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Website upgrade. Online company wants to redesign and upgrade our website, completely start over. Please visit present sight [url removed, login to view] and make sure that you understand this project and can improve the present site, by adding features and new functionality. Read description below carefully. We need an experienced person, who can do the complete package start to finish. We want to use a Drupal or Joomla template, with a complete full function shopping cart. I would prefer an open source cart, but we could continue to use our present cart (summeffect digishop) if it the temple is redesigned to match the rest of the new website.

See complete description below. Features: I prefer that all special features use open source software or custom written for this project. In your inquires please include your comments and questions. Could you tell me your recommendations and what you plan to implement each feature.

## Deliverables

Our shopping cart requires: -UPS worldship and FedEx integration

-Ability for users to up load images and video similar to youtube, images description are searchable.

-Integrate 2 other websites/domains to use this shopping cart, so that I only need one shopping cart and one SSL. other domains have unique products that are not available on the clearneon site.

-Payflow pro integrated

-PayPal, credit cards, electronic checks

Website requires below:

-Graphic design which represents our product and market we like the [url removed, login to view] style and look. On EVERY page the header and footer are stationary (same exact position) and next page content will slide in from left and the old page slides out to the right, the same look as shoeguru, but the new page will also slide in.

-I am wanting someone that can do all the work from Start to finish The only thing I supply is graphics, as needed. I need the basic template to be flexible so that image size and content can be changed and maintained with minimal html knowledge.

-We have a domain and server, for the initial installation and testing.

-Shopping cart will display a cash register looking receipt along the left hand sidebar, that has their login name and a brief description of each in their cart/wishlist, and subtotals as a customer shops. This feature will display on all pages if there are items in cart. It will have a transparent background so that the main background gradient shows through. If visitor leaves the site without check out the items will remain in their wishlist and appear in their cart upon next visit, until deleted.

-Interfaced and complete shopping cart . We presently use this cart digishop cart by Sumeffect and we not to continue to use it. We would prefer to change to some open source cart like maybe Ubercart Durpal platform, if that would be easier. But we need similar functions as present.

-Streamlined backend telephone order processing and editing, with operator help screen, that displays answers to common questions. Operator can enter a key word and the likely answers will pop up in the field.

-Cookies to show last purchases and wish list.

-Facebook and Tweeter account linked and integration.

-Forms/ blog where visitors can login and ask questions and other users can answer them and if the visitor likes the answer given, they give a rating that will accumulate points for the one that answered. These points will give the user metals or badges that they can get product or discounts when they reach certain levels.

-Image uploads library where customers can upload images of their art or creations, computer and cellular phone photos and video uploads

-Advertisers banners and setup with pay for view advertising like google, which can be turned on and off as desired on most non shopping cart pages.

-Comprehensive data base with security and for tracking all available data on purchases.

-google alerts rewards function, Registered uses can post articles on the web with specific key words and their login name included in the post. Software will monitor google alerts and when it finds post that meet the criteria it credits the user a point in their account. Accumulated points will win prizes. I need the complete tracking, database and software for automated managment of registered urer post thruout the web, blogs, fourms, emails, tweets.

-Live chat sales help with text and or email notification of someone wanting help.

-Full time backend tracking of visitors to the website. Ability to select a visitor and see which page they are viewing, real-time follow them as they surf the site. To see every key stroke the type before even before they submit the form. And open a help session with or without the user initiating it.

Mobile phone web compatible, with the same basic information.

1. I want all pages to have the same size with the header and footer to always be inthe same spot when a new page is loaded. I believe that it is important for my look and design.

2. The sidebar reciept. I want it to display on every page, reguardless what page the visitor is on, except for the billing and shipping pages of the shopping cart . After an item is selected and added to cart, it will update the sidebar cart, and they will remain on the same page. On the sidebar cart there will be a button, to view details/checkout, which would open the detailed cart in the main body area, showing full listing of products. There will be a continue shopping button that will return them to the previous page they were at when they clicked the "view details/checkout" button.

3. I need the shopping cart part to function for multiple websites. Different websites will be linked to this one, which will only display certain products that relate to that perticular web site.

4. Phone attendents - We have phone attendents that answer phone calls, they take orders and answer questions. This page needs to be password protected, with phone attendant login. All orders placed will be stamped to identify which attendant received the order and time and date. We need a simple one page, web page that has all the fields for taking an order. As simple as possible the fields in proper order so that the process is fast and flows well. Maybe check boxes or drop down boxes for selecting products and quantity of each, name, address, city, state, country, zip code, shipping the same, discount code, shipping options with prices, real time with UPS, FedX, both ground and next day options. I want a search field on the back end order page, where the phone attendant could enter a key word and it will search and display from a database the answers that apply. So that when the customer ask a question they could quickly find and read the answer to the customer on the phone. The administrator will build and edit the answer database as needed by accessing the admin area of the web site. Sales prompts in the same field that displays the answers mentioned above, there would display sale prompts that the attendant would read to the customer when answering the phone. Example: describing the special of the day. The prompts would be displayed prior to a key word search, and if a search is preformed the prompt would disappear as the answer to the search would be displayed in the field. The administrator could create, edit and select a prompt that is to be displayed, and it will be each time an order is placed. The administrator could change at anytime the prompt that is displayed on the phone attendants screens, form the management admin. Attendants name and password would be setup in the admin area of the software by the administrator.

