Create Frame Work for Pocket PC data collection and Synchronization

We currently have a VBA application with user input forms that requires data collection and synchronization with a Pocket PC. Users need to be able to go into the field with Pocket PC and record information from several different places and return to the office and upload or sync the information to the main program. We are requesting quotations to provide the following Pocket PC application framework.

The project has two components, First, there are several (14) user input forms used to collect data in the main program. These input forms have multiple fields that the users can customize. The user's changes to the interface need to be exported to the Pocket PC, so the Pocket PC needs to dynamically create form content based on this export. Second, the Pocket PC needs to be able to save multiple audits in either a database or XML files.

Part 1 - Input Forms:

Our application's input forms consist of a number of combo boxes, multi-select list boxes and checkboxes. For ease of use, the checkboxes may be converted to a single multi select listbox in the Pocket PC. Our users can customize both the labels on these listboxes and the content of the lists. The corresponding Pocket PC interface will need to create these controls dynamically with the user's labels and content, and in a specified order. The customizations to the fields are currently stored in a database file, but can be imported to the Pocket PC either directly from the database or from an XML file that can be created by the main app.

Part 2 - User input:

The Pocket PC interface design needs to provide access to the 14 input forms. Users will often enter data on one form, move to the next, then return to a previous form to continue. The Pocket PC app will need to provide ease of navigation between the forms as well as saving the user's changes as they go. The collected data needs to be synchronized with either a database or XML file on the computer where the main application resides.

General Requirements:

Creation in Mobile 5 Visual Basic development environment is preferred.

Must dynamically create forms by loading text(XML file) or database file on Pocket PC.

Input form customization data currently used in desktop program will be exported through query language to create either an XML or database file for use by the Pocket PC app to create the form content. We will provide the export file from our main application.

Pocket PC must save data back to XML or database file to be imported back to desktop program.

Product must be able to be installed and used on Pocket PC's running Window's Mobile 2003 and 2005 for Pocket PC? Support for earlier Pocket PC's would also be helpful?


We need the Pocket PC application to be completed to the point where we can test the concept and have our user's provide feedback on it's use. Functionality is most important at this point, we can continue to tweak and modify the features ourselves as we receive feedback from our users.

Main Issues:

Decide on XML or database for data collection and synchronization.

Provide a way to sync form data and data collection data in a simple manner for end users.

Main program has 14 forms each with hundreds of controls. We need a good system for moving from form to form on the Pocket PC without having to load the whole program if this overloads the memory on the Pocket PC.

Habilidades: Mobile App Development, Visual Basic, XML

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