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Hi All,

I am a successful internet marketer with a website with an Alexa ranking of around 28,000.

Currently I'm doing nearly everything myself, and am getting to bogged down.

My focus needs to be on products and marketing, not the technology and laborious tasks behind them.

I need a right hand woman/man to do a lot of necessary work that isn't getting done.

I have more than enough work to keep the right person busy for 30-40 hours a week.

The problem is that I don't have 30-40 hours of work of the same job, but different tasks that each require 5-10 hours of time each.

o Are you looking for steady work?

o Are you tired of hunting down tiny job after tiny job?

o Would you like the opportunity to grow a business AND be financially rewarded for doing so?

o Do you want to work for someone who will sincerely appreciate your hard work?

o Do you want to receive a 5% - 10% Profits BONUS!!!! You will not just get paid hourly, but more importantly I believe in rewarding you with a percentage of the profits.


** Here are some of the jobs I need done. **


o Article Submission - I have 2 years of articles written that I need someone to get posted. I have the Article Announcer software but have zero time to implement it.

o Blog - I have a blog where I have TONS of info to post.

o Google adwords campaign - I need to have you keep an eye on this.

o SEO Stuff

o Tracking & Conversion Issues.

o Split Tests - I need to do split testing of my sales pages to keep increasing conversion rate.

o Transcription - I want to supply an audio file and have it converted to an article. This is more than just word for word transcription. It also includes refining the information into a complete article.

o Newsletter writing - I need to get more newsletters out. I will supply the information and I need someone to assemble it.

o PHP Programming - Tons of ideas for programming and modifications..

If you can do all of the above then that is excellent. Otherwise, you know how to find people to get jobs done and manage them.


** Here are requirements for the right person: **


o Responsible and deadline oriented. I'm amazed at how many people refuse to do what they are supposed to do on time. If you aren't serious then don't waste your time and my time. You also need to be able to see the job all the way through. No EXCUSES!

o Detail oriented. You must be able to complete all details of the task at hand with minimal assistance from me.

o You Love To Learn. You must not be afraid to learn new things.

o Schedule. This might be difficult for some. I am located in the New York time zone. I work 9-5pm ET. You will have to be available 2-3 hours a day during my hours.

o Growth Oriented. You have a hunger for making a difference and being rewared for it both financially and professionally. Quite simply, I believe that the reponsibility you take the more you should be rewarded.

o Willing To Prove Yourself. You aren't afraid of tackling challenging work and are willing to prove you can do it.

o Have a track record. You have a portfolio that shows off your abilities.

o Stable and reliable. You can be counted on to get the work done. You don't disappear for days (or even weeks) at a time. If you have health or family issues that will make this difficult then please go look for another assignment.

o Trustworthy and Safe. You will have access to my web servers so you need to be able to not destroy or break stuff :-)


** About Me. **


I used to be a consultant programmer. Now I am an internet marketer. Having a programming & highly technical background, I am capable of doing almost any technical job. That is my downfall. I tend to try to do everything myself instead of delegating it to others. This is usually because I can't find people who I trust to do the job right. I really want you to prove me wrong! :-)

This is my first time here at GetAFreeLancer. In the past I have posted many jobs at RentACoder with the same ID. (Take a look at the feedback that I have received from other providers.) I treat people right and prefer to deal with the same trusted individuals repeatedly.

My philosophy is "If you take good care of me, I will take GREAT care of you!"

There is a lot to learn about my business so that is why I want someone full time so that I don't have to spend so much time teaching the same things over and over.

The right candidate will be either a woman or a man. I tend to prefer working with women since they seem to be more reliable and harder working. (Sorry fellow men... it's true!)


** About You: **


When replying please cut and paste the following section.

Please HONESTLY rate yourself from 0 (no experience) to 10 (Expert) for the following:

English Speaking Skills:

English Writing Skills:



Detail Oriented:

Transcription Skills:

Split Testing:

Learning New Skills:

SEO Stuff:

WordPress BLOG Software:

Managing other workers:

Problem Solving:

Graphics Ability:

Google Adwords Management:

Also include the # of hours you can put in each week.


** Bidding: **


Please bid BY THE HOUR. I'll come up with a 5-10 hour test job for you. You'll get paid for your hourly bid price and the rest as an immediate bonus.


** Excellent Opportunity! **


If you have the skills and learning potential necessary, then this is your BIG Chance.

This is an opportunity to make an hourly wage AND get generous bonuses based off the results you produce. The more that you can oversee and handle the tasks above, the more I can market new and existing products. That will mean more money for you and me.


** Additional Info? **


If you have any other questions, feel free to message me through here and I will get back to you ASAP.

Thanks for your time and consideration.

Respectfully yours,


Habilidades: Redação Publicitária, Gestão de projetos, Revisão, SEO, Design de Sites

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