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This is to be a site that I would say is a combination of [url removed, login to view] and Digg.com.

This is the main concept of the site: There will be a certain number of categories.

I am going to be purchasing a script that you can use to work off that should definitely provide for the basic framework of the site so you can concentrate on everything else. The script can be seen here:

[url removed, login to view]

If you would also like to more understand how [url removed, login to view] operates, please visit [url removed, login to view] for the open source software you will need.

These are the categories:

- Looks

- Videos

- Funny Pics

- Warp

- Picasso

- Captions

- Music

- Animations

- Games

- Photoshopped

- Photos

- Art

- Poets

- Comics

- Podcasts

- Blogs

Depending on the category, we will have different types of media files incorporated into the pages. I will go into further details of these when I discuss the other portions of the site. But the types of media files we will have will be Video (which will need to be displayed in a flash media player just [url removed, login to view], Flash, Audio, and images.

Media Profile Pages: the profile pages are basically going to be any page that has a piece of media on it. They are all going to have the relatively same layout. Basically the layout of the profile pages is going to be similar to this page: [url removed, login to view] . There will be a body, and then two more columns to the right of the body. The column all the way on the right will contain and advertisement. The column in the middle (to the right of the body but left of the advertisement), will contain on the top “Similar Media:” which will contain 8 thumbnails to similar media files (the similarity will be determined by TAGS randomly, but they should only display ones from the same category). Below that in the column should be “More from USERNAME:” and there should be thumbnails to other media files from that user. Below that in the column should be “Favored By:” and should have 8 random thumbnails of people who have added that media file to their favorites.

In the body, it should also look like the page above. There should be a title and a description and tags below it. All this information will be entered when the user is submitting or uploading his media.

Directly above the spot for the title of it I would like for their to be a small spot for a horizontal advertisement (this will be explained further later in this document).

Somewhere within the video we will need to have something that says “Book This!” which will be similar to [url removed, login to view] operates, like on this page: [url removed, login to view]

In addition to the three links below the media file here: [url removed, login to view], that say Post Comment, etc., I would like for there to be a link to DOWNLOAD the media file. It will then allow the user to download the different types of media files we have on the site. However, for some things like involving javascript (explained later) this may not be possible.

On the stockscripts you will see Video Details. It should instead of “Booking Details” and it will have all the details about the bookings. On the top of this box it should have links for 1 hour, 24 hours, 7 days, 30 days, and 365 days. These should basically act as tabs. By default it should be set to 24 hours, but if another is clicked it should give you the info for whatever is clicked. The only thing it is going to show is how many people have Booked a certain media file in that time period. So if in 24 hours, 10 people have booked Video A, it should says “10 people have booked this” and the number 10 should be bigger than the rest. This is very similar to how [url removed, login to view] operates. To the right of this you will see the box for User Details. This should show the image of the person who uploaded it and their username. Both these should link to his profile.

Then should be the comment information.

Also, another important use of the Title will be for the Title that appears on the actual web browser bar. For instance, on this page: [url removed, login to view] the title is “Disposable Camera Hack use it Over and Over”. This also appear on the Title bar on the web browser and also on the URL. I would like for [url removed, login to view] to also do this b/c this is important for search engine optimization. So for the link, it should also have some random numbers before it just in case someone names the same thing twice.

On the very top of the two columns but below the header, the horizontal ad, and the links should be the login information like on TheFockMarket. Right above that should be a link for “Upload and Earn Cash!” which will take them to the pop up mentioned below that explains how they can earn money by uploading media files.

Somewhere on the top near the media it should also show the category it is in, so users can click it and take them to the main profile page for that category.

Once the user logs in, on the top right it should now have My Profile, Edit Profile, Preferences.


There are many different types of files that users will be able to upload to the site… However, for each upload, they should be allowed to upload an image for it too. So if they are uploaded a song or a blog entry, they should be able to upload an image for it so there is a thumbnail for users to see and click on the main pages. It should be MANDATORY that the user upload this image. And please, VERY IMPORTANTLY, please make sure the user that it is a smaller thumbnail that is shown after the user uploads the image. I do not want the actual image loading, b/c on pages that contain numerous images, my bandwidth would be getting killed.

When they click UPLOAD on the top somewhere, it should bring them to a page much like the uploading on the script I am going to purchase. However, they will have to choose which category they are uploading to. Depending which category they upload to will determine which files type they will be allowed to upload. Like if they are uploading to Videos, they should only be allowed to upload standard video files like .wmv, .mpg, .mov, etc.

We’re going to need an uploading button that appears on ALL the pages that takes the user to a page where he can go to upload media files… I will figure this out once the basic framework for the site has been completed.

