Leader Election for Platooning

Project deals with developing a leader election algorithm for platoon. "A vehicle platoon is a group of vehicles that travel close to one another and led by a vehicle called platoon leader.” The aim of this project is to elect a leader if existing leader leaves the platoon before reaching its destination.

Required Skills: C++

Tools To be used: Oracle VM(used to access plexe ) , Plexe.

Description of work:

We use Oracle Virtual Machine to access Plexe tool.

Plexe is a tool which supports the coding using C++ to depicts vehicle motion.

Plexe already has few scenarios like simple platoon (how to implement platoon), join maneuver (when a new vehicle joins the existing platoon ), merge maneuver (when one platoon merges with the other platoon ) already implemented and ready to analyze.

Similar to these scenarios we develop a case related to leader election.

Work Sequence:

The whole project is divided in chunks for ease of implementation.

Project doesn't involve much innovation instead it revolves around changing the above mentioned scenarios for our need.

Task 1: Implement leave maneuver scenario (similar to join maneuver described above) : Where a existing vehicle(other than leader) in the platoon leaves the platoon (very close to join scenario) (picture depiction is attached for ease of understanding)

Task 2: Changing the exiting vehicle in the above scenario is a "leader".

Task 3: Since the leader has left the platoon in the Task-2, we implement the code for reelecting a new leader within the platoon (Proposed algorithm will be discussed in future for confidentiality issues)

The above three tasks will complete the project.


Need Regular assistance till the project completes.

Task 3 is explained only when 1 & 2 are completed.

Habilidades: Sinalização de Veículo, Process Automation

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