Private auction for Shahbaz Ahmad Khan (from Zenmarc) on 12/29/2009 4:27:10 PM

same project as the folowing <[url removed, login to view]>

and as per our discution that his shown below

As I am not a pro this discution will make more importance in the way the project should be than any other info I may write in the bid.

Lets agree that the fololowing is the heart of my website requisition

## Deliverables

Here is the project I want as per our discution

This is what i need and the base I will use for defining my project in regard of the result that should be deliver

[2009-12-21 18:28:56] zenmarc: Hello,

As per I understood , project flow should be as follow:

Website name is: [[url removed, login to view]][1]. It will have information about what this website do, who we are, what is the purpose, etc etc. There will be few pages containing information and text on those pages can be edited by administrator side.

Now let me explain what is administrator side - there is client side which can visit everyone that opens the website. But there is one URL like [[url removed, login to view]][2]? ? or something like that, and credentials by which admin can enter into administrator side and can perform some actions like change text of the site, edit/delete/deactivate member profile etc. It means only admin can do some actions which should be confendial. I hope you are getting me so far.

There will be contact us form on the website through which visitor can ask more information. Details of that visitor like email address, contact number etc will be mailed to you as well it will show on the administrator side.? Now there are two options: either we can have formated predefine mail (which can be also edited from administrator), mail should be sent directly whoever tried to contact you for the more info. Or you can send them manually or you can have one button on admin side , say "send mail". So you can send that pregenerated to mail to that visitor only if you want.

We will have one page on our website which will contain information about what we offer and there will be one button at the end say "JOIN NETWORK", by clicking on which verification mail should be send on given address. Upon checking verified email, user can join our network by paying fees through paypal. That fee will be decided by administrator, it can be also edited later.

Now paid member will have URL like [[url removed, login to view]][3], on this URL all information will of himself. Now please clerify one thing, will it have single page, or it will act as seperate website containing different different links like about himself, what he does, where he will be available etc. getting my point?

One more thing is, every member has to pay every month to keep his profile active. If he is not paying, AUTOMATICALLY mail will be sent after 3 days, and even if he is not paying the profile will be deactivated AUTOMATICALLY, please note it wont be deleted, it will be deactivated, which can be activated anytime if he decides to continue later.

Please confirm that I am on right tract for understanding of this project.

[2009-12-21 19:04:19] *** Appel terminé ***

[2009-12-26 16:23:21] shebkhan: hi.

[2009-12-28 15:03:55] zenmarc: HELLO

[2009-12-28 15:04:29] zenmarc: have you had time to prepare what you told me last time?

[2009-12-28 15:09:18] shebkhan: hi.

[2009-12-28 15:11:11] zenmarc: hi

[2009-12-28 15:11:45] shebkhan: i worked on some theme.

[2009-12-28 15:11:50] shebkhan: havent uploaded it yet.

[2009-12-28 15:12:03] shebkhan: two questions i need to ask.

[2009-12-28 15:12:06] zenmarc: ok

[2009-12-28 15:13:24] shebkhan: one is when you are on an author and if you would like to navigate to some other pages.

[2009-12-28 15:13:34] shebkhan: would you need the same author on that page as well?.

[2009-12-28 15:13:54] shebkhan: by author i mean your client, i.e the company

[2009-12-28 15:14:48] zenmarc: I dont realy understand your question

[2009-12-28 15:15:01] shebkhan: hold on let me give you an example/

[2009-12-28 15:16:13] shebkhan: can we do voice chat.

[2009-12-28 15:17:32] shebkhan: in your site you have?

# 10 Questions to ask

# 4 rip offs tactics

# Six misconceptions

# 7 mistakes

[2009-12-28 15:17:44] shebkhan: see on all of these pages you have your pic and company info on right side.

[2009-12-28 15:18:08] shebkhan: the you want now will be of multiple companies.

[2009-12-28 15:18:33] shebkhan: what info would you like on right other then the actual company page.

