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We have a website for photogifts. When a customer is ordering a product at our website they will have a preview (made with ImageMagick). Normally a customer is uploading their own photo, now we will have the image from a external photo-database (see the procedure below).

What we want is that we receive the image on our webserver so the customer can see a preview (for example in our puzzleframe). For your information I add a piece of the code we now use for uploading.

[url removed, login to view] Link Procedure - The steps of the process:


1.- User clicks on your product in a photoalbum at MijnAlbum

2.- User enters your site at the appropriate page

3.- User's currently viewed MijnAlbum-photo is sent in the background

through a HTML form-POST.


We will be focusing on item #3. Technical explanation is below.


When a user clicks on your product, the first thing we do is

open a popup-browserwindow that utilizes an automatic form-POST to

your server. We can submit this form to any script you want.

We send a few variables with the POST, the only important variables for

your company are:

- FotoGroot = URL, big format, original photo, min. 400x400 pixels

- FotoMidden = URL, medium format, min. 400x400 pixels, max. 500x480

- FotoKlein = URL, small format, always 90x90 pixels

You can fetch these photos in whatever format you like, whenever you

need them. So for example you can fetch the Medium size photos and

display them on your website, and you can fetch the Big size photos to

print the actual product.



- Photos are sent server-to-server, so the user hardly notices. Still

it's wise to only fetch Med/Sml photos when the user enters your site,

since it's much faster than fetching Big photos (which is still fast,

but still..).

- It's best to download Big photos only when producing the actual

product. They're highquality.

- Photos are NEVER deleted from our system, and all the keys are

unique. So all photo-URL's will remain intact 'forever'. You can

download the photos even 3 months later, even when our member has

already "deleted" the photos from their account!

- You should store the list of URL's in the users Session, or by

using cookies, so you don't need to re-fetch the photo(s) at every

pageview. Also, you should remember (session, cookies) that the user

came through [url removed, login to view], so you can display additional information.

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