User system, order form and payments.

What i need to be writen will require HTML, PHP, Mysql and/or javastript.

I believe i need three items being coded which i will list below

Firstly, a client/user log in system:

The system i am after will be like most systems on any website where they need an account in order to place an order. They must enter required fields like most websites;






-Position at company

-An option to either enter and save their payment details or just pay later on.

On their accounts page they need to be able to edit/update their profile page and then view a order form.

Item number two is the order form:

On a page which is viewable by anyone visiting the site their will be a single form which will be sort of like a toy. The person is able to click different radio buttons on different rows to be able to select what they are wanting to upload and to see a price for it. The price is viewable at the bottom of the page and it will change dynamically depending on what they have selected from the radio buttons.

Next to the bottom of the form where the price is, there will be a button which directs them to sign up so they are able to actually upload and get the service we are providing.

2.5 - a tab on their user/client page that will say: Order

this form will be a more condense version of the form above but instead of taking up the entire page it will have 10 rows. Only the first row is viewable which will have 4 columns. Look something like this below

type pages duration price



on the first row you are able to have all the options from a drop down menu, like a said a condense version of the toy form above. under the first row there will be a + sign that when click will add another row below the first and then the + sign will move down. It will have a maximum length of 10.

At the very bottom of the form will be an end total amount and then a pay/purchase button.

Payment page 3 :

after clicking the button you will be directed to a page where you are able to view your previously entered payment options if you entered them already or you can enter the payment option here and either save or just use once.

Once paid an invoice will be sent to the clients email so they are aware they have purchased it with all the details required of a invoice.

Once they have paid they will be redirected to the same form page but it will be text based that they cannot edit with "upload" buttons next to everything they previously bought. From here they will submit documents which will then be emails to us so we are able to work on them. There will need to be a progress bar on what they have submitted so they are aware if we are working on their documents.

Extra notes/unsure how to put this -

*After they pay or while they pay they will need to upload documents to us either by email or saved onto the hosting server. I'm unsure whether they will have to pay and then submit to us or they are able to submit on the same form mentioned above but do not send/upload until payment has been processed.

*Certain pages like when they are signing in, payments and signed in all need to be on a secure html page so it keeps all their information secure.

*An Mysql will need to be set up so i'm able to store all the users information and any other information.

* unsure what else will be needed but i've drawn some images up and have a rough idea on what i need to be coded but some things are harder word when you don't know exactly how to code it.

*any information would be great.

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