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<title>Here is what I need</title>



<font face="Arial" size="2">Here is what I need:

One of my sites that I'm developing is called <B> <a href="" target="_blank">DimeLink</a>.<br>


</B>I need someone to take an existing <b>FREE</b> (or very inexpensive) link

directory PHP script and modify it as described below... <B><br>


</B>The premise of my site is to be an online link directory, but (rather similar to Google's AdWords), the link submitter gets placed according to how much he is willing to spend for advertising.



For example:

Joe, Bill and Ted all submit links to the site (all in the same category, for simplicity's sake)



Joe submits his link for 8 dimes a month ($.80)<br>

Bill submits his link for 27 dimes a month ($2.70)<br>

Ted submits his link for 2 dimes a month ($.20) <br>


The specific category listing would display as follows, based on the above:<br>


<font color="#FF0000"><b>Category</b></font><br>


<font color="#0000FF">Bill's link</font><br>


Bill's link information, description, etc.<br>


<font color="#0000FF">Joe's link</font><br>


Joe's link information, description, etc.<br>


<font color="#0000FF">Ted's link<br>


Ted's link information, description, etc.<br>


......and so on, and so on, and so on....<br>



The more the user spends, the higher they rank. However, anyone that comes along and bids/spends more per month for a link would get placed in the correct order.<br>


For example, John comes along and bids 22 dimes a month ($2.20), so he would then take over 2nd place, pushing Joe's link down to #3.<br>


Each time the user's subscription renews (not everyone is on the same day, obviously), they would need to either cancel their subscription, thereby removing their link completely, or bid again.



Joe, in this case, didn't like getting bumped by John last month, so he bids 30 dimes ($3.00) this time, and ends up in first position in the list.<br>


The default PayPal subscription must be at least 1 dime ($.10) per month. 

When the user logs into the site, they should have an "update bids" PayPal link. 

This will allow them to drop more dimes into their account, and thereby possibly

changing their placement in the list.  Obviously, this can be done with a

PayPal IPN.<br>


All 1-dime link submitters would go to the bottom of the list, obviously, and should probably be listed in alphabetical order. There should be no visual distinction between a 1-dime bidder and a 100-dime bidder, other than their placement order in the list.<br>



</b>if possible, I'd like to be able to display a "recommended" or "premier"

image/icon for anyone that bids over xxx dimes per month (unknown amount until I

see what kind of business comes in)<br>



</b>Most link directory scripts I've seen have a rating system.  It would

be nice for users to rate/review directory links.  They could earn rewards

of virtual dimes to their accounts by doing this, thereby increasing their

placement in the directory.  This would also have the benefit of

guaranteeing that links get clicked on, which would (hopefully) keep users

coming back!<br>



</b>I'm not 100% sure if I want to visually indicate how many dimes the user has

bid.  I'm guessing that would be a bad idea, but later on I might want if it can be easily implemented, let's talk.<br>



</b>I'm willing to use PayPal only for bids, but if I could also integrate

StormPay, eGold, etc as payment options, that would be nice, and hopefully bring

more business.<br>


<font color="#FF0000"><b>Disclaimer</b></font>:<br>

I can do this work myself.  However,  I just got handed a bunch of new

clients to do design work for, and don't have the time right now to mess with

it.  I do want to get this started right away, as I have already received

much interest in advertisers, but if I can't find someone to do this for the

right price, I'll just sit on it and probably repost later or do it myself. 

In other words <b>low</b>, and you're likely to get the job.<br>


Also, if you're a coder with little or no feedback on here, but can demonstrate

similar coding that you've successfully done, I will <b>definitely</b> consider

you.  Being that I just got my first project the other day, I appreciate

what it takes for someone to "take a chance" on you.  So, hot

low - new coders, bid anyway, but be prepared to demonstrate excellence. 

Don't think that because you don't have a gazillion feedbacks that you don't

have a chance.  I will choose the winning bidder based on 1) talent 2) cost

3) speed that order.<br>


I will do all the web design myself, including installing whatever links

directory script the winning bidder can most easily work with.  You will be

given any and all admin access to FTP/MySql that you need to get the project



Please note that, as a coder myself, I'm very apt to come up with a new idea and

perhaps change/scrap an existing one.  Nothing drastically different will

be done without prior written confirmation between both the coder and myself,

for protection and compliance with the TOS of this site.<br>


I have my preferences for link directory scripts, but I'd rather see what a

decent to hot coder could do with an existing one.  I do not want "fresh"

code, unless you're willing to include it for free.  There are so many

directory link scripts on the internet that I think, for simplicity, it would

just be easier to modify an existing one.<br>


The only firm requirement that I have is that the winning bidder be very

communicative with me.  I like to know where we stand at any given moment,

and will probably want to PM back and forth at least once/twice a day or more. 

I do not want someone that says "I'll do it", and then a week later, I finally

hear from them that it's done.<br>


Thank you for reading this, and may the best coder win!!!<br>


When bidding, please send all communications via PM.  Any "open-view" bids

will not be considered.  Also, include the words "Dodge Caravan" in your PM

so that I know you have read this in it's entirety.  If you don't, then I

know you don't care enough about the project to read the fine print, and you

will automatically remove yourself from the contenders.<br>


Thanks again!<br>






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