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Note: this is a very large project. AND I can pay the programmer on commissions generated by the site. If you are OK with this, have a good 2 months of free time, are online EVERYDAY, and an EXPERT in Php/Mysql, please read below!

If interested, please post your bid on how many you want to do this project, coming from commissions generated once the site is up and running.

Email marketing is becoming the mainstream way to advertise on the web. Even better is not many companies provide newsletter creation tools for people. We will be the first to offer all the simple and easy features below.

I need a PHP/Mysql programmer for my online service, online newsletter creation. The entire control panel and join/login pages, and admin need to be coded.

This is an online newsletter creation page where members can create newsletters, send them, create features such as a survey and feedback, view detailed stats many traits, create subscriber lists and subscriber forms.

You have total control over the pages, some are .php, some are .html, make sure all have the same extension at the end though. You may rename pages anyway you want, and change their locations, anything you want with that. I named pages the way they are now so you knew what they did.

The programmer needs to be familiar with the web html editor [url removed, login to view] AND the online graphing site of JPGraph [url removed, login to view], AND the 3rd party payment processor [url removed, login to view]

EVERY PAGE is done, they just need to be put to programming life!

The details:

There will be 2 join pages, located at:

[url removed, login to view] and

[url removed, login to view]

I will be using [url removed, login to view] for payment processing. Please be familiar with it.

Login for the members is on top of every page, as you can see on [url removed, login to view] as an example.

Admin section isn’t designed, but it doesn’t need to look good. I just need to login in to it, then view all of the members, with all of their info, with ability to delete their accounts or suspend them.

Now, for the control panel. It is divided into 5 sections. Please note you can change the name of every file, I encourage it.

The home page for the control panel is at [url removed, login to view] it contains 3 pages, top, side, and [url removed, login to view], side has the options, top has information, and [url removed, login to view] shows other stats and options. Note every page they go to in their CP will go into where the [url removed, login to view] frame is. The side and top frames always remain.

First section is the newsletter center, located at [url removed, login to view] Note that images wont show up because I moved the image folder “i” to get it out of the way for now. [url removed, login to view] is the newsletter manager. If no newsletters are made yet, it says “No newsletters created”, same with welcome notes. If newsletters are made, their options are to view each newsletter with [url removed, login to view], send goes to the second send page in the delivery center, with that newsletter they chose already selected, so the first delivery page isn’t need to go through: [url removed, login to view]

Edit goes to the page where they input the actual data into the newsletter, stats goes to that particular newsletter’s stat page, copy goes to [url removed, login to view], and delete goes to a popup confirm msgbox.

To create a new newsletter, they go to [url removed, login to view] where they can pick what they want to do. The only page not up here is the template page, they will be made soon. Depending on which they choose, they go to the corresponding page, which are all located in [url removed, login to view] Note, I need to have [url removed, login to view] html editor put on these pages, right now they have an error. On [url removed, login to view] we need to find a way to transfer just the text from the html box to the text box below. And wherever there is a for example, we substitute a return space for it in the text box

On the bottom of every newsletter created before, we will insert a unsubscribe list that the member can not remove. It will include our logo and some text I will add in later, and a link. This link is special to each subscriber who gets the newsletter, and if they click it, they go to a page asking if they are unsure they want to unsubscribe. If they choose yes, they are removed and put on the ubsub list, discussed under subscriber center.

Next is the delivery center pages at [url removed, login to view] Delivery manager is at [url removed, login to view]

This manager page shows sent newsletters, currently sending newsletters (which is updated on that page every few seconds) and scheduled newsletters that will be sent in the future. Our members can view each of these newsletters, delete the newsletter from showing on that delivery manage page (not to be confused from actually deleting the newsletter), and viewing stats on that particular newsletter. For currently sending newsletters, they can view how far along that newsletter is in being sent, and its estimated time of being completed. Cancel will ask a confirmation msgbox popup if they are sure they want to cancel the scheduled newsletter from being sent.

And they may either send a newsletter now, or schedule a newsletter to be sent in the future, as you can see the pages in the delivery center folder.

The sending of the newsletters is vital. It is the most important aspect of our service. We need to make sure each newsletter is sent out to each subscriber our member wants to. We will most likely need throttling, sending only a certain amount per house, as not to clog my host’s mail servers.

Next is the subscriber center, pages located at [url removed, login to view]

You have the sub manager at [url removed, login to view] where the member can view their lists, and their options they can do. View goes to the [url removed, login to view], add goes to [url removed, login to view], then goes to the next add page depending on how they want to add members, edit goes to the first newsub page where they can rename it, stats goes to that sub list’s stat page, export goes to [url removed, login to view], and delete asks a popup, to confirm deletion, or not. Master unsub list shows all the members who have unsubscbied themselves. They are removed from all lists, and are not allowed to be added to any sub list for now on. When they view their sub list, they go to [url removed, login to view] you’ll see each email addy, whether they single or double opt-in, if they are active, and the date they were added. Opt-in single or double means if they were added manually or used the subscriber form box the member made to subscriber. Double means the subscriber used the subscriber form box, that the member set to double-opt-in before being added.

Added just means how they were added to the list, manually, by a list, by a database, or by a subscriber form box. Now a subscriber can be active or inactive depending on what the member wants. This is a way that the member can select to disable a subscriber for a moment without having to delete them. Inactive members don’t receive newsletters. Each member will have an edit page (not made), that yourself can easily make showing each members information, their active status, ability for member to activate/deactivate that member, how many times that member has received a newsletters, what they are subscribed to, and their personal current stats, what they opened, what they clicked, and if they ever bounced. The member can also edit all of their information if they choose to.

They can delete all subscriber selects, search by email address, or anything email containing particular phrases, show all subscribers in that list, search by field, which will be a small popup that the programmer will make, it will have them select drop a dropdown a particular custom field (first name, last name, city, etc..), then a text box where they type in what they want to search for, and it will return back on the sub list only those that have that correct field. Member can also search members who joined the lists on a particular date. They can save all checked to another completely different sub list, or export it into a file, where they are redirected to [url removed, login to view], where they can download an excel file for it that we generate, or a text file.

Members can also make a subscriber form for which they can place on their websites in order to gain subscribers. The subscriber form manager is at [url removed, login to view] they can view the html for each form by going to [url removed, login to view], edit goes to the first [url removed, login to view] create sub form page, with that sub forms information already loaded in.

To create a brand new subscriber form, they go to [url removed, login to view], then proceed already to [url removed, login to view]

The 4th section is the statistics center. This is where the expertise in JPGraph will be needed. Here all stats will be record on newsletter, subscribers, sub lists, link click thoughts, soft/hard bounces, feedbacks, and surveys. All pages are marked accordingly.

The last section is the features center. This is where they can create feedback questions, surveys questions, image manager, and achieved newsletters manager. They use the image manager to store graphics they might want to use in their newsletter. We host it for them to make it easier for them. Achieved newsletter manager keeps track of all newsletters sent and adds them to this page. This is so they can show their subscribers a document of all their newsletters in case they missed one. Each newsletter listed will be a link to that newsletter they can read once clicked. They can edit their archived newsletter page, download each newsletter, or delete each newsletter from showing up on their achieved newsletter page.


What we need to figure out is a way to input our small email gathering box into a member’s larger form. For example, say a member of ours already has a form on their site to use for their own use. Now they want to put in a little subsriber form inside this form. Thus we need to find a way to have that newsletter signup form go to us, while the rest of their information goes to our member’s form, all while being in the same big form.

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