Ad on top of media file:

On the body of every page the contains some type of media file, there will be a small spot for a horizontal banner. This may seem a little complicated for the time being but it is a really simple concept, so bare with me. On this page: [url removed, login to view], you will see below the media file there is a section that says Ads By Google. I would like to have a section similar to this, but I would like for it to be on the top of the media file. Basically, I would like people who submit media files to the site to be able to make money from it too. So essentially there will be two things the user can choose from when creating an account. They can choose for google adsense to appear on their media files, or they can choose for nothing to appear on their media files.

If they choose to display their own google adsense on their pages, they will need to type in their publisher ID in a box.

This is the code that will be placed in the box at all times:

<script type="text/javascript"><!--

google_ad_client = "pub-4782217074363999";

google_ad_width = 468;

google_ad_height = 60;

google_ad_format = "468x60_as";

google_ad_type = "image";

google_ad_channel = "";

google_color_border = "FFFFFF";

google_color_bg = "FFFFFF";

google_color_link = "000000";

google_color_text = "000000";

google_color_url = "000000";


<script type="text/javascript"



If the user types in a publisher ID, the number directly after Google ad client will be changed to the number they typed in. If they choose not to type in anything, then the above code will appear above all the media files.

I would like for a page to appear in a small pop up window that explains how this works. Directly below the google adsense on the top of the media file it should say “Upload and Earn Cash!” This should link to the pop up with these instructions:

“Simply by uploading to [url removed, login to view], you can earn cash by taking part in our revenue sharing program. Every time you create a new page on [url removed, login to view], your Google Adsense code will appear on the page that you created on top of the media file you have submitted. Each time someone clicks the advertisement on your page, you will earn money from that click. Google will send you a check in the mail as soon as you generate $100 of revenue in clicks. It’s that simple! The better your submissions are, the more it will be booked by users, the more other people will see it, the more clicks you will get, and the more money you will make. Click the link below to sign up with Google Adsense, then sign up for [url removed, login to view], and start making money today!

<script type="text/javascript"><!--

google_ad_client = "pub-4782217074363999";

google_ad_width = 468;

google_ad_height = 60;

google_ad_format = "468x60_as_rimg";

google_cpa_choice = "CAAQ2fWWhAIaCAdNcSa6Q1PnKNvD93M";

google_ad_channel = "";


<script type="text/javascript" src="http://pagead2.googlesyndication.com/pagead/show_ads.js">


User’s Profiles:

The user profile should be similar to this page: [url removed, login to view] It should have the user’s image, a quote (that will be asked on sign up), age, sex, and instead of company, it should have WEBSITE. This should all be information that they type in when they sign up. I want the mini profile to be even SMALLER than this, all single spaced.

Underneath website should be three links side by side, “Message Me” which should act just like [url removed, login to view] and “Add to Friends” which should also look just like [url removed, login to view] and “Subscribe” which should subscribe the person to that user’s page, so that whenever that user uploads something, he is sent an email that tells them “USERNAME has uploaded a new CATEGORY. Click here to view it!”

To the right of this mini profile information should be 8 very small thumbnails of the user’s friends. There should be a link below it that says “See More”.

Right below the mini profile should be two tabs, one for Uploads and one for Favorites. By Default it should be set to Uploads. This should show all the files that the user has actually uploaded to the site. Favorites should be any media file the user has clicked “Add to favorites”. Directly below these two tabs should be more tabs for ALL the categories, listed in the same order as above, with a number in parenthesis for how many files that user has (Including ALL). By default it will be set to all. Below this it should have a tab for Most Recent and Most Booked. By default it will be set to Most Recent.

Regardless of what is clicked, it should appear in a list format. To the left should be a VERY small thumbnail of the file, then to the right Title of the file (which should only display 15 characters and if it is more than 15 characters it should just show “…”. To the right of that should be the file type. To the right of that should be the Date added. To the right of that should be how many times it has been booked (similar to the links and numbers on this page: [url removed, login to view]

The first link should have a background that is a pastel very light shaded color of the color the user who is viewing the page has chosen on the top. (If black, it will be a very light shade of grey). There should be 20 files displayed down here in the list and below it should be buttons for Next and Previous, etc. The colors of the list should look like this: [url removed, login to view], but again, as I mentioned before, the colors will vary depending on the color the user selects in the header (explained below).

