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I am a fine-art photographer and am in the process of having created a website that describes my business, shows a complete portfolio, and includes a shopping cart for purchasing prints, related items, and downloading low-res images. The original designer will not be able to complete the site for personal reasons.

The basic layout and structure (including shopping cart) is complete, but some stylistic changes will be necessary. I AM LOOKING FOR A WEB-DESIGNER/DEVELOPER WHO WILL BE ABLE TO FINISH THIS WEBSITE. You can explore the “under construction” site at www.imaginedrealities.com. It is hosted by bluehost.com. Note – This is NOT a flash site, although some think it looks like one. Main tasks that need to be completed: adding photographs to portfolio, customize the existing shopping cart, including tying it into the portfolio, change the banner/logo from the existing one to another one that I already have, stylistic and text changes to current uncompleted site, SEO optimization. This site is intended to be content management friendly so I will also need some minimal training in that regard.

I sell photo-collages, that include 4 pictures, and also sell the individual pictures as well. The site needs to emphasize both the collages and the individual pictures. (Go to “Portfolio” and click on one of the photos to see the slideshow nature currently set up. I want to preserve this and also include a slideshow type mechanism on the Home Page. I DO NOT WANT FLASH

I am not looking to reinvent the wheel. It is imperative that you have experience and are comfortable with SEO, and the software (Joomla, Slide Show Pro, Slide Show Pro Director, VirtueMart), specifications, functionality and vision as currently set forth on the draft web-site.

I will need (a) a cost estimate, (b) links to websites you have completed, (c) references in the United States or Canada, and (d) a description of your experience with the software noted above, especially Joomla and VirtueMart. I am particularly interested in web developers who prefer open-source software and appreciate the circumstances of a start-up business. Note-The basic structure of this site is already complete!

I look forward to hearing from you. Please contact me with any questions.

This is an update to the original posting and sets forth more specifically the remaining aspects of the project in a more comprehensive manner. For those who have already bid, I apologize for the inconvenience and encourage you to bid again...but I think it is best to be as specific as possible before finalizing things

As I previously mentioned, a good part of the basic layout and structure, including the VirtueMart shopping cart, is complete. Tasks that I know need to be completed are listed below. I made a mistake in the original posting: I stated that there was no flash in the site, but I think that there is some flash already incorporated.

More specific things that need to be done:
1. adding photographs to portfolio (currently I have about 60 collages, with 4 images per collage, for a total of approx 240 images, in my portfolio, but only about 2-3 have been uploaded to the existing site). I BELIEVE the site automatically generates the collage from the images. I can email these at 75 dpi, both thumbnail (100x75) and larger (800x600).

2. Put together a slideshow for the homepage. The PORTFOLIO is currently set up so that each collage and its 4 associated images go through a slideshow of all 5 pictures. [For an example, go to "Portfolio" ...then Structures....you will see the collage of a roller coaster, click on any one of the 4 pics and a slideshow will begin going through the 4 pics and the collage...you will also see very small thumbnails at bottom, and on left bottom a graphic link back to collage; another example...click on Portfolio...Flowers]. I want to use this concept on the Home Page as well, with a random generator choosing one of 5 or 6 of may favorite collages each time the Home Page is opened, and then a slideshow of that collage and its 4 associated images.

3. customize the existing shopping cart, including tying it into the portfolio (unlike some sites, the "product" images are (I think) in the main site portfolio, with the shopping cart linking to that, rather than the images actually as part of the shopping cart.

4. change the banner/logo (which would appear on every page) from the one that is currently there to another one (that has already been created).

5. I would like to have a blog ...or perhaps more accurately, a forum...that, for EACH collage, can include comments about what I like about the pictures, and allows others to leave comments as well. It is my understanding that this is relatively easy to set up, and would/should be created on some free blog site, and that it can be created to mimic my actual site so people barely notice they linked off of my site. Alternatively the blog/forum can be part of the site

6. text changes to several of the pages, including adding some text to homepage, cutting and pasting some other sections, revising somewhat the links/and their names, although the basics are there

7. some font and color changes

8. "SEO optimization"....(such as making sure the metatags reflect what I need, etc., and including what can readily be included while a site it being developed, e.g., best names for pages)

9. incorporating credit card mechanism into shopping cart (paypal is probably fine, but I have no account yet)

10. minimal training for content management (I have looked at Joomla and it seems very user friendly)

If you are interested, please let me know and provide an estimate and other relevant information. Previous sites you have worked on, especially photography sites, would be helpful.

One final thing....the existing site is already on my third-party server, so your work would need to be done on there.

Thank you

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