[2009-12-28 15:18:46] shebkhan: do you understand what i mean.

[2009-12-28 15:19:45] zenmarc: Do you mean that one page will have my customer info and the other page will not be customised

[2009-12-28 15:20:54] shebkhan: can we do voice chat.

[2009-12-28 15:21:12] shebkhan: see your company page will be [url removed, login to view]

[2009-12-28 15:21:22] shebkhan: your other pages will be [url removed, login to view]

[2009-12-28 15:21:36] shebkhan: do you still need the same company1 data to be there as well?.

[2009-12-28 15:22:45] zenmarc: i am trying to connet my mic but does not work

[2009-12-28 15:22:56] zenmarc: I will have to configure the thing

[2009-12-28 15:23:05] shebkhan: k

[2009-12-28 15:28:38] zenmarc: look, let say I am a customer and I bought a web site I want it to be like [url removed, login to view] I want it to reflect who I am and what I have to offer and it has to be customised for me. so in my mind I want my cosomer to have his own website and made for him like if he call you and ask you to builkd him a website. Now the difference is I want all customers to have the same model and look to get something uniformised. It is a mater of geting a powerfull image of a company offering a complete standardised service. Like a franchise as their own look and the franchisee as his own info into this site

[2009-12-28 15:29:57] zenmarc: the thing is if it was to be easy I would build each and everyone a website with their own domain name but this would take to much time to provide the website fast and easyly

[2009-12-28 15:30:49] zenmarc: It need to be automatised so I dont have to register a name, point the dns, upload the site, customise the site and so on

[2009-12-28 15:31:30] shebkhan: see, dns pointing will be required unless you dont want to go for a full domain name

[2009-12-28 15:32:03] shebkhan: if you buy a new domain from your hosting then they will point the dns to your hosting else you have to put the entries manually.

[2009-12-28 15:32:13] shebkhan: coz there is no way for automizing that.

[2009-12-28 15:32:28] zenmarc: that is exacly what i mean

[2009-12-28 15:32:52] zenmarc: so the challenge here is to get the same effect without the hard work

[2009-12-28 15:34:02] shebkhan: see i can gurantee you that? you will not put more then 20 mins on a site.

[2009-12-28 15:34:14] shebkhan: it will be ready.

[2009-12-28 15:34:25] shebkhan: it will be a matter of clicks.

[2009-12-28 15:36:16] zenmarc: ok for 10 customers it mean 3.33 hours for 100 it means 33 hours and for 1000 330hour not including breaks, eating sleeping and doing the job and doing my own job. see the picture

[2009-12-28 15:36:40] shebkhan: see you have to put the data.

[2009-12-28 15:36:54] shebkhan: you need to put the company profile for your self how this can be automated?>

[2009-12-28 15:37:21] shebkhan: initially you wont have 1000 sites do you?.

[2009-12-28 15:37:51] zenmarc: no because I have already got the same with a compani offering some kind o MLM marketing opportunity

[2009-12-28 15:38:40] zenmarc: not initially but down the road I hope more than a few peoples will be interested or it does not worth doing this project

[2009-12-28 15:38:54] shebkhan: ok.

[2009-12-28 15:39:09] shebkhan: see whatecer solution i willl give yoiu will reqruire some dataentry

[2009-12-28 15:39:57] zenmarc: I realy dont know how to do this and i had the experimentation on the other side of the project

[2009-12-28 15:40:07] zenmarc: I was interested in the offer

[2009-12-28 15:40:12] zenmarc: then I paid

[2009-12-28 15:40:40] zenmarc: then i was redirected to a page wher I was asked to enter my info in some fields

[2009-12-28 15:40:56] zenmarc: my name , adress , tel and so on

[2009-12-28 15:41:12] zenmarc: then a minute later, no more

[2009-12-28 15:41:31] zenmarc: a brand new website with all my info was there and ready to use

