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A detailed but incomplete description of the website is to follow.

The design will be fully automated meaning users can search for free the database of verdicts and settlements on [url removed, login to view] by utilizing drop down screens for country, appropriate geographic subcategory, (state or province, etc.) , and search various segments of the databank using terms relevant to verdicts and settlements like damage terms, jurisdiction, lawyers names, type of expert, etc.

The website exists so that people can search through verdicts and settlements filed by English speaking people from traditionally English speaking countries (U.S.A., Canada, England, Australia, Wales, Ireland, Scotland, etc.).

The website generates revenues by lawyers and expert witnesses who pay for hyperlinks to their websites that appear in the posts they make regarding verdicts and settlements that they report.

Anyone (lawyer, expert witness, court) can post a verdict or settlement to the website after registering. Lawyers and experts can pay $1 per month for a hyperlink in the report to their website.

Posters (generally lawyers, judges and expert witnesses) are warned at the appropriate places that they should not upload copyrighted content and that they have a legal right to upload the data they are uploading.

It serves the public by making information about verdicts and settlements free to the public and it serves lawyers and expert witnesses and their firms by allowing them to advertise in the reports by having a hyperlink in the report to their website.

The advertisers are generally lawyers and expert witnesses.

Lawyers and their firms that recover damages (and defend against suits) for clients in tort (personal injury, slander, liable, medical malpractice, legal malpractice, etc.) and in contract and business claims (breach of contract, violation of intellectual property rights, conversion, breach of duty, etc.) post their verdicts and settlements at VerdictsAndSettlementsInEnglish.com.

The expert witnesses that are interested in paying for hyperlinks are the experts that are used and mentioned in the reported cases.

Users of the website are people interested in doing research using a databank of verdicts and settlements in English. They can search by injury, lawyer’s name, location, date, amount or with any other search term they desire.

Claimants interested in hiring a lawyer with experience in an area of interest like 18 wheeler accidents or car accidents, attorneys interested in finding other lawyers to refer cases to, lawyers interested in hiring experts who have successfully testified on behalf of parties in listed cases, experts who want to report cases they’ve successfully participated in and people just interested in what various claims are worth are the likely users of [url removed, login to view]

After an poster/advertiser pays for and posts a verdict or settlement, it appears on the website in our searchable database.

After a posting has been made, the advertising lawyer can edit the posting as often as desired using his user name (email address or other user name) and the password that the lawyer created when registering with VerdictsAndSettlementsInEnglish.com.

When an ad/verdict/settlement is sold or posted at [url removed, login to view], an email is sent to the person posting the report setting out the content of the posting. If the report is accompanied by a paying ad (a hyperlink), the email contains the relevant information such as content of the posting and length of time ad paid for, web address of hyperlink.

Lawyers post an advertisement after paying for it using a credit card or PayPal account. Drop down screens for the term of advertising purchased gives rise to amount to be paid.

If it’s a paid ad, the advertiser is sent an email setting out the facts of the advertising. The system will automatically email and then re-bill the poster/advertising lawyer or expert two weeks before the end of the advertising period purchased (we can assume that the advertiser wants to constantly re-new the advertising unless informed otherwise.)

Postings that are made without payment must be reviewed before the report is made available in the database. (This is so because payment facilitates true identification of the poster leading to fewer inappropriate entries into the database.)

Regardless of whether it is paid or not, all reporters are asked to review the content and report any problems to VerdictsAndSettlementsInEnglish.com.

When people looking for information pertaining to verdicts and settlements come to the website, they can search by location (U.S.A., England, Australia, Wales, Ireland, Scotland, other), type of accident or case, or use other key words to search through our database of verdicts and settlements in English.

This should be able to search by location, (country and state, province or geographic subcategory) and any and all other key words. Area of expertise (they can search using terms like “personal injury” “breach”, “contract” etc.) and other terms to narrow their results. (If they’re looking to see recent settlements for car accident fatalities in Pennsylvania, they can search using those terms.)

The website will be only in English.

Searchers can search various areas/fields of the filed (reported?) reports. For example they can input “Turley” into the plaintiff’s attorney’s field to identify all plaintiff’s attorneys who are named Turley. Same goes for the other fields. (If a user in need of a lawyer for an 18 wheeler case in New Jersey comes to the website, they can search the jurisdiction section for “NJ” and they can search the narrative of the reports for “truck” or “18 wheeler”.)

