Urgent: Data research, script programming, Data entry, website developement

Hey provider,

i have a very interesting project for you.

But i need this job done very fast. This project is open for only 3 days and after the 3 days you only have 6 or 7 days (maximum) time to complete this job very accurate. If you cannot deliver in time you cannot get money because i'm on vacation ;)

I only need a provider (companies prefered) that can provide all in one.

I need:

Data research:

I need the biggest "list" of article directories (only english websites) you have ever seen. Five minutes ago i found with google some lists that have more than 1500 article directories together. So i think for a good researcher it's not a problem to provide a list that have more than 3000 - X000 article directories.

The list must include:

[url removed, login to view]:

- number of the article directory (1,2,3,4 and so on)

[url removed, login to view]:

- URL of the article directory

[url removed, login to view]:

- Specializing in,... (holiday-, money-, cars-, knowledge-, internet- ,.... articles)

[url removed, login to view]:

- Rank Value (you will get a syntax how to calculate this rank value)

[url removed, login to view]:

- The google Pagerank

[url removed, login to view]:

- Google Pagerank of the articles from this article directory

[url removed, login to view]:

- The amount of the backlinks that this article directory has

[url removed, login to view]:

- The amount of the different domains that link to this article directory

[url removed, login to view]:

- The amount of the different IP's that link to this article directory

[url removed, login to view]:

- How many links come from sites with Pagerank 0/1/2/3/4/5/6/7/8/9/10

[url removed, login to view]:

- How many backlinks are able to get if you post your article on this article directory. How many without providing a backlink / how many with providing a backlink ( i.e. 2/4)

22. eMail address of the webmaster (hidden for the users in the table, only visible for me in administration panel)

Website developement:

I need a website where i can share this list in a table. This website can be very simple. Just a view information and a overview about the categories on main page. On the left side i need a simple menu with following categories:

See all --> If you klick on this link you will get a page where you can select what article directories you want to see ( 0-99, 100-199,200-299 and so on). If you klick on one of this links you get the page where the list of the article directories is.

Special topics --> Similar to "see all". On this site you can choose between the topics of the article directories. For example, there have to be links to the article directories that have only articles about travelling, cars, insurance,....

If you click on one of this links, the table should only show article directories that are specialized to this topic.

You have to be able to make a MySQL database with all the data includet.

You have to be able to write a script that is able to read the MySQL db and make the tables for the visitors.

Furthermore i need an administration panel.

In this panel i have to be able to:

- Update the data for the article directories. I need a check box to every article direcory and the option "update data". I want to update the data of 10 (or more if it is possible) article directories together. I need this option to be up to date with the data.

- Add a new article directory to the database with all data i wrote above.

- Furthermore i need a special option. Some article directories should have an own page with the data that are in the database and in addition a little description that i have to be able to add. If an article directory has a own page, then the url of the directory shouldn't be plain text in the table but the link to the own page.

This website should be programmed only in html/xhtml and CSS. Surely, the script for the tables can be written in php ;).

Here's a little summary what you have to do, don't bis if you are not able to do ALL things perfectly and in time:

- Research and make a huge list of article diretories

- Programming a MySQL database with this data

- Programming the script that is able to read the database and post it on the website

- Make a simple install wizard for the website/database so i can install everything easily

- Secure the admin panel with a username and password i have to enter during the installation progress (i have to be able to decide what prefix i want to use for the database entries)

Ok, i hope i didn't forget anything.

Bye Thomas

I knew i will forget anything:

I wrote:
- Add a new article directory to the database with all data i wrote above.
Should be:
- Add or delete article directories to the database with all data i wrote above.

You have to have knowledge about "mod_rewrite". I want only static URL's like: www.domain.tld/articledirectories-100.htm
Dont want to have a "?" in the url's

Habilidades: Processamento de Dados, Processamento de dados, PHP, Pesquisa, Design de Sites

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