When a user logs in it should take him to a profile page that looks similar to his profile page but that also has links for Preferences in which he can unsubscribe to things, delete files and favorites, edit profile, Upload, etc. Below his image it should say “change image”. On the bottom there should be a listing of all the Uploads and Favorites that that user has. (Depending on which link he has selected… as mentioned elsewhere in this document). However, now in this listing there should be another column on the right side that says “Delete” and when the user clicks Delete it will bring up a prompt that asks if he is sure he would like to delete the item. Also in this Profile page there should be a link that says “Delete My Account” just like in [url removed, login to view] that will close everything. If he clicks this, it should bring him to a new page asking him if he wants to delete the page as opposed to a prompt, b/c it is very important that he makes the right decision.


Whenever someone creates an account, I would like their profiles domain to be in the form of username.bookme.com. This is very important so please make sure this is set out in the beginning of the project.

CSS so they can change the color of everything:

On these two pages you will see in the header that the visitor to the site can change the color of the site by clicking the squares in the header:

- [url removed, login to view]

- http://www.espinthebottle.com/people/lovemistress/mid=igh97558118&nid=&psrc=&ugender=&mgender=&mage= e

I would like to have this same thing on [url removed, login to view] within the header.

I would like all 5 colors of the first site mentioned above (webshots). I would also like the color orange from the second site (espinthebottle).

By default I would like for it to be set to blue. I would like to use the same exact colors they have here. So once you guys are working on the site, give me the color codes you are using and I will make the logos from there.

Whenever a user selects a color, this color should remain on the site for the remained of the visitors visit.

Different media files:

It is important to realize that the code to embed the media in profiles is going to be different for the different types of media files.


[url removed, login to view]

I would like music to be similar to that page. It should play the little MP3 clip in the body and it should have the song artist and song name above it. You will see how the embedding for MP3 type of file should be on this page above.

Podcasts: Podcasts are essentially the same thing as Music because they are MP3s, so it will be just like the Music page above.


Videos are already done on the script so it should be easy for you.


People should be able to upload an image of themselves just so they can be booked. I would like for the image to be resized so it maintains the same proportions of the image that was uploaded so it does not mess with the layout of the site.

Funny Pics:

This is a simple image uploaded to the site.


Same thing with uploading images.


Same thing with uploading images.


Same thing with uploading images.


Same thing as images.

Flash Animations:

This should be .swf files that users can upload. When it is uploaded, it should basically just be a code that embeds the file in the body of the page. When embedding a flash file you need to determine the dimensions of the file, I’m not sure what the standard dimensions are but I think they are like 400x300, however we will figure that out in the future.

Flash Games:

Same thing as flash animations.


[url removed, login to view] and [url removed, login to view]

I would like users to be able to upload ANY image they would desire like that flash files above. They should then be able to draw on the images and when they click the SAVE button like on the flash file on [url removed, login to view], it will save that image to the server but also to their profile.

There will be two different types profile pages for this. For these Profile pages, it will differ from the other ones mentioned above in that there will be no Title, Description, or Tags.

There will be one that displays the flash file and one that displays the images that people have created. For the one with the flash file, there should be displayed above it 8 really small thumbnails for the most recent images that people have painted. It should say “Most Recent” and “Most Booked” above it and below it it should say “See More” with a link to a page that displays thumbnails to a lot more of them, and then on the bottom of that page it should say “See More” again, etc. For the Most Recent and Most Booked, this is pretty self explanatory. They should just be tabs on the top. It should be set to Recent by default. But if they click Most Booked, it will show the top 8 images that have had the most bookings in the last 24 hours.

For the Image profile page for this, it should display the image and everything on the other similar to the other profile pages mentioned above, but again there should be no description, title, or tags. On the top of the image it should say “Draw on this Image, Picasso!” and it should be a link to the flash file with that image.

The good thing about this is that I have the .fla file for the one on the page above on icodes.com. You will just need to make a few changes in it to allow users to save it and let it go to their profiles and all that stuff.

Regarding the advertisements on top of the Draw Picasso:

Whoever uploads the image to the flash file will have their advertisement on top of that file at all times. Whoever draws on the image and saves the image will have his ad on the top of the image profile.


This is going to function exactly like the draw Picasso page. However, instead of uploading to the flash file, it’s going to upload to a java file, just like www.warp.sc. I own the website [url removed, login to view], so you will have all the technology necessary to make it work. All you will need to do it incorporate it with the framework of [url removed, login to view] (like saving, adding to favorites, etc). But it will work EXACTLY like Picasso in that people will upload an image that everyone can warp, then other people can warp it and that image will be saved to the server.


