, Gestão de projetos, Design de Sites

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