YAML to MBox and then some

I need an app that will convert text file in one format to another format - specifically I need some YAML files converted to MBox files.

The real purpose is to export from Highrise ([url removed, login to view]) more robustly than they allow and import that to Thunderbird so that I can move everything over to GMail.

It's not as convoluted as it sounds. There is a second phase that's related to Backpack ([url removed, login to view]), but it's not as important.

## Deliverables

Highrise ([url removed, login to view]) allows for export of a bunch of information into a YAML file. That export, however, does NOT include attachments, which live on the HR server and can be downloaded/accessed, but not exported en masse. HR also has "tags" and "cases" and some other information that may or may not get exported properly as well - I don't really use them in the HR context so I don't know.

I'm trying to migrate my whole email/CRM/whatever process to Google Apps for my Domain - which is a version of GMail.

I currently use Thunderbird for my email and related functions. I have read -- and I'd like to confirm it -- that if I can get the emails and files, etc. into TBird, I can then use the IMAP protocol to get it into GMail.

My goal is to have the GMail account have all my old emails, with the correct date, with the attachments as sent.

My interim step is to get everything into TBird. TBird uses a modified MBox format to store its emails. (Per Wikipedia, anyway). HR exports to YAML (without the attachments) and the attachments are probably get-able through the HR API ...OR... by some sort of file-getting macro or spider or whatever you design.

TMore than YAML-to-MBox, what I need is a mechanism to convert Highrise to Thunderbird including attachments and proper dates. Basically I need to be able to open up my TBird and see the emails I sent to Highrise, including attachments.

*My* conception is that a YAML - to - MBox converter is the way to start, and then something that can pull the necessary files from Highrise, make them MIME files, and stick them in as appropriate to the MBox files. The MBox files have to be compatible with Thunderbird, which uses a slightly modified MBox format.


ADDITIONAL INFO (based on a question I received)

1 -- Highrise has both Notes and Emails in that data stream that I want to move to GMail. (I almost never use notes, so I kinda forgot about them.) I like the idea of making the Notes into emails within the same mailbox but with some sort of flag in the subject line.

The goal is that once I import the whole shebang into GMail, I can do a search for mails to- or from- or tagged or subject- with "Person XYZ," and get a reverse chron list of all communications with or about them. Since going forward I would probably be including those notes as an email to self with the tag or subject or something of Person XYZ, then importing them as emails historically seems the best idea. If you have a better idea, I'm open to it.

1a -- Highrise can export contact to CSV and calendar items to iCal, which is fine for my purposes. I don't need the program to do anything special with those datasets.

2 -- Timeframe - I don't have a specific timeframe; I'm paying 37Signals for my Highrise subscription and I'd like to stop paying them as soon as possible, but need to move my data over before I can do that. If this could get done by mid-January, that'd be great. Late December, even better.

3 -- The Future! - I know (from the various forums) that I'm not the only one who wants a more robust export capability - specifically the ability to export file attachments with the emails/notes. I haven't seen this bit in the forums, but I'm guessing I'm not the only one who finds YAML clever, but not really useful when it comes to moving the data elsewhere. So a lot of my cross-platform, slick interface, customizable type desires on this project are really aimed at making this tool available (for a fee? adware? donationware? free?) to others in my position and/or selling it to 37Signals.

So if I did that the program would probably have to be tweaked, etc. And I'd do that with the same person who gets this gig. I'd definitely share revenues to some extent. (nothing's ever simple, but the point is I'm not out to screw anyone.)

But in terms of right now, just for me... The only platform that really matters is the Win XP Pro platform. Similarly, there are setups in Highrise where the mails and notes can be from different people with different sharing levels... all of which doesn't apply to my situation and so is secondary to the immediate need.

4 -- Sample files - I will try to make sample files available in the next few days.

Thanks for taking the time to consider this project.

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