If USA is selected from drop down screen, states options pop up, if Canada is selected, provinces menu pops up.)

Both searchers and submitters of reports will choose from drop down screens for country and state, province or other appropriate sub-geographic category

(???Consider Geographic region (drop down menu for All, North, South, East, West, Northwest, Northeast, Southwest, Southeast and Central.)

Web Address for hyperlink: __________________________ (anyone can post a verdict or settlement to the database and for $1 the poster can include a hyperlink to the web address of their choice)

Submitter’s page

Country: ____________________

State, Province Jurisdiction and/or court: ___________________

Case no.: _____________ or File no.: _____________

Amount of verdict: $_____________ or Amount of settlement: $_________________

Plaintiff attorney #1: ___________________

Attorney for client _______________

Firm of Plaintiff attorney #1: ___________________

Plaintiff attorney #2: ___________________

Attorney for client _______________

Firm of Plaintiff attorney #2: ___________________

Plaintiff attorney #3: ___________________

Attorney for client _______________

Firm of Plaintiff attorney #3: ___________________

Defense attorney #1: ___________________

Attorney for client:____________

Firm of Defense attorney #1: ___________________

Defense attorney #2: ___________________

Attorney for client:____________

Firm of Defense attorney #2____________

Defense attorney #3: ___________________

Attorney for client: ____________

Firm of Defense attorney #3____________

Narrative of verdict or settlement (almost unlimited input is needed here - something like up to 10 pages )

Tabs on lower left of all pages of website:

1. Home

2. “Lawyers and experts interested in being listed with [url removed, login to view],

3. ”About Us”

4 “FAQ”

5 “Poster and Advertiser’s registration and submission form”

6 “Terms of Use and Disclaimer”

1. Home page ([url removed, login to view])

At [url removed, login to view], people and businesses needing a lawyer or information regarding verdicts and settlements can search and then browse our database of verdicts and settlements.

Individuals including lawyers, experts and court officials can post verdicts and settlements to our database for free. For an additional one dollar per month, posters can include a hyperlink in the report to the website of their choosing. (Attorneys and experts who post verdicts and settlements can hyperlink to their firm’s website. Posters retain the ability to modify their postings for the duration of the advertising.)

With input sites to perform searches of various fields/sections of the database; drop down menus for countries (US or Canada), states or regions,

Tabs on the top right of website:


username __________________ password ______________________

Foget username? Forget password? (hyperlinks to appropriate pages)


username _______________________ (system should search our database to make sure no one registers a username that has been registered previously)

Password _______________________

Retype Password _______________________

Email address ___________________

Retype Email address ___________________

2. “Lawyers and experts interested in promoting their firms may purchase links to their websites which appear in the reports at [url removed, login to view],

If you are a lawyer or expert who wants to post a report of a verdict or settlement which would contain a hyperlink to your website, please fill out our submitter’s form and pay via PayPal or credit/debit card.

Be seen and hired by potential clients, referring lawyers or lawyers who are in need of experts, who come to [url removed, login to view] to search our database for free.

3. ”About Us”

The core of our web business is our website [url removed, login to view] which is owned and operated by VerdictsAndSettlementsInEnglish.com. Verdicts and settlements are posted by lawyers, judges and expert witnesses as a service to the public and as a way of getting out their names. Reports of verdicts and settlements can be made by any interested party for free, plus attorneys and experts can hyperlink their names and firm names to their websites for a very low monthly fee.

The public comes to the database at [url removed, login to view] none too surprisingly, to search our database of verdicts and settlements in English.

They search our database by type of case, location, names of lawyers , amounts of recovery.

Anyone can search our database for free.

Who searches our database? Any person or business in need of legal representation, lawyers looking for attorneys to refer cases to, lawyers looking for verdicts and settlements of particular kinds, insurance adjusters doing research on settlements and verdicts and anyone interested in researching anything about verdicts and settlements in English.

The website has an input template for uploading a report.

4 “FAQ”

What kind of lawyer wants to list his verdicts and settlements at [url removed, login to view] Any lawyer that wants their settlement or verdict to become public knowledge.

If I’m the lawyer who posted a settlement or verdict and I change firms, can I change the address of the hyperlink to my new firm name? The individual who posts the settlement or verdict to [url removed, login to view] retains the right to edit any and all information including the designation of the hyperlink addresses.

Can a lawyer list his qualifications or the types of cases he handles in the report if it is unrelated to the verdict or settlement.

