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first I sugest that you get a new version of CC installed and operational.

Ensure you choose Killer skin, and when complete create 6 categories.

They are CatA, CatB, CatC, CatD, CatE, CatF, but a product in each one (digital)

Here are the specs again, simplified. plus example(s).

1 You can't download anything till you have registered.

2 Download links are only sent out, once the person is flagged as approved, this applies to all of the above.

3 As all downloads are free, there should be no payment gateway, could print order form gateway, and or just a page saying "your download email's will be send to you within 24-48 hours", and a button, that takes you to a url (admin to specify)

4 If you have downloaded an item, it will flag it and, it will not allow you to download it again, it will email you saying time/date when you did download it.

5 By default a new registration can only see N categories(a admin controlled number, name(s) to be defined by admin), all other categories show as having no prducts in them

6 When a registration entry is put into a category or categories table, then they can see this categories products, plus the above categories (see #3).

7 In one(1) specific category (name to be defined by admin) there are N products, only one can be placed into cart, once downloaded, flag is set for user and category is not shown.

8 Minimize the registration information to First name, last name, email, city, country. (All required fields) all other fields currently there need to be removed.

Cube cart screen

CatA CatB CatC CatD CatE CatF

| admin has defined |

| these can be seen |

| by anyone |

|Read #4|

| Do not show products if cat is selected |

If i registetered I could see catE & CatF, and could say that i wanted to download products

If I looked into catE, i would see eg 5 products, i could only select one for download.

I can continue to checkout, but dont get the email with the download links until approved.

Once admin approves my registration, only then will i get sent the email with the download links.

If i revisit, the store, and select any items from catF, i get an email saying that i have already downloaded the item (product name/date/time)

If i select an item from catE, it sents me an email saying that I have already download 1 of the products (product name/date/time)

If i select an item for download that i have NOT downloaded before i get the download link email, as i have been approved.

If admin puts me the store user, in catA, CatB, then i can see catA, CatB, CatE, CatF. All rules above still apply.

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