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I want a Press Release Website Script. There alot of Article scripts that let users submit articles,but I want a Press Release script where users can submit Press Releases.

Here is a list of all the features the Press Release Script must have:

I want the template to look like this:

[url removed, login to view]

I want a logo(you design a cheap logo that can be edited by me later) saying "free press releases". I also want their to be categories on the main page like it shows on the site i listed above.

I want the script to use mysql and i want a "backup the database" feature in the admin panel(script has to have an online web admin panel) where it backs up the database to my server with a click of a button. I also want to be able to delete press releases from the admin panel too.

Now I am going to apply for Google news inclusion so when people submit a press release only the "featured press releases" will showup in google [url removed, login to view] you'll need to make the script so when google news crawls my site,it only submits each individual "featured" press release to google news and not my whole website,or i'll get banned.I will explain what a "featured" and "unfeatured" press release is later on.

I want meta tags,h1 and h2 tags.

I want each press release to have rss 2.0 on it.

i want the url's to be seo friendly. like instead of the url's being [url removed, login to view], I would want them to be [url removed, login to view] OF PRESS RELEASE.

Like the mod rewrite url's that search engines like.

I want the main page to show the most recent 20 press releases submitted. And if there are more than 20 press releases submitted,i want a NEXT button appear so people can view the next 20 on the homepage etc etc.

I want a digg button on each press release submitted.

I want the script to use the less cpu,ram,hard drive space possible.i want it to close ununsed mysql connections when not needed.

I want a search box so people can search through press releases.

I want the "submit press release" page to look like this:

[url removed, login to view]

So i can type in my guidelines,and also see in the "News Body" box it has this text written in there(i want to be able to write that). I want a maximum character requirement too and all the other boxes on the above site,except for the "release date and company email boxes".

i want a basic captcha on the submission process too.I don't want an advanced captcha. Just a basic one.

I also want a box where users have to select a category for their press release. I also want it to say on the bottom of the page that all press release(free and paid) will be deleted after 300 days and that all press releases are published immediately.

So i want the script to automatically delete press releases(free and paid) 300days after they're submitted.I want to be able to change this number in the admin panel.

I want all press releases to be automatically published onto the site. That's right. I'm not going to review press releases before i publish them. the script will publish them automatically on my website(not in google news).

I do however want 2 options in the admin panel. I want a "unfeatured" tab and a "featured tab". How it works is,when people submit a press release,it'll automatically be published on my website and i can find these in the "unfeatured" tab in the admin [url removed, login to view] published press releases will appear on my website only and NOT in google news.

Then on the main page,there will be a "featured press releases" tab that people can click on.

In the admin panel,i want a "featured" button to be placed on ALL press releases in the "unfeatured" tab,and then I just have to click on the press release's "featured" button and this press release will appear in the "feature press releases" tab section on the homepage.

All press releases that are "featured" by me WILL showup in Google news. So "unfeatured" press releases people submit will NOT be featured by default and will only appear on my homepage and NOT google news. I have to click on them to "feature" them from the Admin panel and these press releases WILL showup in google news.

When I choose to feature a press release,it will STILL say in the "unfeatured" tab in the admin panel,but it would also appear in the "featured" tab in the admin panel.

I want to be able to UNFEATURE press releases too,and when i do,they'll go back into the "unfeatured" tab in the admin panel.

I will make the sitemap. But i need you to make the script have Dynamic meta tags. For example,if a press release is about DOGS,then i want the adsense ads to show adsense ads about DOGS.

I don't want to allow people to comment on the press releases people submit.

I don't want people to be able to insert images into their press release.

I don't even want their press release to be posted if they choose to have Clickable url's and they haven't paid.

So if they want the paid option of clickable url's,they will submit their press release,then it'll go to a paypal payment page(the paypal decription visible to them would say "their press release heading then say Clickable url") then they pay,then it takes them BACK to their press release,and they have to click on submit again to finish the process then i'll get a paypal ipn email saying they paid.

So there is going to be a PAID and a FREE option. The only PAID option would be if they want url's in their press release to be CLICKABLE.

So when they submit their press release,you could make a checkbox that tells them to tick the checkbox if you want clickable url's and show them the cost. The price for clickable url's would be US$20. I want to be able to change this price from the admin panel.

I want the script to be compatible with mysql 4.1.21-standard and Higher, and also compatible with PHP 4.4.4 and PHP5.

i want a 'Banned email' feature in the admin panel,where i can ban people's email address who have submitted press release spam.

I also want a "banned words" feature in the admin panel where i can add banned [url removed, login to view] banned words will be displayed to the user submitting their press release as "*banned word*". I don't want the submission process to go ahead if they have banned words or have a banned email address.

Also,at the bottom middle of all submitted press releases i want a "report as spam" button which readers can click on if they feel the press release is spam. There will be a "spam" tab in the Admin panel that will show me all press releases flagged as spam,and I can see a url to the press release,and if it's spam,i want a option to delete it from the admin panel.

I want the press releases listed by Most recent in the admin panel's FEATURED and UNFEATURED categories.

I want to have a footer with a copyright notice.

I want adsense ads near the top of near the bottom of press releases like this:

[url removed, login to view]

I want an "about us" tab where i can write a description about my company.

I want a "contact us" tab where it brings up an email form where people can email me. It won't reveal my email address.I want to be able to set my email address for this contact us form from the admin panel. It will say on the top of the form this: "to email me regarding anything about this website fill out the form"

The only html i want to allow in the body of the press releases they submit,is url's like http:// and www and they only can have clickable url's if they PAY for this.

After people submit their press release,it will display the press release to them.

I don't want any email notification to be sent when users submit their press [url removed, login to view] only email notification I want is the paypal IPN emails when someone pays to have clickable url's.

I don't have much technical knowledge so i need full installation instructions from you on how to install and configure the script. I am using a hostgator shared server with cpanel.I want to install the script it myself.

If you cannot do this for US$30-$100 dollars,tell me what kind of press release script you could make for US$30-$100.Or what features you will have to miss out to fit it into my US$30-US$100 budget.

I currently have PHPLD 3.2 link and article directory installed. So maybe you could turn that into a link directory/press release site.

Habilidades: PHP, Design de Sites

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