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I have a FOREX ? Meta Trader Easy Language program that does not work the way it was intended.


I have a? easy language program that creates 2 simultaneous trades, one sell and one buy at the same moment "Hedge Trade" at a specific time interval (ex. 0100 or 1445)

Next it has up to 5 stops.? These stops are designed so once price hits a certain level the stops are moved to protect profit. (ex.? at 20 pts move stop to 5 pts etc.)

Also? there is a target price and a target increment price.? This allows the user to set a target for price to hit.? Once this price is hit if price falls below this price then the trade is immediately closed.? The target increment is to allow for additional profit just in case the price is moving deeper and deeper into profit. (ex.? Target price is 100 pts; Target increment of 8 pts)

The Problem:

Our current program has a few major flaws.? The 1st flaw is that the stops do not work all the time.? Sometimes the stops are set and other times they do not set which means our profits are in danger.

The 2nd flaw is that sometimes trades are made and other times they are not made at all.? This defeats the preciseness of automatic trading.

The Solution:

I believe that the solution to these problems are the same.? I think that when dealing with FOREX brokers they have systems that do not always recieve incoming trade signals.? I think that there needs to be a "Loop" created that can check and make sure the trade is made and that all stops are set correctly.

Please let me know if this is something that you can do and what your rates are for reviewing and editing our easy language code.


## Deliverables

Please send me a proposal.? I can send you the current code I have if it will make the process easier for you.


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