We would prefer that information about the lawyer, their firm, their qualifications and the types of cases they handle be communicated to the public via the website hyperlinks purchased by the poster. If the postings contain promotional narratives, searches will have less functionality.

5 “Poster and Advertiser’s registration and submission form”

(the web site should have two templates, one for registering and one for posting; possibly three, one for registering, one for posting without buying hyperlinks and one for posting with buying hyperlinks; postings made without the purchase of hyperlinks needs to be approved before becoming a part of the database.)

6 Terms of Use and Disclaimer of [url removed, login to view]

Attorney Client Relationship

The materials on this Web site are in part intended facilitate formation of attorney-client relationships however that specific objective is done only between the client and the lawyer and nothing on this website should lead anyone to the belief that any particular attorney client relationship has been formed.

Legal Warranty

No warranty is made concerning the qualifications of the lawyers who advertise with VerdictsAndSettlementsInEnglish.com. No warranty is made concerning the work done by any lawyer found through VerdictsAndSettlementsInEnglish.com. Listings are sold to entities that pledge that their postings are true and accurate. [url removed, login to view] does not check the accuracy or truthfulness of postings made by Lawyers listed by VerdictsAndSettlementsInEnglish.com. [url removed, login to view] is simply a web based business facilitating the marketplace by providing information about verdicts and settlements.

Of course, if you know of incorrect or inappropriate data in our database, please contact us immediately.


This Web site may contain links to other Web pages; however, the inclusion of such links does not constitute referrals or endorsements of the linked entities. Links to lawyers, organizations and governmental agencies, etc., are provided as a service to potential clients and lawyers. [url removed, login to view] does not endorse and is not responsible for any third-party content that may be accessed from its Web site and does not recommend or endorse the use of any third-party's services. The links are to be accessed at the user's own risk, and the authors of this Web site make no representations or warranties about the content of these links or the quality of products provided.


[url removed, login to view] assumes no responsibility for computer viruses resulting from use of our Web site. Under no circumstances, including, but not limited to, negligence, shall [url removed, login to view] be liable for any special or consequential damages that result from the use of, or the inability to use, the materials in this Web site, even if [url removed, login to view] has been advised of the possibility of such damages.


You agree to indemnify, defend and hold harmless [url removed, login to view] and its owners, members, managers, officers, employees, agents and the assigns of same, from and against any and all loss, costs, expenses (including reasonable attorneys' fees and expenses), claims, damages and liabilities related to or associated with your use of the Web site.


By accessing this Web site, you agree that any disputes or matters arising out of or related to your viewing or use of this Web site shall be filed in Wayne County, Pennsylvania and governed under the laws of the United States, Pennsylvania and Wayne County, Pennsylvania.

[url removed, login to view] cannot and does not warranty the legal work performed by lawyers that advertise with VerdictsAndSettlementsInEnglish.com. [url removed, login to view] is in the information business, information given to us by the public so, information could be in our database that shouldn’t be. Again, if you know of changes that need to be made to our website or database please contact us.


The amount of money that is charged to lawyers who advertise by placing hyperlinks within the reports is $12 per year. This can change without notice.

Submitters pledge that the information submitted is true and accurate

Submitter’s Pledge: I, as a poster of a verdict or settlement to [url removed, login to view] do hereby with the

submission of my advertisement, pledge that all information as posted on [url removed, login to view]’s website is true and accurate.

Last Update

These Terms and Conditions were last updated on October 28, 2009.


The terms of this website can change without written notice to users at any time. The changes will become effective upon posting of the changes to the Web site.


(Button for “submit”; they are redirected back to this screen if required information has

not been supplied).

Hyperlink labeled “Forgot your password” which when clicked on will link to page where the user input’s his or her email address email’s a user’s password to the email address they input.

Advertisers will have a user’s name and a email address which should be the same but don‘t have to be.

Website has to approve user’s name as not having been previously taken.

(full registration before payment options (Credit, debit or PayPal.)

A feature on the site is the fact that a webmaster or administrator can edit the postings/advertisements. (Because the website allows the public to post advertisements directly to the website without being approved, some way to edit and possibly delete inappropriate entries by the webmaster needs to be created.)

There needs to be some way a webmaster or administrator can edit content, for example, it’s likely that more additions will be needed to the FAQ portion.

Habilidades: Formulários Eletrônicos, Design Gráfico, API PayPal, Segurança na rede, Design de Sites

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