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The Music Manager allows band leaders to post their text-based guitar chord charts on the web and share them with all other accounts. The band leader (Admin) can assign Guest memberships that allow the printing of the music. Leader can create teams of people and groups of songs then attach them to an event. This event appears on a calendar with rollover notes (working). The event details can be auto-emailed to all or selected participants in the event (required task).

90% of this project is completed and a design is also required. The program uses Ajax in various places and we would like to add more Ajax to some existing pages.

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OLD SITE [url removed, login to view]



List of Tasks (in brief - a detailed version is available)


Overall we need completion of project and New site design.

Date of completion May 30 2007


1. speed up and redesign current calendar tool (year, Month, Week views) Make printable as well. Add an additional color key to the calendar to indicate "invisible" events. Revise rollover balloon messages for the calendar. Add "Event Type" icons to calendar (similar to [url removed, login to view])

The calendar tool should be designed to be scalable in width up to 1280 pixels wide (Max)


---01 faster loading ‘full year’ calendar including ‘month’ and ‘week’ views of calendar (Like Hotmail has)

---02 a printer friendly version of the calendar for the ‘month’ view ‘week’ view.

---03 a printer friendly report of the Events Listing (filtered or not)

---04 the addition of a Yellow color to display Invisible Event dates to the Admin and Sub-Admin

---05 the addition of “Event Type Icons” appearing in the Monthly and Weekly calendar

---06 a new design appearance of the calendar – current view looks rather plain

---07 correction of the date colors (Blue Dates do not always appear when they should be)

---08 addition of the new Yellow colored dates for “Invisible Events” viewed only by Admin or Sub

---09 correction of bug in Events listing (see Bug listed below)

---10 all mouse rollovers must have message at bottom of balloon “Double-click to add Event”

---11 all mouse rollovers should also indicate “Click here to open Event Details”

---12 all mouse rollovers should indicate Event Title and Event time.

---13 if there are more than one events on a date then click should open a list of events on that date

2. create auto-emailing feature that sends link to PDF file for the event and it's printed text-based music to all or selected participants in the event.

3. Correct a bug in a query that causes the display of duplicate entries in the events list page.

4. Allow Band Leader (Admin) to better manage the events with editable fields in the listings of his events (Ajax involved)

5. Emailing to team members by selecting members from a list.

6. Add a back office control for Super Admin to maintain database. See [url removed, login to view]

Similar features to DbNetGrid style. This involves:

a) Cascading delete for an account to remove all members and events, songlists, templates created by the leader.

Ability to selectively remove this user's songs or keep them.

b)Search and filter accounts by various criteria.

c)Emailing to selected account groups or to single accounts.

d)automated email messages sent to accounts about to expire. Message auto-sent at 30,25,10,5,1,0 days to expiry date.

e)Printer friendly reports for lists or account details. Allow Super Admin to select which elements (Summary, Selected Detail Items) are printed for an account.

f)Search entire database for specific words or phrases and list accounts containing these words.

7. Uploading of MP3 and PDF files to our server or to customer's server (this is partly working). Need better ability to upload multiple sets of MP3/PDF files from one form with 10 Browse buttons (say 10 files at a time). Existing single file system was working but stopped for some reason.

8. CAPO transposer. The current song transposer is designed and works. This is an adaptation of the transposer. This transposer works in the background and causes the song to be transposed only at print time. The musical key is selected on the basis of the CAPO numbers droplist 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

This is nearly completed in the code but does not appear on the forms yet.

9. Print 2 copies of same song in two different keys at runtime. A song can be designated as:

a) print in original PLAY KEY

b) print only in CAPO KEY

c) print both at the same time (capo version is transposed in the background and printed in tandem to the Play Key version.

10. Indicate which song has the CAPO KEY turned on. A CAPO icon will appear at the left of the title in a listing of songs.

11. Allow users to download their favorite set of songs in an XML format as a backup. This file can then be uploaded as well. We already have an upload XML file format working. Allow users to export a song to MSWORD.

12. Allow Leader to apply more than one skill to a Guest member. Currently we can only apply one skill. We need also a way to list all members be a certain skill within an account. Skills are selected from a droplist and can also be typed by the user.

13. Correction to transposer output. When a song is transposed in Preview Mode it adds a blank space to each line of song text. this space does not print and dos not affect the song. This is a cosmetic change required.

[url removed, login to view] Site design based on a selected template.

a) all web pages should be scalable up to 1280 wide max.

b)change buttons and color style

15. Migrate existing data. We have two databases. One has all customers while the other has these customers who use MySongbase. We want to blend the two databases and retain the team member data and favourite songs data for each account. All are tied together by Account Number.

16. Possible Wizards: to walk a user through the process of creating an event and adding members and songs to the event.

a) Add team members

b) add New Song

c) create a team

d) create a play list

e) create event (Apply a team and playlist to an event)

This could be done with movies that we will create after site design is completed.

Habilidades: PHP, Design de Sites

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