Twilio integration with ERPnext

Further our existing Twilio integration… call routing, and sms

Info on our current environment:

-Erpnext v13 is setup with Twilio and does receive incoming calls, and recordings to user choice of computer or users mobile number.

-Erpnext also is setup to make outbound calls via Twilio number.

-Erpnext already links incoming caller number to existing customer records…

-ERpnext will send text messages out, and log them along with replies, however will only reply to an incoming sms with a predefined response message.

-We also have frappe chat setup, attempting to use in lieu of responding to incoming sms

-We also have whatsapp, and are in process of acquiring our whatsapp api tokens, etc.

-All of the features currently used are via the prebuilt frappe apps

-We also have a 3cx vm in an amazon E2, with active numbers through amazon chime if that is easier for you to integrate into ERPnext... the desired result would be the same, to have all communication log and recorded in ERPNext

-Our ERPnext is V13, on frappe-bench with current apps… frappe, frappe/erpnext, frappe/twilio_integration, frappe/chat, efeone/frappe_meta_integration

-Hosted on owned physical server in windows hyperV, Ubuntu20.04, production setup, certbot ssl


Further integration requests: (in order of importance)

1. Allow sms conversations within erpnext, such as with chatting or normal sms messages, also forwarding to users mobile number

2. Be able to make calls from cell (iPhone) to customers that routes through or at least shows up in Erpnext call log and recordings… we have used a twilio studio flow to recognize our mobile numbers, then request that we enter the desired outbound number to call… but this bypasses erpnext, thereby not creating desired call log and recording logs. We can of course, login to erpnext on our phones, and place calls through the web interface, but that is cumbersome for on the move situations.

3. Show caller info along with contact and invoice/service history (if matches) within the existing incoming call popup, also a option button to turn this off or on

4. Many phone number fields in erpnext have a phone icon next to them, however this is the only way to access the outbound dialer… a separate outbound dialer button accessible from every page of the user desk would be great

5. Send frappe chat notifications to erpnext users mobile numbers, either as a new chat notification or alternate app such as whatsapp or messenger

6. The incoming calls that are forwarded to users mobile number shows up as callers number, and is indiscernible from a personal call made to the users mobile number … would like to add an identifier to allow the user to recognize that the call came through twilio, and even better if identifies which twilio number the caller dialed.

7. Update erpnext call log with caller ID info from Twilio… post ID info to numbers not already in erpnext such as by creating a new sales lead and alternately allow choice of updating an existing customer record with the pulled caller id info.

8. Allow incoming calls to go multiple numbers simultaneously… currently goes to the first user listed in erpnext's ‘voice call settings’ even if multiple users are listed with the same twilio number.

Pricing is subject to the extent of integration offered... willing to entertain all proposals/ideas, even if all desired integrations are not in your scope... the price range selected based on suggestions from erpnext forums regarding developers already experienced with twilio and erpnext.

Look forward to working with you!

Another developer asked for clarification on #2

Truncated response below:

The goal of 2 was to be able to make a call from a mobile phone and have it log the call and recording of the call in ERPnext, WITHOUT logging into the Erpnext site and making the call via the in program dialer.

My limited knowledge tells that this could be accomplished by an API call to the outgoing call dialer in Erpnext… ?

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