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I need to create an interactive narrative using TADS3. My Story is about a man named Skylar King who lives a life where he hurts people and manipulates people for his own benefits. He suddenly dies and ends up in Purgatory. He has the chance to redeem himself and make it to heaven or end up in hell. At the same time there are two characters who the player does not control named Good Skylar and Bad Skylar. They are basically the good angel on one shoulder and the bad devil on the other, both trying to work Skylar to their advantage. The conflicts that Skylar must face are that he must confront some of the people that he hurt in his life on earth and decide whether they deserved it or whether he was being a jerk about it. So their needs to be conversations where the AI reacts to what the user inputs. You could also throw in a few puzzles for the player to have to figure out such as levers and stuff to get to different levels. I have never used TADS3 before so I do not know how to do any of this so I am hoping someone can help me. It's basically an interactive story. The player is going to play as Skylar King and he is going to have Bad Skylar(the evil in him whispering in one ear) and Good Skylar(whispering in the other ear) when he encounters the people in his past life where he must either redeem himself or believe that they deserved what they got. The people he encounters are going to need just a small background story as to why Skylar hurt them in the first place. It would be great if these people somehow intertwined so the decision making was a bit harder and it is not always beneficial to be the good guy in the situation. It is basically a text based game using TADS3 preferably or any other platform to implement the game. I was thinking there could be like six minor characters who Skylar must encounter while also making it a somewhat puzzle game. It would be great if you could add some puzzles - any kind. The game ends when Skylar encounters all the people he has to and he either goes to heaven or stays in hell. But Good and Bad Skylars are also talking in your ear the whole time convincing you to go different ways.

It is Thursday now and I need this done ASAP as the person who I originally payed to do it lied to me and said they were almost done and then backed out at the last second. I need this done by Saturday, December 11th, Sunday at the latest. Please can someone help me with this!

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I need this done ASAP PLEASE HELP ME!

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