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Event Registration Site Rails, CSS, HTML.

Events Registration Site developed in Ruby on Rails with GEMS and MySql

Payment: 60% progress payment made for core framework being complete. Remaining 40% to be paid upon completion of branding. All payments to be made through [login to view URL] escrow. Development work to be done on our server so we may monitor progress.

Brief description of site: We are looking to a site where people can register for events like Car Shows, Fishing Trips as well as purchase items as part of the show. We do have a some what working prototype and links for it will be located below.

User 1 is tasked by an organization with getting people to register for an event.

User type 1 comes to the website, clicks a link to “Register an Event”. That takes them to a page like this [login to view URL] and they fill it out.

This is part of the working prototype site. Please go through and create an event so you know what you are getting into and know what it will take to make the changes. The initial fields you have are Name, Start Date (To be Changed to a selectable calendar instead of drop downs), End Date (To be Changed to a selectable calendar instead of drop downs), and Price for admission. Need a “Location” box added, with the location linking to google maps on the form for user Type 2 below. A field is to be added with Cutoff date (the date the project is to be made inactive). The site should display a message of “Than you for your interest, registration for this event is complete, please contact User type 1 at the following email address” if user type 2 tries to acces the event site after the cut off date. The Check box states add boiler plate items.... These are Name, Address, Phone Number, Email, Password, etc. (in other words.... everything someone (User 2) would need to register for a site. This page also needs to have a sign-up place for User Type 1. On the back end (though an admin page), we need a place to turn on, and turn off charging User type 1 for registering for an event. Initially we will probably not be charging user type 1 for the event. In the future we will charge, thus the need for the switch.

User type 1(Registration User) clicks the Register Event button, and that brings up “Add to input form”

This is where User Type 1 can input Options that go with the event for people to select for free or purchase (For Registration Item, this is a Question to ask as part of the registration process..... If it was a car show.....What Kind of car? What Year was the car) For order item, If this was for a fishing trip, they would be able to purchase a fishing license..... If it was for an event that had dinner, they could select chicken or beef) The user controls what is outputted.... They are building the registration form that user type 2 will use. Once the user is complete building a form, a sample should be given to them. With there User Name and password, they should be able to Login, logout, when logged in be able to view User Type 2's that have registered for there event, and what options user type 2 has selected. Additionally, they should be able to upload a logo that will go on the top of the User Type 2 form below. And should be able to upload images for each of the “option items”. Furthermore we want the ability to charge User Type 1 for each option. User type 1 should be able to create multiple events with there account and review/change all aspects of those accounts. User type 1 should be able to see what money is owed to them. For the registrations below. Ability to add terms of service, adn requier user type 2 to accept it.

User Type 2(End User) goes to the website via a link or email that was sent out to them from User Type 1. Example link is here..... [login to view URL] As you go through this form, these are the items that were set up above from User Type number 1. You will notice as you Click the check boxes, they expand, and offer all the options that user type 1 set up. When the user gets done with the form, and they click the “Register” Button, they are to be charge the total amount, plus a registration handling fee that is determined on the back end on an admin panel. This form should have "embed" code like youtube has that someone can "Embed" the form into their website, or other websites.

User Type 3 (Administrator) Admin Panel is to have allow for Multiple users to login. Every user will have the same level of permission and will have access to all panels. I want to be able to control the wording on every item for both of the forms listed above. (example..... Every pit of text on this page [login to view URL] needs to be able to be easily changed). This could be like a languages file, but I want to be able to do it through the admin panel. Both user type and user type 2 are to be emailed when there is a registration from user type 2.

Need to be able to view all users and what type of user they are and change there information if needed.

Need to be able to add administrators.

Need to know how much money is owed to User Type 1.

Need to be able to turn on/off service fees for each kind of field.

The look of the of the site is to be identical to [login to view URL]

Top header, Top Menu Bar, Left Column, Main Content Column, Right Column, and footer. Need to be able to change colors via css. We should be able to edit each section via a wysiwyg such as TinyMCE

The payment gateway that the site will communicate with is [login to view URL]

This is not a complicated project if you understand rails, and know where to get plugins.

YOU MUST SUPPLY EXAMPLES OF SITES YOU HAVE WORKED ON IN RUBY. YOU SHOULD GO THROUGH THE WORKING PROTOTYPE. Please put your getafreelancer username as the event you create so i know that you did. Too many times people just post they can do it, without reading! Estimated time to complete is very important to know.

As an addon, once we are done with this section of the project, we will be needing to port this over to facebook aps so future work after this is complete will br provided.

once again..... Make sure you go through the working demo, and use your Freelancer username so I know that you understand.

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