[2009-12-28 15:42:06] zenmarc: It is evident that no human intervention were involvede to get this within a few minutes

[2009-12-28 15:42:51] zenmarc: and it was something like [url removed, login to view]

[2009-12-28 15:43:23] zenmarc: or [url removed, login to view]

[2009-12-28 15:43:28] zenmarc: see what i mean

[2009-12-28 15:46:27] shebkhan: k

[2009-12-28 15:51:58 | Modifié (15:52:26)] zenmarc: go see this page and you will get a feel of what I am looking for

[2009-12-28 15:52:34] zenmarc: <[url removed, login to view]>

[2009-12-28 15:55:10] shebkhan: do you have any idea what kind of form that they ask you about.

[2009-12-28 15:55:17] shebkhan: aftter payment.

[2009-12-28 15:56:17] zenmarc:? no but here is the place whare all website are <[url removed, login to view]>

[2009-12-28 15:57:06] shebkhan: it is only 2 pages site.

[2009-12-28 15:57:29] zenmarc: maybe,

[2009-12-28 15:57:30] shebkhan: there is nothing in it.

[2009-12-28 15:58:49] zenmarc: look at hese website made with the same patern I am looking for

[2009-12-28 15:58:56] zenmarc: [[url removed, login to view]][4]

[2009-12-28 15:59:17] zenmarc: [[url removed, login to view]][5]

[2009-12-28 15:59:20] zenmarc: [url removed, login to view]

[2009-12-28 15:59:46] zenmarc: [[url removed, login to view]][6]

[2009-12-28 16:00:29] zenmarc: see this is exacly what I am looking for

[2009-12-28 16:00:31] shebkhan: no see the diffrence

[2009-12-28 16:00:41] shebkhan: the first website is of 4 pages.

[2009-12-28 16:00:49] shebkhan: the second one is of 8 pages.

[2009-12-28 16:00:54] shebkhan: who will put the content in it?.

[2009-12-28 16:01:13] zenmarc: yes and in my case I want all to get the same content

[2009-12-28 16:01:50] shebkhan: but how will you differ when some oen need 4 pages

[2009-12-28 16:01:54] shebkhan: and other needs 8 pages.

[2009-12-28 16:02:05] shebkhan: will there be always the same number? of pages for all of your users?>

[2009-12-28 16:02:50] zenmarc: they will not need and they will not have any choice I am the one who knows what they need and it is to ltake as is

[2009-12-28 16:03:24] shebkhan: ok so let us summarize this so you will know what i understand.

[2009-12-28 16:03:45] zenmarc: take a look a the following 2 website

[2009-12-28 16:03:50] zenmarc: <[url removed, login to view]>

[2009-12-28 16:03:52] zenmarc: <[url removed, login to view]>

[2009-12-28 16:04:18] zenmarc: they both start with Here at Houseproud Cleaning Service we specialize in custom deep-cleaning. We are Wigan and Bolton's most professional and reliable house and office cleaning service.

[2009-12-28 16:04:35] shebkhan: they both have the same content.

[2009-12-28 16:04:38] shebkhan: i saw that.

[2009-12-28 16:04:55] zenmarc: but the difference is one is Here at Houseproud Cleaning Serviceand? Here at Pristine Cleaning Company

[2009-12-28 16:05:05] shebkhan: yes company name is dynamic.

[2009-12-28 16:06:12] shebkhan: let me show you something i have done something similiar to this before

[2009-12-28 16:06:16] shebkhan: hold on please

[2009-12-28 16:07:39] zenmarc: look, I have to go and' take the time to figure out if it is something you can do for me in the same patern and I will be back later or tomorow so we can continue this

[2009-12-28 16:08:07] zenmarc: leave the info here and I will read you later

[2009-12-28 16:08:09] shebkhan: <[url removed, login to view]>

[2009-12-28 16:08:16] shebkhan: just 5 mins.

