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Light Globe gif and jpg

Revisions. As many as it takes to get them perfect.

GRAPHICSIZE: I don't know I'll need help with that. I have SEEN these lights myself, once each, I know exactly what they look like. The descriptions of what I want are below. I've attached a text file that explains the circumstances in which I saw them. The .jpg is just a rough scale of the sizes I want. I'd not want them to take up more than a 1/5th or so of a web page - they'd be at the top of a page describing the incidents.

These below are the three graphics I want to create. The first just a standard .jpg file as described above. The other two, one gif globe that will appear and fade out, in 5 second intervals. The other a gif globe in bright gold that will appear and fade out in 5 second intervals. Each will be at the top of a page describing the experience. I'd like it if if the white gif could include a scale image of a boy, 15, 5'6", 120 pounds, on an angle, say 45 degrees, from whose chest the white globe will appear and move upward to eye level where it dissipates, boy stays the same, only the globe appears, moves and fades out. The gold globe must be the same but etched with shadows, around the center line I am thinking like Greek characters slightly above and below the center line, the boy is the same size, but older, heavier, again the globe rising out of his chest and moving upward on an angle and dissipating, then repeat in 5 second intervals. I'd like one static .jpg of each with each globe at its furthest point, like a foot or so from his body at eye level.

Then I'd like one .jpg of the bright white but creamy, so not all the same hue white, globe. And one of the bright gold globe with the etchings as a .jpg too. These two I will eventually put on a business card, one on each side of the card, with text in the middle. So I need them in a format I could take to a printer and have them put on a card.

If you can manage those. I would like one other picture, this only a jpg. a boy, about 7, thin, in a shadowed barn, sort of an aisle, a darkened aisle. Right in the center of the aisle, dark on both sides and to the front and rear, the boy should be seen from behind right in the middle of this aisle. (it WAS a barn, giggle, there he is illuminated and completely surrounded by a brilliant white shaft of light, though he is clearly visible in it, he is not white, he's human, standing in this shaft of light. Just a jpg of this one, no animation. He should be at a 45 angle from behind, short white blonde hair. No movement, just the picture, dark on all sides but for the light shaft and the boy in it.

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