Trial project for construction ERP web based App

As per discussed chat

each party should take 50% incase of project was not satisfactory.

========== Skype Chat

[7:59:49 AM] rits_kc: Hi

[8:00:02 AM] rits_kc: Good Morning

[9:37:58 AM] Kotb Ibrahim: Good morning Ritesh

[9:38:35 AM] rits_kc: Very good morning

[9:38:46 AM] Kotb Ibrahim: Good to know that theme issue was solved

[9:39:01 AM] rits_kc: sorry i dint know offliine means i would not be able to send messages, now i m invisible :)

[9:39:11 AM] rits_kc: which browser do you use?

[9:39:14 AM] Kotb Ibrahim: No probloems

[9:39:23 AM] Kotb Ibrahim: I use chrome and IE

[9:39:47 AM] rits_kc: our office is open only for you, if i stay visible other customer would start pinging

[9:40:00 AM] rits_kc: [url removed, login to view]

[9:40:07 AM] rits_kc: read this

[9:40:20 AM] rits_kc: it will tell you your browser specific setting

[9:40:27 AM] Kotb Ibrahim: Ok, Thanks and highly appreciated

[9:41:00 AM] rits_kc: 2 developers have joined me today, others are out of station

[9:41:44 AM] Kotb Ibrahim: I hope I haven't spoiled a lot of plans but it will be difinetly appreciated

[9:42:18 AM] rits_kc: building a new relations and trust sometimes these things are necessary

[9:43:27 AM] Kotb Ibrahim: yes, I totally agree, I am a kind of person who look primary for trustship, toyality and surely longterm relationship

[9:43:39 AM] Kotb Ibrahim: and commitment comes first

[9:43:44 AM] rits_kc: any ways how should we proceed as we have already started working on the project and there are some changes in our plan so suggest how should we move ahead?

[9:46:39 AM] Kotb Ibrahim: I will start with creating the project on freelancer putting the terms we agreed upon. make the 500$ project value on one milestone then you can proceed doing the trial project

[9:47:02 AM] Kotb Ibrahim: your develepoer came from their holiday vacation so that will be considered

[9:47:23 AM] Kotb Ibrahim: we have to compensate them in such a way we will agree about

[9:48:16 AM] rits_kc: but for 500 we agreed for more masters and now we ll develop only couple of masters and rest of the masters will be done may be in the second stage?

[9:48:49 AM] Kotb Ibrahim: you are right, that I forgot. which ,aster we agreed to do ?

[9:49:29 AM] rits_kc: only dept will do for checking all the stuff and then we ll move to employee form

[9:49:44 AM] rits_kc: other masters will do entry manually in db for timebeing

[9:50:23 AM] Kotb Ibrahim: OK so we are dping the departments and employees

[9:50:38 AM] rits_kc: so in build 1 i ll give you, all the webpage functionalities for dept master including arabization

[9:51:22 AM] Kotb Ibrahim: No problems, how much do you think is fair for this amount of work. I am peering in mind the project in total

[9:51:40 AM] Kotb Ibrahim: I mean I am starting to prepare to work on the project fully

[9:51:57 AM] Kotb Ibrahim: so I am considering that part will be satisfied to me but it just a routine

[9:52:44 AM] rits_kc: i have got the accounting doc

[9:52:47 AM] rits_kc: i am sharing with you

[9:52:54 AM] rits_kc: and let me know will it help us

[9:53:06 AM] Kotb Ibrahim: Ok, great

[9:53:09 AM] *** rits_kc sent [url removed, login to view] ***

[9:54:08 AM] Kotb Ibrahim: I am still unable to let the chrome open the theme eventhough I added --allow-file-access-from-files to the shortcut

[9:54:21 AM] Kotb Ibrahim: As long as you open it and it owrks I am fine

[9:55:04 AM] rits_kc: my concern is will it open without any issue when we deploy on server

[9:55:49 AM] Kotb Ibrahim: If local lan that won't be a problem, right? but if we deploy of web then there would be a problem?

[9:57:06 AM] rits_kc: yes either we ask every customer who ll access need to make these changes on browser or if it is server related we need to ask service provider to make that changes

[9:58:45 AM] Kotb Ibrahim: OK, I think we better raise this concern in themeforst theme page ASAP, we may get an answer to this issue in an early stage. Mainly we are targeting loc

Habilidades: Desenvolvimento de Software, SQL, Visual Basic

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