[2009-12-28 16:08:19] shebkhan: or may 2.

[2009-12-28 16:08:27] zenmarc: ok

[2009-12-28 16:08:30] shebkhan: go on this website please

[2009-12-28 16:08:56] shebkhan: <[url removed, login to view]>

[2009-12-28 16:09:07] zenmarc: i am there

[2009-12-28 16:09:11] shebkhan: <[url removed, login to view]>

[2009-12-28 16:09:22] shebkhan: see the content is same but city name is diffrent for each page.

[2009-12-28 16:09:34] shebkhan: <[url removed, login to view]>

[2009-12-28 16:09:43] shebkhan: that will be same in your case and i can do that.

[2009-12-28 16:09:48] shebkhan: [url removed, login to view]

[2009-12-28 16:10:08] shebkhan: when you post some text it will be updated in each of your client page.s

[2009-12-28 16:11:15] zenmarc: it is exacly the same as the example I gave you

[2009-12-28 16:11:43] shebkhan: yes

[2009-12-28 16:11:44] zenmarc: and what kind o human intervention does it need for this

[2009-12-28 16:11:51] shebkhan: that i can do.

[2009-12-28 16:11:55] shebkhan: no they are fixed pages.

[2009-12-28 16:12:06] shebkhan: in your case you need to have new websites every day,

[2009-12-28 16:12:12] shebkhan: it wont ask you too much data.

[2009-12-28 16:12:24] shebkhan: see mostly your customer will fill for example in order form

[2009-12-28 16:12:45] shebkhan: they put there contact info and business info and after payment they will have there website ready.

[2009-12-28 16:13:39] zenmarc: This is exacly what i need

[2009-12-28 16:14:35] zenmarc: It has to be exacly as this site

[2009-12-28 16:16:07] zenmarc: and I want peoples that by the website to be able to put only their inf and the site is up and runing plus it uprade the list of : Atlanta Locksmith USA Mobile service for the following areas of Georgia:

[2009-12-28 16:16:47] shebkhan: yes you will have a list of websites updated as well.

[2009-12-28 16:16:52] zenmarc: in my case? carpet cleaner for the following your area

[2009-12-28 16:17:13] shebkhan: yes and we can put some seach + map.

[2009-12-28 16:17:19] shebkhan: + some zipcode search if you need.

[2009-12-28 16:17:41] shebkhan: like find carpet cleaner in 10 miles, 40 miles of your zipcode.

[2009-12-28 16:21:23] zenmarc: ok did you make these site or you where aware of it

[2009-12-28 16:21:40] shebkhan: yes i made those on rac.

[2009-12-28 16:21:45] zenmarc: <[url removed, login to view]>

[2009-12-28 16:22:09] zenmarc: <[url removed, login to view]>

[2009-12-28 16:23:46] shebkhan: nice sites.

[2009-12-28 16:23:49] zenmarc: My project I was talking about is the same as the wesite made by this <[url removed, login to view]>

[2009-12-28 16:24:26] shebkhan: yes actually this is my clients website

[2009-12-28 16:24:29] shebkhan: i work for them.

[2009-12-28 16:24:39] shebkhan: Micheal Walker is his name.

[2009-12-28 16:25:56] shebkhan: so when you wish to start this

[2009-12-28 16:27:37] zenmarc: ok you mean you can do exaly the same, I mean exacly the same for my carpet cleaning project am I right

[2009-12-28 16:27:48] shebkhan: yup

[2009-12-28 16:27:48] zenmarc: and all automated am I right

[2009-12-28 16:28:03] shebkhan: yes customer fills in and they get the sitge.

[2009-12-28 16:28:05] shebkhan: site

[2009-12-28 16:28:16] shebkhan: you post any content it get posted in all of your users website

[2009-12-28 16:28:25] shebkhan: with there names replaced.

