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We need a simple web-based application to help us with client assessments. The attached MS Excel worksheet is what we use now. It's a spreadsheet that is sent to clients as an email attachment; they then complete and return it to us for compilation and analysis (now done separately). This spreadsheet currently has 32 questions ("competencies") categorized into 5 “key indicators”. Each question has a possible response of 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5.

As an improvement to this process, we envision a web-based application that would be accessed by clients via a URL link, and used to prompt users for the information currently asked in the spreadsheet (responses to the 32 questions).

Some requirements:

1. For the initial project (phase 1), the scope is a web-based application that prompts the user for responses to the questions. The responses are collected by the program in a file, which can then be imported to MS Excel for compilation and analysis by us separately.

2. For the next project (phase 2) the responses to the survey from several users are aggregated, with statistics like mean, high value, low value, and range calculated for each question. The mean for each question is then displayed as a set of 5 radar diagrams (one diagram for each key indicator). Each of these radar diagrams will have 6 to 7 data points, one for each of the questions in that key indicator.

3. The number of users for each analysis ranges from 1 to about 20.

4. We’re open about the language/technology used to do this, but it must be specified in the bid.

5. The code must be structured, documented and easily edited/enhanced by us (and you!) in the future. The number of questions, key indicators, text, and other characteristics will change (and probably grow in number) frequently.

6. It must work and display well on all the major browsers (IE, Netscape, Opera, Mozella, etc.) with a variety of clients (Windows, Mac, Unix, Linux, etc.).


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