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Behavior Modification Project

a) Choose a behavior to modify (to either increase, decrease, or both) and using techniques utilized in this course, plan, execute, and summarize in written form, a behavior modification project. Because this is a research project, your paper should describe your plan in enough detail so that a third party could replicate it!!! Please explain your process using "behavior modification" terms and procedures. Please speak to this instructor if you have questions about a behavior choice, but realize that this choice may certainly be made without this instructor’s approval. NO animals or self-administered (you are the client) behavior modification plans will be accepted! The total behavior modification effort (from baseline observation to application of the intervention) MUST run at least 10 days (minimum of 7 days of intervention!) (Exceptions MUST be approved by the instructor!).

b) As a MINIMUM, you will need to include in your project/paper (remember, each of these sections has a point value, so if it is not completed you will NOT be awarded those points!):

Abstract-short summary of what your BMod effort was

Target Behavior Definition - clearly defined, observable, measurable (changing a behavior & NOT training skills)

Functional Assessment - why client is doing behavior & reinforcement for doing behavior (ABC relationship!!!)

Demographics of the client(s), as pertinent to your intervention (use first names only of client’s & MUST include what is your relationship to this client [Include what is your specific access to this client!!])

Observation and Recording System used - must include ALL raw data collection sheets used and at least one graph to show BMod progress in the appendix (ALL the originals with SPECIFIC dates data was recorded used!!)

Description of Baseline Information

Description of Research Design chosen and rationale for choice (AB, ABACAD, etc. and why selected?)

Description of Intervention plan- State exactly what was your implementation process was and how you specifically assessed that process (DETAILED enough so the reader could replicate your research)! NOTE: Make SURE the reader understands EXACTLY what YOUR ROLE is in the BMod plan, along with anyone else that may be assisting with this plan (observer, planner, trainer, etc.).

Rationale for why selected THIS Intervention plan (not why the client needs an intervention and TWO references MUST be cited here!)

Results - include data of the baseline and intervention results, and a verbal description of your “specific” results (hard facts comparing baseline to intervention data--what happened using a mathematical analysis of your data!)

Discussion - How do you think your project turn out? Are you satisfied with results? Was your project a success to you? Any mistakes you made? What would you do differently next time? Different intervention that might have worked better? What is your SPECIFIC plan for maintenance and generalization of this behavior (MUST read in Chapter 12 to learn what to put here!!)(even if the behavior is not changed as desired, you still need plans for once the desired behavior is achieved!)? What did YOU LEARN about doing a Bmod project (BE SPECIFIC & not TOO SHORT on your comments here either!!!)???

ALL papers will contain as a MINIMUM a title page, abstract page, introduction section, method section, results section, reference page (MUST have at least 6 references used in the paper and cited on the reference page!), actual data collection sheets used, and a chart detailing both baseline and intervention progress. ALL papers will must be double-spaced and use 12-point font size. The paper should be stapled in the top left corner only (do NOT put the project in a folder!). Every page (even attachments) MUST have the APA page header and page number on it!

d) The goal of this project is to APPLY what you have learned from this course, assessing pedagogy and critical thinking in a field application.

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Below is my proposal: 1. Behavior to modify: shyness (to decrease it) 2. Methods: reward chart, positive reinforcement, structured schedule 3. Demographics: children, 4-5 years old

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