Online Trading platform For Retail B2c

We at YouVendor LLC are looking to have a unique online Tradeing Platform/Marketplace developed. It will be a place where people can buy,sell, trade goods and services through negotiations, auctions, and fixed priced formats.

As a reference you can examine these sites [url removed, login to view], [url removed, login to view], [url removed, login to view], [url removed, login to view], [url removed, login to view]

We are looking serious qualified bidders, who can be dedicate most of their time to only this project, because we would like this to be a standard full time work which is normally 40hrs per week in the USA. If your work load is full please do not bid and waste our time. I would like to have minimum of atleast two people who can work on this project together or preferably a company who can dedicate set resources for this project only.

As the Managing Member of YouVendor LLC I will be as dedicated and available throughout the whole entire development phase as much possible there maybe circumstances where I will be busy with my own schedule. I would like to have live communications means through skype or anything of that nature, constant e-mail updates etc. I will need estimations on the time frame it would take to complete this project, and how many people,budget etc. I would like to do pay for deliverables, we can do it in phases no problem. Also please do message me im all ears and reasonable.

You can base your budget estimation off of [url removed, login to view] and [url removed, login to view]

Can this be done in 2 to 3 months?, I know this is a medium to large so project so please message me for fair suggestions.

**I will also have PSD source files of my homepage mockup which can be edited etc. This will definitely help guide you easily. We can do things in phases also. Design phase first and evertyhingelse second. I also have a full 50 page specifications document to help with the general understanding of the project.**

## Deliverables

This is a dynamic database driven website.

**I will send out my detailed specification sheet at the appropriate time it is required.


**Bare Minimum Essential Specifications Check List**

**This is just the basic skeletal frame of an auction site please consider my references of other sites, my policies, my ideas on how things should turn out to be, my detailed specifications. **I'm always available during the development.** **


Community Blog/Forum

The auction has a venue for members to interact and discuss questions concerning the auction site.


Frequently asked questions provide possible answers before a user contacts the auction company.


Auction site provides a search feature in the help section.

Live Chat

The online auction service provides an online chat feature that instantly connects you to live help/support.

Adult Material Monitored

Though permitted, auctions with explicit and adult items are categorized as such and require users to accept terms to browse and bid.

Delete/Revise Feedback

The ability to delete or edit a previously left feedback remarks. Some sites will only allow this for accidental postings. Both the buyer and seller should have this ability just in case they have corrected their disputes or reconciled.

Reply to Feedback

A buyer or seller may respond to a member regarding feedback.


Auction site provides a place for buyers and sellers to leave feedback about transactions

**When Buying**

Mobile Alerts

The online auction service will call or text your cell phone notifying you of won or lost auctions.


Buyers and sellers can see the history of bids on a particular auction, noting who bid when, and for how much

Wanted Ads

Allows a potential buyer to create a listing describing a specific, hard-to-find item that they couldn't find on the auction or special requests. Users can then reply to the wanted listing if they have an item that meets the description that they wish to sell.


The auction site provides allows you to bookmark an item so you can keep an eye on the duration of the auction. This goes for any type of listings or item formats. Auction and Fixed price formats.

Sort By Options

Search results can be sorted and ordered by which auctions end soonest, the highest/lowest price, or other variations.

Personal Picks/Favorites

Browsers can create favorites, or are presented with products based upon their searching and bidding history.

Search Suggestions

Browsers are given suggestions in a dropdown menu while they type in the search bar. For example, "App" might suggest Apple iPhone, Apple iPod, and Appellate court pin.

Title and Description

Browsers are able to search keywords located not only in titles, but also descriptions of products.

Search By Item Number

Buyers may search for items by their designated auction number.

Search By Bidder

Buyers may search for products being bid on by specific members.

Search By Seller

Auction site has an advanced search option allowing you to search for auctions provided by a specific seller.

**For Selling**

Calculate Shipping

Sellers can calculate an items' shipping cost depending on their location.

End Listing Early/Cancel Listing

Service allows the seller to end or cancel a listing prior to its original deadline. Some auction sites only permit the seller to cancel an auction prior to any bids, or pay a fee.

Add to Item Description

Site allows the seller to add descriptions to items after they have been bid on. Some sites only allow this to sellers prior to any bids being placed on their item.

Change Image

The seller can change, alter or edit pictures on listed items.

Cancel Bids

A seller may cancel bids placed on their products.

Block Bidder/Buyer

Allows the seller to block or refuse bids from selected buyers. Particularly useful for dealing with suspicious bidders.

Cross-Promote Items

Sellers can create an online store featuring all their items and products.

Open a Store

Sometimes the site offers a return policy on goods sold, other allow sellers to create their own return policy regarding their items and online store.

Private Auction

The seller may choose to keep their buyer's identity anonymous by creating a private listing. This tends to decrease bidders, but is often implemented for adult material auctions.

Page Counter

A page counter is typically placed at the bottom of the listing page allows the seller and potential buyers to see how many people have visited that page.

Promotion Options

The auction site provides extra tools or options like, discounts for the first bidder, which allows seller to promote their products and store, sometimes these features cost extra.

Listing Layout Customization

The auction service provides customizable layout options, like picture placement, colors or background, for listing products.

Extra Picture Options

The auction site provides additional picture and photo options like photo managers.

Fixed Price

Sellers may set a price so buyers can purchase the product without going through the auction process.

Item Subtitle

Seller may include a subtitle with their item that adds descriptive information about the product.

Secondary Category

Products may be listed in more than one category.

Dutch Auction

A seller may list several identical products; bidders choose a price they are willing to pay and designate how many items they wish to purchase. Winners are determined by the maximum amount they are willing to pay, and then how many they wish to purchase.

**For Fees**

Additional Pictures

How much it costs to upload and post additional pictures to your item listing


Additional cost to add a subtitle to your item listing.

2nd Category

How much it costs to list your item in a second category. "x2" means that the price is doubled

Homepage Featured

Your auction will be featured on the mainpage of the online auction site.

Category Featured

Your auction will be featured under the corresponding category


Auction listing text or background is a different color to attract attention.

Attention Getters

Various characteristics to increase potential viewership, such as text characteristics (bold, highlight), or featuring the auction elsewhere on the site.

Relisting Fee

How much it costs to relist an auction if your item doesn't sell the first time. This will be free. No Fee

Max Final Value Fee

The highest amount of money a seller would have to pay after completing an auction. This often is a fee (or combination of fees) determined by the final ending price

Min Final Value Fee

The least amount of money you have to pay the auction site upon completion of a sale. This is often calculated as a percentage of the final cost the item is sold for

Max Listing Fee

The highest amount you would ever be asked to pay to list an auction item. This depends on the listing type, duration, and other characteristics of the listing.

Min Listing Fee

The least amount of money you will have to pay to list an item for auction.


How much it costs to become a registered member. All sites require membership to bid, and some have additional registration fees in order to sell.



A measure of the credibility of an online auction site, as well as what tools are offered to help users rate other users based on transaction experiences.


Features provided for users to browse through the auction site and keep an eye on auctions of interest.


Tools provided by the auction site to assist in listing and selling products as well as managing personal inventory. This may include features like editing images, adding item descriptions and canceling bids.

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