This took will act similar to Warp and Picasso. People will be able to upload an image. Then is some form of a flash media file, there will need to be a text box just below the image, just how there is a Painting box below the image in Picasso. People will be able to type text in it, and click save. When it is saved, it will save that image with the text the person typed below it as part of the image. So you will have the image and then below it will be added blank white space that the text the person typed will appear. It will be saved as a jpeg.

For the previous three things, these are user interaction. If you are a visitor to the site, ANYONE should be allowed to paint images, warp images, or write captions. However, when the user clicks save, it will bring them to the login/register screen. It is VERY important that the image they have created is saved. Then, when the user logs in or registers for an account, the image will be saved to his profile, and the user will be brought to the page that contains the image he just warped or painted or added a caption to. This will also be added to the area in his profile under “Uploads”.

Also, for the previous three sections, when a user clicks Save I would like for our system to automatically put a watermark on the image that will say “[url removed, login to view]” in a somewhat dark orange on the bottom of the image.

For the previous three sections, the title that will appear on tops of ALL pages and under uploads on user’s profiles who have edited images will be the title that the user submitted originally when submitting the image. For example, if a user submits an image that he would like people to warp and titles is “Brian Stewart”, then the title that will appear on the media profile for people to warp will say “Warp Brian Stewart” and if someone warps it it will say Warp Brian Stewart and if someone creates a warp it will show up on their uploads as Warp Brian Stewart.

So for the previous three categories, there are two ways in which a user can create something that will send a media file to the user’s uploads. If he actually uploads an image that will allow other users to create captions, paint on it, or warp it, then the media file specifically containing the area where users can interact with the files will appear in his uploads. Then, if a visitor messes with any of the three images and clicks Save, it will also go to his Uploads.

The only things that you will be able to Book for the previous three categories will be the images that people draw on, warp, or add captions to. The actual files that contain the flash files or javascript that people will mess with will not have the information for booking (including the button to book them or the stats for the booking) but everything else will be included.


People will be able to type blog entries. This will simply be text that they type into the section (as opposed to uploading some type of media file). When they upload a blog entry it should ask them to type in a Title, an Image, up to 5 tags, and the blog entry itself.

They will be allowed to upload HTML so they can embed images and videos, etc.

The image they enter will appear to the left of the title and on any page that discusses the blog (such as the main page for blogs, people’s profiles who have added it to their favorites, etc.).


This should be the same as blogs.

Comments should appear like that have been on all the other sites we have worked on, and similar to this page: [url removed, login to view]

People will only be able to book certain media files once per 24 hour period. So it must somehow be stored in the cash when something is booked so that it cannot be booked again.

Layout: The layout of the site should be a combination of [url removed, login to view] and youtube.com. I would like for it to be a very clean site, with not much but the content itself. On the top I am going to put a logo and a tagline. It should look similar to this page: [url removed, login to view] However, on the top right, in addition to the three links you see on that page, I would like Invite a Friend and Bookmark and Upload. I would like the header of the site to be very small like this.

To upload they must first be logged in. So if they click upload, it will take them to the login page, which will also have a link to Register.

Below this should be the CSS color squared that will change the color of the layouts.

Below this should be a horizontal advertisement. Below this should be all the links to all the different categories. All of this should be in the color the user has selected as part of the CSS color scheme (By default it should be blue). The header should be the same color they select, and the links to the links for the categories should be as well. For the categories, they do not need to be buttons. I would just like for them to be simple text like this: [url removed, login to view] where it says Home, Shots, etc. Also, on this page: http://www.espinthebottle.com/people/lovemistress/mid=igh97558118&nid=&psrc=&ugender=&mgender=&mage=, you will see that the TOPS of all the sections have colors that change depending on which color is selected. I would like [url removed, login to view] to do this too. I would like for the tops of all the sections to look similar to this.

Below this should be the body.

For profile Media pages and profile pages you have all the information above.

For the main pages for all the categories it should have

Directly below the categories it should have 10 random tags horizontally across the screen. Also there should be a link for ALL that is in caps and bolded that when a user clicks it it will take him to a page that has ALL the tags for that category in alphabetical order like this page: [url removed, login to view] To the left of that should be a search box that says “search tags” that will allow a user to search all the tags. If they click one of the tags it will show the visitors all the media files in that category that have those tags. It should show them randomly, displaying 20 per page.

If the user does not click on one of the tags, it should then have the rest of the body for the main category pages.

To the left it should have

Most Booked

Then there should be links for last 1 hour, 24 hours, 7 days, 30 days, and 365 days

By Default it should be shown on last 1 hour. Depending on which time duration it is on, that number should not be a link anymore (to show the user which one they are one). For instance, if by default it will be set to 24 hours, therefore 1 hour, 7 days, 30 days, and 365 days will all be links to the respective pages, however 24 hours will just appear as plain text.