[2009-12-28 16:28:29] zenmarc: and all automatic update for new area available

[2009-12-28 16:28:41] zenmarc: section

[2009-12-28 16:29:14] shebkhan: yes if you post one page it will be updated in all the company site.

[2009-12-28 16:29:22] zenmarc: and I see the map with clicable

[2009-12-28 16:30:11] zenmarc: like newman city where you can clic for getting on his website

[2009-12-28 16:31:09] shebkhan: WE can use google map to populate your clients location.

[2009-12-28 16:31:39] zenmarc: you see I will not be in competiotion with the persons and they willl not cover the same area so what is thew most important is that when a visitor come to the site he stay there because he know he will get a realable and standart service

[2009-12-28 16:31:57] zenmarc: anyways this is what i feel looking at htese websites

[2009-12-28 16:34:17] shebkhan: they will be put as marker whenever a clients click on it they will be

[2009-12-28 16:34:53] shebkhan: ok.

[2009-12-28 16:35:03] shebkhan: are you there.

[2009-12-28 16:35:34] zenmarc: yes

[2009-12-28 16:35:43] shebkhan: ok.

[2009-12-28 16:36:20] shebkhan: so $800 3 weeks, is that ok.

[2009-12-28 16:38:17] zenmarc: we talk about 700$ last time but If you can do everythimg that i saw on this website and that it can be automated as per our discution I think it is fair

[2009-12-28 16:38:37] shebkhan: well ok.

[2009-12-28 16:38:51] shebkhan: you have gave me very much time

[2009-12-28 16:38:58] shebkhan: and i dont want to argue for $100.

[2009-12-28 16:39:13] shebkhan: but can you do me one favour.

[2009-12-28 16:39:41] zenmarc: The only thing I can not accept the bid right now because I dont have all the money avalable on my credit card. But it is a mater of a few day

[2009-12-28 16:39:54] shebkhan: ok.

[2009-12-28 16:39:54] zenmarc: ask

[2009-12-28 16:40:02] shebkhan: [2009-12-28 16:40:13] shebkhan: i[2009-12-28 16:40:25] zenmarc: yes i can

[2009-12-28 16:40:30] shebkhan: ok.

[2009-12-28 16:40:45] shebkhan: ill give you the url you can click on that to post me a project

[2009-12-28 16:40:46] shebkhan: hold on

[2009-12-28 16:41:00] zenmarc: [2009-12-28 16:41:15] shebkhan: <[url removed, login to view]>


[2009-12-28 16:42:10] zenmarc: so we have a deal

[2009-12-28 16:42:15] shebkhan: yup.

[2009-12-28 16:42:30] shebkhan: which payment gateway you would like to use?.

[2009-12-28 16:42:32] shebkhan: paypal?.

[2009-12-28 16:42:38] shebkhan: for client.

[2009-12-28 16:42:45] zenmarc: I will be back to place the private bid for you

[2009-12-28 16:42:52] zenmarc: paypal is good

[2009-12-28 16:42:56] shebkhan: ok.

[2009-12-28 16:43:11] zenmarc: now let me go because I will be late.

[2009-12-28 16:43:18] shebkhan: so we will start this from tomorrow.

[2009-12-28 16:43:20] shebkhan: yes sure.

[2009-12-28 16:43:22] shebkhan: take care.

[2009-12-28 16:43:37] zenmarc: I will be back to finalise everything and I will let you know the procees

[2009-12-28 16:43:40] zenmarc: bye

[2009-12-28 16:43:45] zenmarc: and thanks

[2009-12-28 16:43:52] shebkhan: u too

[2009-12-28 16:43:53] shebkhan: bye

[12:16:35] shebkhan: hi

[16:27:38] zenmarc: hello

[16:28:02] shebkhan: hi.

[16:28:14] zenmarc: how are you today

[16:28:46] shebkhan: i am doin good,

[16:28:48] shebkhan: how are you.

