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one page website with MySQL SQL-file input

Job description:

We receive a SQL-file on a monthly basis. Each record in this SQLfile represent a tested (programmed) product. We estimate an annual production of 48.000 pcs. So each month a SQL file containing 4000 records must be processed. All the products have a unique barcode label.

When the product is tested for the first time and passes, the record set holding this unique barcode will be listed only once in the SQL-file. Each time the product is tested (again) a new record is added to the SQL-file.

All records listed in the monthly SQL-file will be stored in a temporary table in a MySQL database. The data must be examined and stored into another “permanent” table in the same database.

SQL-source data must be stored into table: H900_sql_log_table .

When the data is processed all unique data is stored into H900_data_store_table. The temporary data must now be erased. (table dropped)

A product can be tested more than once. In the H900_data_store_table only unique record sets must be stored. (the barcode must only be listed once). This must be achieved by adding an extra field in the H900_data_store_table. This field is called: ‘nr_of_times_tested’. Normally this field is ‘1’, but when for example the product is tested 3 times (so 3 record sets in the H900_sql_log_table) this field gets value ‘3’ The most recent production date and time of a tested product must be stored in the H900_data_store_table.

Example of record set in the SQL-file:

INSERT INTO `H900_log_table`

(`barcode`, `production_date`, `production_time`, `pass_fail`, `programming_time`, `H900_type`, `version_SW`, `version_HW`, `version_PARAM`, `PMI` )

VALUES ( 1130132356,'2007-06-07','11:47:55','F','25','H900_FP1','1.5','A','4','A' );


User must log on to a password secured (MD5) area

All functions and features are only accessible after a successful login.

In this secured area the admin can add / edit (new) users.

The following features must be implemented:

We want graphs: (for example J-Graph)

1) Produced units on a weekly basis

2) Average (weekly basis) programming time

3) In one graph: units programmed two times, three times, more times

All graphs must easily be printed.

There must be a “search bar” where the user can input a number (or a part of a number). The script will search in the H900_data_store_table, and will display all fields of the found record(s).

No fancy lay-out is needed for this website.

Important is planning. Must be within 4 days. Email once a day.

Habilidades: PHP

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