Confirmis Site Verifier (Nakhon Ratchasima, Thailand)

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Confirmis ([login to view URL]) is a Singapore-based business information provider specializing in connecting businesses with global capabilities; comprised of industry veterans, Confirmis business

model is designed to overcome the perennial lack of data (let alone quality data) to support effective decision-making, particularly in developing economies.

As a Site Verifier, you will be responsible for verifying a company’s existence through visual data by conducting a site visit to ensure that we provide reliable and accurate information to our client.


• Arrive at the location at least one hour before the appointment with the subject company and make sure

you have arrived at the correct location.

• Take pictures of the subject company and its vicinity, as per Confirmis’ standard operating guidelines.

• Provide observation about the subject company’s environment

• Conduct a video tour inside the premise following the client's guidance using Zoom virtual meeting application

• Obtain the necessary documents as per requirements

• Do not leave the site without permission from Confirmis Business Analyst


• Must be living in (or nearby) Mueang Nakhon Ratchasima, Thailand

• Own a smartphone with a high-quality camera compatible with Timestamp Camera Enterprise and internet access

• Own another smartphone compatible with the Zoom application

• Basic English speaking

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