5. Blog and Forum - A logged in user can answer questions or comment and be rated by other as to the quality of the answer. The writter of the ansewr would be awarded points and badges as they accumulate points. Badges would show other users that they provide knowledgeable and creditable information, about our product.

6. Images up loads - The photo gallery will have similar look to [url removed, login to view] and function. Images are searchable by image discription, they can be uploaded from admin and by users. Up loaded/posted images are displayed to all visitors. All images/videos are filtered/reviewed/approved by administrator before being available to other users on the image page. Images can only be uploaded/posted by logged in registered users, andthey will assign a title and description to the image, the title and description can be edited by the administrator during review and approval process. Support for standard images formats, jpg, png, mpeg4 ([url removed, login to view] compatible), mpeg2, avi, qt.

On the images page of the website users can select, view the most popular image or most recent image or enter a search word to view all related images/videos. Images will be displayed with their title description and the user name of the person that uploaded/posted it.

When the images page first opens it will be displaying the administrators choice, an image that was selected by the administrator, it can be changed any time by the administrator.

Images can be posted/uploaded from a computer or smart cellular phone with internet access to our website and is logged in.

Thumb nails of recommended images will be displayed in the right hand sidebar area, onload preselected images will be displayed. preselected images will be chosen from admin or by view popularity. If search has been preformed it will update thumbnails with images relating to search relating to search.

7. User Profile page - not much needed, we only want information to identify the person, email address, name, address, city, state, zip, country, phone number, user name, and password. This information is kept in a data base and only used by administrator. The administrator should be able to export information from the database for use in other software.

8. Registered Users - when a user registers they are verified by clicking a link that is emailed to them by the software. When a user places an order they will automatically be registered and the link will be emailed to them, they will not be able to access the registered users areas or upload/post images or blogs until they click the verify link in the email. We want to have certain pages/content/products that are only available to logged in users. We need some way to name the pages or products so that the software can display them to logged in users, and NOT to regular users.

9. Images can be still shots or video. Still shots can have a before and after image, if both are present the page will display both images alternating from before to after to before after, loop. If only one image is uploaded it will remain a static single image.

10. We do need member management area in the admin. Edit, add, delete, users and wholesale users, automated via email password lookup and changing.

11. Banner Advertisements - google ads and other advertisers. I would like to have html code so that I can place banners ads on all non shopping cart pages. And it could be managed from the admin area. I believe that standard sizes banners are 120x60 468x60, 728x90. If a banner is turned on, on a page, the content would remain the same, just move it down. I would like to sell ads and I would also like to place my own ads for other products in the banners, and manage it from the admin.

12. Live Chat - I would like to have a real time list of visitors using the site, showing their IP and location information, what page is beeing viewed, elapsed time, referral source and items in cart of the visitor. A phone assistant viewing the list could click on a visitor/user and watch what page they are viewing and even watch their mouse movements if that is possible. At anytime the phone assistant could open a live chat and offer assistance. The user could also at anytime click a live chat link to open a help session. When a phone assistant logs in it turns on the live chat. When the last phone assistant logged out it would turn off the live chat function.

13. Sidebar Shopping cart Reciept - on all web pages the main images that slides across the screen have a area of blank space on both sides. See [[url removed, login to view]][1] and I can send an image example. The sidebar shopping cart receipt is positioned in the left hand blank space. The sidebar reciept's background is transparent and the gradient of the page shows around the text of the reciept. Also there should never be an image (other than the gradient background) behind the sidebar cart receipt.

The sidebar reciept is not displayed at all until the visitor is identified by their cookies, or has logged in, or has placed items in their cart. It will remain visible in the same location of every page that they visit until they check out or delete the items. If their name is unknown the "hello name" area is blank. Buttons at the bottom include Check-Out and View Details. On the view detail page they be able to remove items that they do not want. They will also be able to remove items later during checkout.

When a visitor is logged in, and items are add to their cart receipt it will automatically update their wish list. When they checkout it will clear the wish lists or else the next time the visitor logs in, the previous items will repopulate the side bar receipt. On the view details page there will also be a check out button, so the they can proceed directly there. And there will be a continue shopping button which returns them to the previous page.

14. Types of users

Visitor- will have access to to most features and can purchase products at retail pricing. They will not have to login to shop.

Registered User- these guest can sign up online, they will have cookies that identify them when visiting the site, they will have to log in with user name and password to make account changes, upload images, and edit blogs. They do not have to login to make purchases unless they do not have cookies it would simply make it easier because the shipping information would be filled in. They would always need to fill in the billing information, weather logged in or not. They can view past purchases, have a wish list, get discount pricing on certain items. While they surf the site we can display overlay suggesting, recommending discounts, specials items. While they are in the store viewing an item a sidebar on the right side could tell them that on date they purchased quantity of this item. If no purchase history it would display suggested items. Registered users will be able to upload images and may have access to special pages, that are not available to visitors.

Wholesale Buyers - These guest will login and have access to special products and pricing that are only available to them. They to will have full access to web site plus access to special pages that are not seen by other type users. Wholesale buyers are setup only in the admin and user name and access is emailed to them along with a welcome message and explanation of site features and use. Wholesale buyers will be shown the last 4 digits of the credit card on file and be able select that method of payment or add a new payment method. Admin can setup wholesale buyer on payment terms, if they have terms setup they can choose that option for payment. Purchases will be followed with email invoice which includes the terms of payment if applicable.

Habilidades: PHP, XML

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