OPNET VoIP Simulation & Report Required - 3 sites & 50 users

Hello & thanks for looking. My company requires a working solution for the following prior to a VoIP pilot;

Using VoIP codecs [url removed, login to view], [url removed, login to view] & [url removed, login to view], please run a simulation (min 1 day, max period 1 week) of current internal only voice traffic over data network. Between 350-450 calls per day, per site. Simulation must allow for 25% growth in network usage.

Statistics, observations and screenshots will be a required deliverable for network traffic, delay, jitter etc with varying packet sizes.

Documents in Microsoft work format please.

Deadline **full project 12th February** 2011 please. Though it would be useful to have a **part working** simulation provided by the **4th February** please.

Would interested parties please state their experience with OPNET and VoIP technologies along with their suitability for the project. Many thanks to all.

## Deliverables

**OPNET VoIP Simulation**

**Network Description**

3 sites; PR, KP, KH. 1 Router/Voice Gateway per site with diverse routes. 3 sites triangulated.

1GB intersite links. All calls point to point & internal (no access to PSTN required for simulation)

50 users in total with the following split; PR-20 users, KH-20 users, KP-10 users.

X 2 VLANs for each site; Academic & Infrastructure. VLANs are port based. Equal staff divide between each VLAN e.g PR - 10 staff in Academic & 10 in Infrastructure.

Layer 3 switches, no hubs. 100MB fast ethernet network with 1GB core on each router. Network is full duplex.

**Address Range**

Private Class B required.

**Network Traffic**

HTTP - heavy, Email - medium, Applications (SQL, Microsoft etc) - heavy

**Protocols** - TCP, UDP, TFTP, Telnet, SNMP

**Servers** - DNS x 1 at PR, x 1 at KH. Exchange (same), Web (same), Databases (same)

**Voice Requirements & Codecs**

[url removed, login to view] (no compression), [url removed, login to view], [url removed, login to view]

Calls per site; 350-450 per day over 8 hour period

**Simulation Requirements**

Simulation to start at 10 calls per site then add 3 calls every 5 seconds up-to max calls per site.

Simulation period should run over 1 day and 1 week.

QoS required with priority queueing for simulation.

Please allow 25% growth in network capacity/usage.

**Required Global Statistics and Screenshots**

Observations on jitter, delay, packet loss and end-to-end delay on all codecs through network

Total packet loss (daily & weekly) Monday - Friday

Total jitter (daily & weekly)

1. Packet loss for EACH codec with; 64, 128 & 200 byte packet size (daily & weekly)

1. Throughput Vs number of calls for each codec for above (daily and weekly)

2. Total packet loss for EACH codec with 512 and 1000 byte packet size (daily & weekly)

2. Throughput Vs number of calls for each codec for above (daily & weekly)

3. Jitter Vs number of calls for each codec at 64, 128, 200, 512 & 1000 byte packet size (daily & weekly)

End to end delay Vs number of calls for each codec at 64, 128, 200, 512 & 1000 byte packet size (daily & weekly)

**Network Statistics required for the following**;

Mail, Web, FTP traffic

Peak rate traffic measurements between all links with bit rate, packet loss and total network utilisation.

Routers; Statistics on health, performance, & behaviour. Performance of IP traffic, CPU utilisation, processing delay, queue size in packets & bytes and queuing delay.

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