PHP/MySQL Script Required

[url removed, login to view] Script Required.

[url removed, login to view] is a Personal Chef business that cooks healthy meals inside a client’s home and conducts nutritional consulting. DiningCents requires a script that will allow clients to login, view, rate and comment about the week’s custom meals/recipes. Clients can also monitor BMI (Body Mass Index).

Login Section

1. Basic login script required, user fills out a registration form, selects a username and password. The registration form should have the following information:

Name, Address, Username, Password, height, weight, Food Allergies (text box), Foods disliked (text box). Forgot password script. Each user connects to his or her personal dynamic page.

Here is how it should work from a client stand point.

1. Client visits [url removed, login to view] and logins in with his/her username and password and is directed to his/her specific client page.

2. The following information should be present on this client’s page:

A. This weeks menus (for this client only, other clients have different menu’s)

B. Past week’s menus for this client sorted by date or week title

C. The client will be able to rate each meal item on scale of 1 to 5 and be able to comment about each one, the client can only rate a menu item that was assigned to him or her. All comments should appear below the menu item. The site administrator should be able to reply to any comments. All comments will appear below menu item.

C. Top ten rated meals rated from all clients will be shown on all client pages “DiningCents top ten menu items”.

D. Top ten rated meals from client only will also be shown on this page. “{Clients name}” top ten favorite menu items”

E. Menu item index from all clients, this will allows clients to see all menu items prepared by DiningCents and read all comments.

F. Height and Weight information from registration date, also have a table that lets the user track the weight loss. The client should have a small form to add additional dates and weight information to table: (example)

Date Weight Height BMI Dining Cents Comments

April 4, 2001 (time at registration) 164.5 pounds 5’ 9” “Have built in script to automatically fill in this field. Words of encouragement go here

September 4, 2001 155.0 pounds 5’9” You lost some weight, great job

You have lost 9.5 pounds in 6 months

G. It would be nice to allow the administrator to add additional fields or categories from the administrator section. Cat1=height Cat2=Weight Cat3=another category ETC. ETC.

H. The foods disliked, and Food Allergies should also be shown on client’s page with the ability to allow the client to update and add to the information.

I. Give the user the ability to update any personal information

Administrators Page.

1. The administrator logs in on the home page using the same login box as the client.

2. Here are the features and functions of the admin site:

A. Add a client, Delete a client

B. Add new menu item recipe for the week link (form is displayed) menu title, basic ingredient, menu description, check boxes at bottom of form to designate what clients get this meal for the week. (client should be able to search menu/recipes by ingredient and or menu description).

C. Delete a menu item

D. Be able to search past menus or look at the index of past menus and add those meals to the current week for any client.

E. Search form by date, menu, or week that shows menu rating, and user comments.

F. Link that shows all menu item items rating and comments.

G. Need the ability to respond to comments for each client.

H. Need ability to edit user comments.

I. View each clients information Name, Address, Username, Password, height, weight, Food Allergies, Foods disliked, weight lost in X period of time, etc.

J. Add up to 10 additional categories as per item ‘G’. And give the client the ability to enter the information when logged in.

You should understand what I am looking for; you may find a better way of doing something that differs from the above specifications, that is ok.

I have already done some coding which you may decide to scarp and start all over. You can find that link here [url removed, login to view]

Thank you,

Kevin Krieger

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