Then below it should show 6 rows of 3 media files with thumbnails with mini descriptions. There should be a total of 18 media files shown.

For each media file, there should be a thumbnail, below that should be “by: USERNAME” and the USERNAME should be a link to that user’s profile.

Below that should be the title of the media file which should only show 15 characters followed by “…” This part should be a link to that page.

Below that it should say “Booked # Times” and the number that should appear should be the number of times it has been booked in the time period the user has selected.

So it should be like this

1 2 3

4 5 6

7 8 9

10 11 12

13 14 15

16 17 18

That should only appear on the left side of the body. On the right side of the body should be Recently Added and it should just show them in the order that they were uploaded similarly to the above example.

The only difference will be for Picasso, Warp, and Captions. For this, the things that will be booked will be the SAVED pieces of work the user to the site creates, so only those images will appear on the main page. However, since there are no tags for these, I would like for the top to have 10 random thumbnails horizontally across the screen of images that users are able to warp, draw on, or create captions for.

For the main page of the entire site, I would not like for there to be ANY ads whatsoever. I would like for it to have the same basic layout as the rest of the site though. I would like the categories. Then I would like for there to be the durational increments. By default this one should be set to 1 hour. (but the other links should also appear there.

Then all the categories should appear on the main page with the three most booked ones for the time period the person has selected. It should show the same info that is shown for them each individual categories page.

There should be two columns on the main page for this, so there should be about 9 rows going down. Let’s try to keep the vertical rows a little smaller so you don’t have to scroll down so far to get to them. However, on the top right, instead of there being two rows for different categories, keep it blank b/c I would like to keep this section for updates that I might put up periodically. So the first two rows on the left will be Looks and Videos. On the right will be the spot for my updates. Then below will be the 7 more rows with the rest of the categories in two columns.

Codes on the bottoms of pages:

As part of the media profile pages, somewhere on the bottom I mentioned there should be a text box that people can click to embed the files in their Myspace Profiles, blogs, etc just like on this page [url removed, login to view]

For each of the following I will put in parenthesis after what type of file they are so you know how the embedding should be:

These are the categories:

- Looks (image)

- Videos (flash) just like this:

- <embed src="http://stockscripts.com/youtube/player/ss.swf" FlashVars="config=[url removed, login to view];vimg=http://stockscripts.com/youtube/thumb/56.jpg" quality="high" bgcolor="#cccccc" wmode="transparent" width="450" height="350" loop="false" align="middle" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" pluginspage="http://www.macromedia.com/go/getflashplayer" scale="exactfit" > </embed>

(the script I have should do this automatically for videos)

- Funny Pics (image)

- Warp (the actual java you will warp will only have the URL code, no embedding code, but when someone warps an image, it will embed the IMAGE on that image profile).

- Picasso (the actual flash file will embed flash, but when someone paints an image and saves it, the page with the saved image will have the embedded image code).

- Captions (same as Picasso).

- Music (previously mentioned under the music section).

- Animations (flash, like this:

<center><a href="http://www.icodes.com" target="_new"><embed src="http://icodes.com/icodes/ic_cards/1157034496_cardf_flashaskjeeves.swf" menu="false" quality="high" width="500" height="300" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" pluginspage="http://www.macromedia.com/go/getflashplayer"/><br>Flash Code provided by icodes.com</a></center>)

- Games (flash)

- Photoshopped (image)

- Photos (images)

- Art (image)

- Poets (only URL, no embedding)

- Comics (image)

- Podcasts (same as Music)

- Blogs (only URL, no embedding)

Whenever something is embedded, it should always display below it “Code provided by [url removed, login to view]) and [url removed, login to view] should be a link. For images, the entire image should be a link back to the profile page.

Tags, title, and description when uploading:

- Looks (title, tags)

- Videos (title, description, tags)

- Funny Pics (title, description, tags)

- Warp (title)

- Picasso (title)

- Captions (title)

- Music (title, description, tags)

- Animations (title, description, tags)

- Games (title, description, tags)

- Photoshopped (title, tags)

- Photos (title, tags)

- Art (title, description, tags)

- Poets (title, description, tags)

- Comics (title, description, tags)

- Podcasts (title, description, tags)

- Blogs (title, description, tags)

These are all options users will have when uploading media. The user MUST type in a title, but description and tags are optional.

Somewhere on the page we will need a search button that the user will click and take them to a search page.


Please remember that anywhere a small image is to show up on the site it should be in the form of a new thumbnail, NOT the same image just shrunk down, otherwise my bandwidth will be killed.

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