vBulletin registration with SMS (text) process

Hi All,

I have a vBulletin forum that has currently few modifications and I'm looking to add a new functionality to it:

We have a very close and tight registration process.

You can only register if you have a PAID ISP email account.

The registration page checks your email domain name and denies your from registereting unless your email

is part of the list of email domain/providers listed in: "isp_mail.xml".

This works great!

But, we have a limited base of people who can register.

As such, the new modification that I'm seeking will allow users to register with any email they desire, but they will have to pay.

Note, we are not seeking to get rich by registration. The purpose of this is to eliminate double-registrations.

So the project should allow for the following:

Register FREE with an approved domain/provider that is listed in "isp_mail.xml".


Register with any email (or change your existing email to any other email) by sending a TEXT (SMS) message

to our "Bill by text messaging" service.


With the user profile, we will now add a "Cellular Phone Number" where the user's cellular number will be kept.

This MUST NOT be editable field by the user. This should be only visible to Administrators.

Cellular numbers are UNIQUE, so the same number cannot be entered twice.

I will require few more fields, such as: Date of approved SMS, Number of Retries (failed or approved) and the Code Used to register.

The process of the NEW registration will be as follow:

Registration page --> Free or Paid

If you user chooses Free -> verify against the "isp_mail.xml" registration.

If the user chooses PAID--> He will be routed to a "THIS WILL COST YOU MONEY ALERT" page and then move to the:

Buy a registration credit page. After they confirm the terms, they will be asked to send an SMS (text) message with the word: "registerMeString" to some


I don't care how many Registration credits the user may have, meaning, they can only use ONE credit per a cellular number and it is not transferrable.

If the users are stupid to try and re-register again, they will be charged, and be denied a second registration.

Once they send the text message, we will have their phone number in the SMS Billing Service.


The user sends an SMS (text) message with the code" RegisterMe" to *6161 (as an example of course).

The user is immediatly being charged.

The user then gets an auto-reply SMS back with a special-code.

Now, the user can proceed to the registeration process.

He enters the PAID registration page.

Here he will populate the regular username and password of the vBulletin for normal registration AND the ADDITIONAL fields of:

His Cellular Number and the special-code (from the auto-reply).

When the user hits the Submit button, he will then be checked:

1. Confirm that the EMAIL used for registration is not already in the vBulletin database.

2. Confirm that the Username used for registration is not already in the vBulletin database.

3. Confirm and verify that his special-code is valid and was not in previous check/use in the micropay system.

4. Confirm and check that his PHONE number is not already in the vBulletin database.

An example of calling the check function: mpCheckPass("10", "5656", "123456789")

uid== my seller code in micropay.

cid== my seller content code in micropay (identifying my specific campain in micropay)

pass== the auto-reply value the user recieved.


// Function: mpCheckPass

// Author: MicroPay

// Parameters:

// userId - the user id you have in MicroPay

// contentId - the content id the user want

// password - the password you want to check

// Return: <0 - error, >0 - ok


function mpCheckPass($userId, $contentId, $password)


$request = "[url removed, login to view];uid=".$userId."&cid=".$contentId."&pass=".$password&retp=1;

$curlSend = curl_init();

curl_setopt($curlSend, CURLOPT_URL, $request);

curl_setopt($curlSend, CURLOPT_RETURNTRANSFER, 1);

$curlResult = curl_exec ($curlSend);

curl_close ($curlSend);

if (isset($curlResult) && preg_match ("/^[-]?\d*$/", $curlResult))

return $curlResult;


return 0;



Notice the Delimiter of [] ('[' + ']') put together.

This gives the "PhoneNumber[]ReplyCode"

You need to parse the reply to separate the number from the reply code.

MicroPay system will check the password and returns one of the following answers:

0 >> password incorrect hardened

-1 >> Password times the maximum allowable

-2 >> expired password hardened

-4 >> mobile phone company rejected the request collection of your phone number

Otherwise, the answer will receive the number of times this user Password (including this time), for example,

If he used this password 4 times, the answer will receive 5 (4 times he used up to now + current time).

If this is the first time he used the password is the answer will receive 1

Assuming the check came back VALID, (>0), then move on to registration in vBulletin.

AFTER the user confirmed and VALIDATED the code, we need to confirm that the number he enters in the vBulletin is the same value that

he used to send the SMS (text message) initially.

4. If the Phone-Number is already in the vBulletin database, REJECT his registration and send a "Sorry, you cannot register with the information you provided".

It should NOT show if his phone-number is in the database. We do not want to disclose this information. Just a general 'you cannot register with this info'.

5. If the phone-number is NOT in the database, then continue with the registration.

Their phone number needs to be first VERIFIED that it is not in the database.

Yes, if they were stupid to send an SMS (text) message from a number that is already in the database, they will be charged first,

and then denied registration.

If they got confirmed that their number is NOT in the database, then they can proceed to register in vBulletin.

This will give them a 'Credit' to continue to register in vBulletin.


Project terms:

1. You must know vBulletin and have a sample test to show me that the code works.

2. I will provide you with the codes to actually use for the registration of the SMS.

3. Payment will be done via the Escrow service here on (getA)[url removed, login to view]

4. If you ask for more than $80, you will automatically be disqualified for this project. Real estimation of this project is between $30-$50.

5. The code must work on vBulletin 3.84 and above (now moving to 4.x). You will be required to show proof that it works ON BOTH.

6. The code/files need to be listed and shown so that they will be easily installed on our system, with specific code line numbers.

7. Estimated time to complete is up to 7 days.

8. I will provide you with the "isp_mail.xml" setup instructions so that you will see how we implemented on our system. (very easy minor code change).

Payment terms:

Only AFTER you have shown me that the installation is RUNNING on your system, will I then transfer the funds to your.

The proof of the RUNNING system will be that I will do few tests where I will send the text msgs, and the process will show me that I was able/not able to register correctly.

I WILL NEED SuperAdmin access to view the User Profile and the new fields in their profile.

P-L-E-A-S-E do not contact me outside of GetAFreelancer system to offer any outside bids.

GetAFreelancer gives me a great place to offer work projects and they deserve their minimal fees.

Good luck.

Habilidades: PHP, SQL, vBulletin, XML

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