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I need a playable turn-based computer game demo- one level of play. The game is a finance education game and will require a player to make decisions using a basic cash flow spread sheet... Basically an Excel spreadsheet. I would like it to include Farmville style avatars that speak using subtitles. The game also needs to have a textbook section that users can access and will include a small quiz or test.?

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## Deliverables

Character sheet- Grandpa Finley- Grandpa Finley has majority ownership of Kastelle, but is in poor health and is at risk of dying. You (player/user) are the sole heir to his fortune. Mallory the secretary- Mallory has been Grandpa Finley’s secretary for the past 10 years, and is the only Person at Kastelle who wants to see you succeed in owning the business. She will help you through the game and can be called upon when needed. The Executive Board- the five of them together collectively own the remainder of the company, but would like to see you fail so they inherit Grandpa Finley’s shares instead of you. They act as the antagonist or villain throughout the game. Story line- You are contacted by Mallory she informs you that a distant Grandpa Finley whom you’ve never met is sick and may pass away. As his sole heir to (Kastelle) his vast fortune she is trying to bring you up to speed on what you must do to retain ownership should he pass away. Kastelle is a retail clothing line that you must manage while simultaneously overcoming the hurdles thrown at you by the board of directors. The board of directors has made it necessary that all owners must be licensed stockbrokers, and any members not qualified forfeit their ownership to the other members on the board. Your goal is to successfully manage Kastelle while simultaneously passing prep tests that will ultimately enable you to pass the Series 7 Exam. General- If you have experience playing any games developed by Sid Mier then the layout of this game makes perfect sense. I’m modeling it after Civilization Revolution. Instead of a “Civilopedia?? users will access study information regarding the Series 7. After a few mini lessons the game will require users to take a test. Successfully completing the test will unlock various controls for managing Kastelle. However; users may also choose to simply manage Kastelle and not study, but there are consequences. For example, the game is turn based and will require weekly decisions; however, quarterly the board of directors will require a progress report. Shirking responsibility for too long will result in losing the game. Based on the success of this demo, I will likely require a full version of the game and I strongly believe in repeat business. Graphics- I would like to use Avatars that speak through a little bubble text- like a comic book. Farmville quality avatars would be perfect. I’m foolishly assuming you know what Farmville is- It’s a popular game on Facebook. The user doesn’t move avatars nor to they place items anywhere throughout the game. Avatars are there simply to convey the storyline and teach lessons. User inputs are required through entering dollar amounts in a cash flow worksheet and various formulas through out the Series 7 teaching process. I would also like to have a stock price for Kastelle that correlates the users inputs against a fake market, but if this idea is too complex I understand its only a demo, and am willing to settle for a screenshot of this. Format- I don’t have a preference for this. I want cost effectiveness and usability. An online application would probably be best, but I’m not the expert and was hoping this would be something you could help me decide. I need multiple people to access this demo and I feel they might be reluctant to install software on their computers. However, I could circumvent this problem by installing the demo on a laptop and letting users play.

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