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A flash game/activity for children. There is a simple story with some animations and sound effects, but the main activity is a multitrack recording where the volume and mute is controlled for each track. The scene is a 5 floor house. Each floor contains a group of instruments and there is a sound recording (track) that contains the music they play. The user can turn the floor/track on and off so there can be up to 5 floors/track playing simultaniously, which forms the full orchestra.

We deliver the multi-track sound recording and the images, so your job is to put it together and make it alive. There might be sound effects and simple graphic elements that will be needed during the project, which will be easier if you can make on your own when needed.

Note: We will supply a temporarily multi-track recording to start with, as the real recording will not be ready until the end of the project. You will then replace the recording with the real one at the end of the project.

The graphics are partly ready at this time, but you will get the elements as they are finished. We guarantee that you will have all graphics material at least 20 days before the deadline.

## Deliverables

Detailed description:

The scene:

A house with 5 floors seen from outside.

On each floor there is a group of instruments from the symphony orchestra.

You can see the instruments through the windows. The instruments move while they play.

When the mouse is over a floor, the front wall becomes transparent so you can see inside this floor and see the instruments. At the same time the volume of the sound from this floor is increased.

The music from each floor has been recorded as individual tracks that are played simultaniously as a 5-track recording. Then you can control the volume and mute each track individually. I found an older example how to handle this in Flash, but there might be better or newer solutions:

[url removed, login to view]

Other activities in the main scene:

* There are clouds in the sky, behind the house, that move very slowly.

* A bird is flying across the scene once a while. When the user clicks on it the first time, it will play a sound. Second time it will fall down, ending outside the screen so it can start all over again, flying across the scene.

* A sign, pointing to the house, is placed next to the house with some text on: "Musikkens hus". When the user clicks on the sign it rotates for a few seconds with a soundeffect.

* There is a smiling sun with slowly rotating rays around it.

The Story:

The house is playing sound from all 5 floors while a cartoon figure (we supply the graphics later) runs on a scooter in front of the house. Suddenly it bumps into the house and alle floors falls down with a loud noise, and ends up as 5 piles of bricks in front of what was the house before. The music stops.

There is still a silhouet of the house left. Each floor has a different color which is also visible both in the silhuet and in the pile of bricks.

Another person (we supply the picture later) comes in from the right and tell something about helping to build the house again.

The cursor turns into a small excavator with the cartoon figure inside, and the job for the user is to drag each pile (floor) back to the correct floor in the house.

Each time a floor is put back to its correct position, the sound from this floor begins to play and the floor animation begins to show that it plays. The animation of a playing floor is both the instruments moving and the side walls bending in and out to illustrate sound comming out.

Each time the user clicks on a floor that is placed on the house, this floor falls down as a pile of bricks again. This way each of the 5 music tracks can be turned on and off individually. While the user builds the house, the person says something once a while. This a choice between e.g. 4 different sound files, that are played when specific conditions are met, e.g. every time a new floor is placed correctly.

When all floors are back:

Notes will begin to come out of the chimney (like smoke). The person say something like "click on me when you have finished building the house, then I will sing a song for you". When the user clicks on the person, another sound track will begin. This will either be a 6th track on top of the other 5 tracks, or a seperate track that includes all instruments in the same recording.

Habilidades: Tradução, Artes Visuais

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