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PHP+MYSQL-WebSite+Design - Membership card tracking for our patients


Previous bidder didn't provide anything for a week then disappeared.

AS SUCH,. this project will require you to start delivering and showing screen shots or live website BEFORE you get paid.

You will be paid by deliverables.

PHP + MYSQL + WebSite Design - Membership card tracking for our patients


This is a fairly straightforward application design.

It is not a complicated application and a skilled developer should be able to complete it within few days.

The application will have a multi-language interface.

Much like in OSCommerce, where every word is pulling from a 'dictionary' of variables, and then, based on

the language, the 'correct' language file is used.

You only need to be concerned with English.

However, this application will also address Right-To-Left languages, so provide an RTL variable.

Also, this application needs to be Internet Explorer AND FireFox compatible. Make sure you are aware of this demand.

PHP must work with SafeMode Enabled!

I need a web application that does the following:

Step One: Initial Registration

Step Two: Fill Address Books

Step Three: Initiate an Order

Step Four: Finalize an Order and Pay

Step Five: Export New and Modified data to local database

Step Six: Print Order

Please note, this is a web application that is intended to run on a server.

However, at step Five it needs to export the changes to a local database (every modified record has a flag attribute).

It then needs to be loaded to a local database that Microsoft Word can connect to and be able to print locally.

The purpose is so that it doesn't keep any credit card info on the server (better security) and also to be able to work-offline.

Please do not suggest to use MS-ACCESS for the web server nor for the local application.

I explictly need it to run of MySQL.


Step one:


Users register to the service and fill out their client's data (name, email etc) which is their unique data that doesn't change (like


Step two:


Clients need to fill out 4 sections of data:

A. Residence Address

B. Shipping Address

C. Billing Address

D. Emergency Contact Info

The user has an interface that lets him see the differnt address books and copy records from one address book to the next.

Yes,. it seems redundent as all Address books are the same and you can easily just add another field for "Purpose".

I don't mind doing this either if you think this can make the database more efficient, but I'm not sure that it will make a big difference.

Step three:


Finally, the client can initiate an Order.

The client basically 'builds' his own Order using the information he has already provided.

Buy building an order, the Order itself is doing a Copy of the data from the previously created sections.

Order Table will have a full replica of all the fields in the various address books.

Yes,. it is redundent, it is duplicating the data, but that is how I want and need it.

Then, after the client has built the order, he can then add 'Items' to the order using the OrderDetails.

The items that the client adds are his prescription medication that he needs to take usually on daily basis.

Each medication will be an OrderDetailitem record. On the website it will be using a DropDownListBox to select the information.

And finally, once an Order with the OrderDetails has been compiled it needs to be saved.

Saved,. is not the final process of the Order.

The user can modify the order later. He can log out, then Log back in and modify every detail in the order.

Side Note:

Once an Order has been in the system, the user, if he wants to place a NEW order, he should be able to do "Create a new order

based on Previous Order". This will automatically create a new Order and populate all the fields from the previous order including all

address books and OrderDetails.

Step Four:


The client decides that he is ready to print the order.

He is presented with a Preview of the order and OrderDetails and being asked to approve and pay for the order.

He approves the order and then he makes a payment for the order.

Once the payment is approved, the order cannot be modified or changed. It is locked.

Step Five:


An Export process will create an SQL dump for New and Modified (flagged as modified) records.

It will also 'clean' the Web database from Credit Card information, so no credit card information is stored on the server.

That information will be stored only on the local database (using the SQL dump).

The 'cleaning' process will leave only the 4 last digits of the credit card number and all previous numbers will be replaced with '*'.

Step Six: - Bonus - separate pay!


Once we have the SQL dump, it needs to be loaded and do an OverWrite / Update of the local database.

The Order is being compiled to a word doc and then printed.

Considerations, Timelines, other:


This entire application is very simple and does not have extensive 'smart' logic to it.

It is primarily data-entry for the end user.

I would like to see nice GUI for the web app. It needs to have clear graphic design that has both Text and Images.

Navigation should be easy and simple.

I expect to see the completion of this application within 7-10 days.- At least the Web Portion with the Export option.

I will provide you with an MS-ACCESS database so that you can see the table structure, but it is just used instead of a CASE tool.

Do not design or plan anything that is MS-ACCESS related.

Budget-wise, this is by far not a complex project and I expect to see the bids in the low end (up to $130-$150).

There is simply not much work in this project and it is pretty much already outlined and designed for you.

END of the project's objective.


My terms of payment for the selected bidder are Pay-As-You-Progress.

I will NOT pay 50% upfront, don't even bother to ask.

I have been burned before (right here in this website) and as such, I will pay as I see deliverables.

THIS IS A RE-LIST of the project,. and already I've been burned AGAIN.

Screen shots or a Live Website are an excellent way to show progress. I expect to see them so that I can provide you feedback.

NO up front will be paid. Upon acceptance of said terms you will need to show me screen shots, or live pages of initial design, so that I will award you 10% of the bid.

With each deliverable provided, 10-15% more will be transferred till 100%.

You must provide me with Source Code on the deliverables (after payment for that phase is done).

Source Code will be asked to be provided on routine basis.

I pay using PayPal.

STEP SIX is a bonus:

In Step Five, you created an Export SQL dump. This project explains what will happen or how the SQL dump will be used.

Hoever, it is NOT part of this project, and separate budget will be made available for the Step Six phase, so you have a chance to

earn more money from the continuation phase.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask in PM.

I'm compling with GAF rules of not providing any contact information outside of the GAF system.

Please do not try to bypass GAF. It doesn't look good when someone is trying to cheat the very system that tries to help them find a



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