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Specification summary

The project is the redevelopment of current display of daily weekly, monthly and yearly horoscopes that can be seen at our own sites like <[url removed, login to view]>[

][1]Currently sunsigns are uploaded manually every day, also on portal sites like <[url removed, login to view]> [Danish]

We want to develop automatic uploads for both our own sites and portal sites.

At present? users can only see horoscopes for today, this week, this month and this year. We want users to be able to see horoscopes for yesterday|today|tomorrow and lastweek|thisweek|nextweek etc.

We want a non-branded sun sign module that we can give to affiliates, which they can skin according to their preferences. There should be a choice of displays, like Single Page list or Tab list. Similarly we want users to be able to draw out sunsigns from our site with a simple procedure. (Click here to display sunsigns on your site...)

We want to be able to upload our documents to our server at any time, so that they automatically upload at 0.00 hrs on the day in question. For example [url removed, login to view] would upload the daily horoscope for September 1st 2008 in the English language. [url removed, login to view] ? would upload week 32, 2008, to Danish site etc.

We want this sun sign module to have wiki-like characteristics, which enable further development by web community. For example, there should be the option “translate this sun sign?? and facilities for enabling users in, for example Ukraine, to make there own Ukrainian version of the website. Further more we would like users to be able to add different types of sunsigns. E.g. add love signs and then write, upload and display these sunsigns under a user-created drop down list.

Design must be elegant, professional and simple.

## Deliverables

Background information

A sun sign is a generic horoscope for one of the 12 signs. At World of Wisdom we sell software and horoscope reports. To generate traffic, we supply different sun sign horoscopes. Currently our horoscopes are in Danish, Swedish, Norwegian, Spanish and of course English. Together they bring 500,000 unique users to our sites per month.


1. Sun sign main page

There are 5 sun sign types: general daily, daily, weekly, monthly and yearly.

1.1. General dailies are generic for all 12 sunsigns... there is just one text for one day, every day of the month. The general daily can be seen on our home page:

<[url removed, login to view]>

... the table titled “August??

This is currently a Flash file in which the text is inserted manually before the start of each month.

We want:

- General daily texts for each day inserted into a similarly designed table as an automated process from a Word doc and autouploaded on the first of the month.

- The option of automatically displaying the general daily text on the main sun sign page (not in table)


1.2. Daily, weekly, monthly and yearly sunsigns currently have the following limitations:

- they are manually uploaded every day, week, month and year

- only the current day, week, month and year is displayed.

We want:

- to be able to save our documents at any time on our server

- for the server to upload the right text to the right sign on the right day, week, month and year.

- to enable users to see yesterday|today|tomorrow and similarly with week, month and year.


1.3. We would like the solution to be displayed:

1.3.1. With the look and feel that is on our existing World of Wisdom websites

1.3.2. As a non-branded, vanilla and generic look/feel that can be skinned to suit the need of affiliates. This should have the option of different display possibilities:

- as tabs (Today|This week|This month|This year)

- as a column as in one of our portals for example:

<[url removed, login to view]> [Danish]



2. Affiliates and portals


2.1. Currently we upload manually every day to MSN Denmark, Spray Sweden as well as the World of Wisdom sites.

We want:

2.1.1. Automatic uploads customers to these sites needs

2.1.2. Automatic display of our sunsigns in other sites via iFrame. We have this solution already at:

<[url removed, login to view]>

... and we want to be able to offer this service to others in a simple one or two step process to affiliates who know little about web design or programming. To specify: we want to sell or trade a non-branded sun sign service to large and small affiliates, where they have to do as little work as possible.

2.2. The sun sign images (as in the above site) can be used as a default. But affiliates may also replace these images with their own and in other ways modify the design of a generic sun sign site you develop. In other words the sit must be skinnable and brandable.


3. Database and design


3.1. We want a non-branded generic look that is elegant and professional. It should be possible to insert own graphics ??" but only if World of Wisdom give permission. (Some users may take out sun signs, but we will require our adverts to be displayed. Some users will pay for our sun signs in which case our adverts are not displayed.)

3.2. For the World of Wisdom sites we want the solution implemented with our current look and feel.


4. Database and languages


4.1. The automatic solution needs to be established on our serve at [url removed, login to view]

4.2. The database needs to cater for current languages of English, Danish, Norwegian, Swedish and Spanish.

4.3. The database needs to store Word docs (because we use spellcheck)

4.4. The saving of the files into the data base needs to be very simple, because our translators do not want to do anything technical. i.e. They need to save Word docs direct to the server without leaving Word.

4.5. The database needs to be flexible to accommodate new languages. If possible this should include Greek, Russian, Arabic and other non-Euro type languages.


5. User interaction and multilinguality


5.1. The Web applications should have the possibility of being open-source to enable changes and improvements to be made by users.

5.2. One option should be “Translate this text?? to [your language]. Users can then translate the text into a language not currently displayed.

- If user is Italian, then a parallel page is created ??" just like Wikepedia. In this way an Italian sun sign site could be created in the long term.

- Different language options can be selected from within the sun sign page.

[I am open to input from the programmer here. I am not sure how easy this is and it could be a separate project]

5.3. User can also write a whole new set of sunsigns which should come under a different newly-defined subheading, like “Love sings??, “Chinese Astrology signs?? etc User interaction establishes these subheadings making the sun sign site dynamically changeable in terms of content.






Habilidades: Adobe Flash, Engenharia, Microsoft Access, MySQL, PHP, Gestão de projetos, Arquitetura de software, Teste de Software, SQL, XML

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