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Goal: Identify phone numbers in outlook 2010-2016 and display them as a hyperlink which upon clicking dials my VOIP phones (remote access control to the phones are based upon passing a URL to their IP)

I would like to add a plugin to outlook that will do the following:

-Launch upon opening outlook and be low-overhead

-Identify all phone numbers in emails, contacts, and appointments as phone numbers (based on various standard phone number conventions in the US defined below). I would recommend scanning items for these numbers as they are viewed and not save the links (but I'm open to your suggestions here as to how this should work)

-Display those phone numbers as a clickable hyperlink

-Upon clicking the phone number, pass a pre-determined URL (URL formatting is below)

-Have an icon in the toolbar and text box where the user can copy/paste a phone number and it will be passed as a URL just like the hyperlinks

-Have a configuration icon in the toolbar to set the following parameters which are needed to form the URL:

-IP address



The above data should be stored locally by logged in windows user so they don't have to enter it each time they use the app/outlook. If the user changes these settings, the links should be updated accordingly.

VBA (or other related code) should be commented and unlocked and will be a required deliverable to deem project complete. There should also be an installer.

Note- for reference, the appears to be software called "TeleTrigger" that does something similar but the company is out of business and I can't buy licenses any longer and they don't support my newer phone model anyway.

Phone Number Conventions:


[login to view URL]

xxx xxx xxxx


[login to view URL]

xxx xxxx

(xxx) xxx-xxxx

(xxx) xxx xxxx



[NumberToDial] must be formatted as +1[10digits]

[10digits] represents the number found in the email/contact/appointment stripped of any non-numeric characters (spaces, symbols, etc) and padded with a 3 digit static area code if the 7-digit format for the number was found.

Milestones: 50% upon proof of concept (live demo) and 50% upon delivery/testing.

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