1000 websites per year outsource project

First rule of a business is to have a competitive advantage over other companies.

As you may know , data processing in my country is very expensive and in most cases final product is way far from being worth of its cost.

We would like to work with professional companies or freelancers to benefit from price advantage and with the help of my broad range of network

i'm planning to have a considerable share in my country's web design market in a mid term.

We'll use a very different marketing method ;

many companies with great profit values have very low quality websites here and they are not

interested in ordering a new website since

a) they don't have time to spend

b) it is very expensive

c) they do not want to wait for a month for website

to complete

d) They are unwilling since the final product's quality in uncertain.

e) they have to pay even if the results are very bad.

So we'll contact the companies with a "ready website".

Most of the companies are semi or non professional therefore such an attitude against them fails which is used by all companies in the market.

-"Sir we investigated your website and we would like to ask if you would like to renew your website with the help of our professional team etc etc..."

-"Ehm.. i'm not really sure , if we think we really need to renew our website we'll call you"

So we'll use a better marketing method which is very suitable in my country

-"Sir we investated your website and it clearly needs an upgrade ; so we made a website for you which you may check at http:xxxx.com"

-"That looks nice!"

-"We would like to visit your company and demonstrate our capabilities. your new website can be online in 3 days with brand new improvements"

We've made a market research and found out that 25% of every company which we approach with an "already done" website will accept to buy.

What we need from you?

1) You shall be professional , dedicated and willing to give up some profitiblity in sake of mid term high profit.

2) You shall be capable of building many sites per week since 25% of those sites will be turned in to profit. And there are "tenthousands" of companies

which is in our target market therefore the profit is directly correlated with your performance.

3) You shall be very good in website design rather than coding since most of the companies uses their website for promotion and advertising .

4) You are free to use any templates as long as it looks very good. You should be able create high quality flash animations.

( you can not imagine how much does a good flash animation impress the companies here)

5) You shall accept that you will only get paid after we sell the website. You shall use our company name as water mark.

6) Communication language will be english.

7) You may use the design of unapproved websites over and over again.

8) We'll supply the product pictures , texts and all other required information

9) You should be able to update the website content for free for a year

As a start the first website that you shall build is [url removed, login to view] ; You are free to use the images of similar products in the market since we do not have

professional pictures that is editable.

Please apply with a professional introduction and references. Or you may build a sample website for the mentioned website above.


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