[16:29:05] zenmarc: Let's move on this project and let me ask you a few things

[16:29:12] zenmarc: good for my self

[16:29:44] shebkhan: yes

[16:29:51] zenmarc: 1) I dont have all the money avalable on my credit card so here is my sugestions

[16:30:55] zenmarc: I post the special offer dircly to you as you asked and we go for what is avalabn? le on my credit card being 300$ and in a few days I post a new offer for you for the difference

[16:31:19] zenmarc: I this case you can startthe job and be garantee for the amount in escrow

[16:31:22] shebkhan: ok thats fine.

[16:31:50] zenmarc: and then in a few day maby around the 4 of january you accept the other bid but for the same project

[16:32:06] shebkhan: ok

[16:32:10] shebkhan: np in this.

[16:32:15] zenmarc: if it is good for you i will do this right now

[16:32:23] zenmarc: Now other question

[16:33:16] shebkhan: yes

[16:33:18] shebkhan: you can do it now.

[16:35:07] zenmarc: as it happens in the past, I was not able to find the person who build the websit and was not able to reinstall after a major problem. I will need all the instruction for reinstalling the websit after any kind of problem in case you are not there anymore. Of course I am not the specialist an would prefer that you stay around for any type of proble in the future but I have to secure my project

[16:35:47] zenmarc: And it has to be the easiest possible

[16:36:02] zenmarc: you can do this for me

[16:36:22] shebkhan: see ill tell you basic instructions how to migrate this site.

[16:36:25] shebkhan: its not a big deal.

[16:36:45] zenmarc: ok and how to back up and save info and data base

[16:37:18] shebkhan: yes ill tell you its not that hard.

[16:40:50] zenmarc: ok

[16:40:59] zenmarc: I am in RAC doing the bid

[16:41:06] shebkhan: ok.

[16:41:55] zenmarc: And the other question is what cms or base will you use to build the project and what kind of admin will I have to use for this

[16:42:27] shebkhan: well first i was planning to use wordpress.

[16:42:32] shebkhan: now i will made my own

[16:42:44] shebkhan: this is because your requirments are very much custom.

[16:48:06] zenmarc: and to what other cms can it be compared

[16:49:14] shebkhan: see this cms will be purely of your need.

[16:49:19] shebkhan: you cannot compare it with some other cms.

[16:49:45] shebkhan: it will have a editor where you can post the pages for all of your client.

[16:49:56] zenmarc: ok as long as it is somekind of standard feature and friendly user

[16:50:06] shebkhan: yes it will be dont worry./

[16:51:58] zenmarc: also regarding desing I need it to be sobre, not to much flash and animation. Plain desing as on the <[url removed, login to view]>

[16:52:38] shebkhan: but dont you want your own design to be use?.

[16:53:07] zenmarc: simple as the <[url removed, login to view]> will make me realy happy

[16:53:23] zenmarc: no picture of the person same as <[url removed, login to view]>

[16:53:37] zenmarc: it should make it easier for you


[16:54:29] zenmarc: Look I am completely amazed with this project you showed me and this is exacly wht I had in mind

[16:54:51] shebkhan: see this design please.

[16:54:52] zenmarc: so forget about my website, only the content will be to use

[16:55:44] shebkhan: ok.

[16:56:58] zenmarc: see if you know how to do this <[url removed, login to view]> and you provide me exacly the same features and workiong the same way, no need to reinvent the wheel. do the same and I will be happy

[16:57:17] shebkhan: ok.

[16:57:27] shebkhan: i will use exactly the same.

[16:57:36] zenmarc: good

[16:58:26] shebkhan: so please let me know when you had open the project.

[16:58:45] zenmarc: almost finished

[16:58:58] zenmarc: it is long to fill all these field

[16:59:47] shebkhan: yeah.

[16:59:52] zenmarc: done

[16:59:52] shebkhan: irrelevant

[17:00:43] shebkhan: ok.

[17:06:54] zenmarc: have to go I will be back later

[17:07:17] shebkhan: ok.

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